Russell Brand Trews. Murdoch’s got vested interest in destroying water supply.

Comment –
At 4 mins in, he doesn’t talk about water being poisonous but does say it goes on fire! 🙂

TAP – Brand’s ’33’ tattooed onto his wrist is a bit of a giveaway.  The mark of managed opposition.   He talks of collectivising.  That’s advocating Agenda 21, in my book. 

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  1. lord charles drake of the sandrigham killing fields says:

    such zest
    such spunk
    such life force
    what a rotter

    they said on the bbc that bland is an anti establishment figure.

    giving us permission to flock to the cockney jesus.

    see the eyes rather empty from child slaughter parties.

    see the 33 masonic cack on his arm.
    anti establishment hubby of a distant rothschild goldsmith.

    he’s amazin innit one of us.
    what a gate keepin c

  2. Anonymous says:



    The answer to our sugar cravings?

    Duration: 30 minutes
    First broadcast: Sunday 22 June 2014

    Sheila Dillon asks whether sweeteners could be the way for us to cut down sugar but to keep enjoying sweet treats.
    Presented by Sheila Dillon and produced in Bristol by Emma Weatherill.



  3. NPP says:

    Piss off Russell.

    Smoking causes cancer? Smoking what?
    Did indigenous peoples drop dead of cancer from smoking down the aeons?
    Or is it just the added chemicals in modern day tobacco and cigarette papers?
    Or is it we consume so much crap our immune systems, physically and mentally, are deficient?
    Perhaps carrots do ‘fight’ cancer, depending on whether they are proper ordinary carrots or GMO chemically genetically man made carrots…

    My latest ‘find’.
    Only £167.36!
    Michael Collins Piper: Mossad knocked off JFK because JFK was saying NO to Israeli nukes… google him. Listened to hours while working. Delightful. Interesting bloke.

    So TAP, you and therefore we commentators are being monitored.

    Frack off you intel twerps listening in and watching us. Go and have a tea total smoke free day with Russell. I won’t be joining you; I’m having my hair done.

    Appreciate the Ian Crane / AV5 update.

  4. Anonymous says:

    He is pathetic. Have you seen video about anti-austerity protest last Saturday ? When he changed his top and immediately started rolling sleeves , so he could look more “cool ” ? O Russel you need more acting training and NLP courses .Your vanity gives you away … And I thought he was there to support really important issues . But no ,THE most important for our “prophet for plebs ” is his image . Guys STAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN FROM THIS INDIVIDUAL .
    And it`s not the first time he is advocating AGENDA 21 / not directly , of course /.
    Another “one of us ” is Zac Goldsmith . Please watch his interview on RT with George Galloway . Turn off the volume and watch “our” Zac applying NLP techniques. Honestly you won`t believe it unless you see it .

  5. lord charles drake of the sandrigham killing fields what what says:

    those bland links are full of cod nlp.
    zac goldsmith,bland and that jewish stooge daniel what a shower.
    rotten satanic agenda.

    he played the child snatcher in the olympic games ritual.
    a jimmy saville for the medicated monsanto generation.

    that last video was horrible : )

    controlling all sides working well.

    bland is a busted flush but still a useful tool for the oto zionist death cults.

  6. paul maleski says:

    Bland by name, bland by nature; in my mature drinking fraternity; sad, risible, wannabe, boring people like Bland and Co.– well, we do not even notice them. However, BBC jewboy boss Danny Cohen, certainly does; jewboy just cannot get enough off him on the TV, Bland’s dopey mouth is bigger than his gormless front. Bland–is but a mediocre tadpole who metamorphosized into a much loved jew media amoeba. Just another gullible Holocaust Liar.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The last video is pure propaganda for AGENDA 21. It`s not suprise that it was recorded on GAIAM TV ,which is a mouthpiece for spreading New Age /Religion ???/.
    New Age as a tool for implementing NWO is well documented .

  8. s says:

    many years ago they had a trainin place near towa bridge lundon init.
    bland and cathrine tate.
    those 2 pricks from peep show and armstrong and miller.
    and the little britain clowns.
    funny thing so much investment in comedy control.
    60s 70s it was music and writing shit for fail mccartney .
    comedy became the new rock n roll.
    dj’s too.
    all on trainin part mind control part study it sounds so whacky.
    jason bornes without the skillsets
    these fuckers are long term projects 1997 onwards.
    like the bbc these shitters are soft zion debauched power.
    not sayin day aint funny but all are military intel tavistock control.
    poor rich desperate swarmy gandhi barmy bland.
    look into his eyes look deep thats it.
    obey let him show you the true satanic jewish ways.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Brand 33, reminds me of a simple Ball, rolling about on the beach.
    Where-ever the wind blows, the ball follows.
    Try it, just throw a light ball at the seaside.
    Just reminds me of Brand 33.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Caratinoids found in carrots do help inhibit cancer cell growth. However; in smokers it excellerates it. Scientist haven’t yet discovered why this is so.
    Smoking in itself is however a preventative medicine on it’s own as nicotine is an antimicrobial and inhibits pathogens and renders them inactive.
    Such diseases as ecoli, ebola, flu, strepoccocia (throat infections) and others – hence the reason smokers suffer fewer ailments than non smokers.

    The main reason behind the anti smoking campaign that has been pushed so strongly by the governments is because smokers are more resistant to virus strains – therefore more resilient against regular releases of pandemic pathogen strains which aid in population control activities such as the flu virus – In other words… smokers are the hardest to take down

    It’s not the tobacco nor the nicotine that is the health problem it is the chemicals that are added to the tobacco that cause the health problems – Smoking does NOT cause cancer. Inhibited oxygen intake and reaction of the chemicals added to the tobacco do however help bring about other health problems such as emphysema, but it’s no different to all processed foods really which also contribute to health problems.

    Do your own research… count how many people you know have died and how many of them smoked?

  11. paul maleski says:

    Trust me, the jew uses so called comedy; especially, jewboy Danny Cohen’s BBC to further its agenda. That is promoting: queer, deviant, and inter-racial breeding. What better way to exterminate the white race, than advocating Frankfurt School destructive hedonism. Just listen to BBC Radio Judeo 4, if you don’t believe me. Very subtle, ingenious, pure Tavistockian skulduggery.

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