Obama’s Cash Injection for ‘ISIS Crisis’

Israel is Involved

On June 22nd, Israel launched airstrikes against Syria in what appears to have been cover for ISIS, with a fabricated story that Syria had sent a rocket to the Golan Heights border – a story which could only fly in Tel Aviv and Washington DC, but somehow that was enough. There has been zero evidence to suggest this rocket came from Syria or the Syrian government. In anSCG news release, they cautioned the danger of turning Syria and Iraq into rabid regions of extremist violence as well as the real motivations of Israel:

Israel’s continued attacks on the Syrian government are particularly bizarre considering the current context. With ISIS rapidly gaining influence in both Iraq and Syria (they just took 4 new towns in Iraq over the weekend), it would behoove Israel to consider what would actually happen if Assad fell. Do they actually want a rabid extremist group to establish an Islamic caliphate on their border?”

Obama’s Cash Injection for ‘ISIS Crisis’Consider the uncanny timing of this recent ‘terror bailout’ by President Obama. In May of 2014, the Obama administration proposed a $5 billion dollar fund to be sent to Syrian rebels. It stands to reason that this money would have been funneled through to the Jordanian training facility which ISIS is linked too.

ISIS also has a savvy marketing department. It has also been released that social media donations supposedly through Twitter, have aided extremist radicals and outpaced a multiple nation collective that has given billions to fund terror outfits for decades. There has even been a merchandising angle, as ISIS or their sponsors, have been selling t-shirts, hoodies and action figurines for their apparent cause. Disgustingly, their items can be purchased through CIA-front Facebook, with a decidedly glossy-look to these violent radicals as their being pimped out like an MTV pop band online and through phone ‘apps’ globally.

In addition, both Facebook and Twitter somehow allowed ISIS to use their platforms as a marketing springboard, showcasing beheadings, murders and other criminal imagery used for fundraising, and to recruit more foreign terrorists for the Syrian Civil War.

Here is a YouTube video from Red Pill Revolution displaying various media clips that ‘shed light’ on the role of the West in Iraq and the foreknowledge of an ISIS terror rise…

Watch how Western media continues to spin the information coming out of Iraq, Syria and Iran. Western backed proxy wars steer the type of propaganda we see in most major media outlets today…


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