Petition UKIP to stop fracking


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Stop Fracking Here!

Fracking demands exorbitant amounts of water thus unnaturally depleting essential water supplies & leaving underground caverns causing sink-holes and earthquakes…


Publicly declare they will halt Fracking immediately.

Why is this important?

Fracking demands exorbitant amounts of water thus unnaturally depleting essential water supplies & leaving underground caverns causing sink-holes and earthquakes. The real danger however is in the release of deadly Methane gas which kills all living creatures and renders areas unsafe for habitation. In the process water supplies are heavily contaminated and become inflammable due to the methane content!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    wartime commemorations ?
    the truth

  2. Anonymous says:

    You have no clue. Fracking has been
    going on worldwide including the UK for decades. Methane? Oooh scary! Hope you don’t have a gas cooker or central heating hahaha. Funnily enough in the North Sea they use a readily available source of water for fracking i.e. seawater. The UK as an island nation has no shortage of seawater. The anti-fracking bollocks is as bad as the climate change bullshit we’ve been fed. Wake the fuck up. Even Caroline Lucas has rowed back on the fracking disinfo as even she knows when she’s not got a leg to stand on – still spouting CO2 bollocks though…

  3. Tapestry says:

    Give us your address and we’ll drop off a bottle of methane for you to breathe. If you frack with seawater, you salinate the water underground and render it unusable. That’s the plan of course.

    In Texas the frackers didn’t make any money from gas, but they’re making fortunes from selling all the water now they’ve destroyed the water table. Water is the game not gas, which is why the water is being destroyed. The gas is only to drive people out from the countryside and into the cities (Agenda 21). Methane is the end result after all the other impurities have been removed, including radiation. These are splurged into the environment plus general contamination of soil, air and water. It’s a total catastrophe, a weapon deliberately fired into the countryside.

  4. NPP says:

    Fracking’s OK is it? Fine Anon, but how about giving me and the rest of the public an open discussion, open forum, open debate to fully discuss the information, or shall I simply take yours and Owen Patterson’s word for it?
    GMOs are just fine too.
    Vaccines are fine.

    I’m bored with the righteous ones tossers who assure me stuff is OK. I want some info before they they start pouring chemicals into the earth which supplies my water table, but you say it is just fine so no worries eh!?

    I have questions, loads of them. Or are questions now banned?

    TAP. Thanks. If you are wrong, so be it, but at least you have the savy to ask and share information which is more than the government which supposedly represents me does.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would happily inhale a lungful of methane what with it being non-toxic and odourless. The smell of domestic gas is a trace additive. I’ve yet to be poisoned from inside by a fart.

    If you object to the chemicals in fracking, please desist from using any oil or oil based products or natural gas because you can be pretty sure those chemicals have been used in their production in the maintenance or development of the wells. Fracking goes back a long time but has only become scare story recently.

    I take it nobody here has knowledge of drilling fluid and its properties. It is designed to minimise infiltration into rock, because otherwise you’d need an enormous amount to drill a well and it’s expensive and dangerous if it doesn’t work properly. That is the only stuff that will go anywhere near a water table before the well is cased which happens before a well is fracked. The fracking occurs only at select points near the bottom of the well. Fracking has been going on longer than you’ve probably been alive.

    If people were intentionally contaminating drinking water then the numbers don’t stack up. Here’s some homweork for anyone who wants to gain some knowledge. How much water is used to frack a well and at what depth? How far below the water table and aquifers is this (NB noone wants to produce water from their oil or gas well so the well will be fully encased near any water)? How much water is in the water table or aquifer and how much seawater would you have to have an effect on it if that was your intention (or not)? An analogy: pissing in a lake.

    I knew about fracking long before shale gas was news. It makes me doubt other articles on this site when a subject I know about is so mis-represented. Politicians don’t lie ALL the time.

    As in the UK I don’t believe people are being paid to frack (they wish) unlike so-called “renewables” I can’t see anyone using more chemicals than they need to. Oil companies are actually quite tight with money.

    NB I am not personally involved in drilling fracking & have no direct financial stake either way.

    Just because a cause is championed by folk who you agree with on some things, doesn’t make them right on everything. Read widely from all sides and make decisions. Politicians lie, but so do greens. So does everyone sometimes.

    I would counter that those objecting to fracking are the same as those promoting the anti-CO2 fairytale whose agenda is depopulation through making energy expensive. David Attenborough, George Monbiot etc.

    I’ve done all I’m going to here, I’ve been sucked into thankless debates before… My final word is to re-iterate, don’t take anyone’s word (even mine) as fact just because you think they’re on the same side, whatever that is. Good luck in your research.

  6. Tapestry says:

    A typical frack requires 20 million gallons of water per well, and of that about 1 million gallons of chemicals.

    Why estimate and guestimate? The quantities involved and the environmental effects are all known.

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