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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, noticed a different type of spraying Chemtrails over Doncaster.
    At 5:15pm Monday, I looked to the SE and saw a Sunburst pattern of Chemtrailing heading overhead.
    Usually we have straight lines or the matrix.
    There was just one burst of about 20 trails in the fan pattern.
    Might be a different test ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anon 9.57 I saw that same pattern go over derbyshire, must have been on its’ way up to you.

    They were haarping the sky on sunday as clouds were appearing to explode suddenly into rings like the ripples after throwing a stone into a pond. Then an upside rainbow appeared in the sky.

  3. Jennifer says:

    They use the ‘chem-bombs’ a lot in Europe, especially Germany. They are aerial aerosol explosives. Apparently chemtrails are ‘old school’ according to this video.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Anon 8.42 that would make sense as we usually have chemtrails all day every day here but this year I have noticed evenings have been clear skies and not 1 trail yet come nightfall it’s complete cloud cover all night through to sunrise which clears by early morning then complete cloud cover forms again suddenly from seemingly nowhere.
    I watch the skies closely and chart the weather patterns daily. This year something different to the last 3 years is happening.
    High pressure slow moving clouds from Southerly direction come to a sudden stop as haarp hold it back to allow low pressure fast moving complete cloud-cover from the west. I watch it happen regularly
    We used to be able to assess the following days weather from present atmospheric conditions eg:..Red sky at night Shepherds delight, it used to signify fine weather to farmers the following day – not anymore. It’s become impossible to predict tomorrows weather from atmospheric conditions now.

  5. Anonymous says:



  6. Jennifer says:

    I follow Metcheck, but it’s a waste of time really because they are continually changing their forecast right up to the day in question, so it is no forecast at all. Also don’t try mentioning chemtrails on their weather reports page, as I do from time to time to get the message out, because you will be shot down in flames. Do some people just never take the time to observe and draw coclusions from the evidence right over their heads?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jennifer I had a hard time getting family and friends to stop mocking me whenever I mentioned chemtrails but less than a year later after constantly persevering using every piece of info I could lay my hands on they all are now spreading the word and trying to awaken people they know to what is going on.
    Their eyes have opened to not only chemtrails but to all other corrupt conspiracies coming into their path
    It’s been hard work but the rewards are immense when I see the difference it is making.

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