‘Windows On The World’ from TPV relaunches with own TV channel based London. They want your input.

Windows on the World returns…..(TAP – excellent)

The new series of   Windows on the World will start streaming on the 26th June at 9pm on


The first show is Pyramid Power .. The Bosnian Pyramid (Yes, there are five altogether). 

The show features Dr. Sam Osmanagich who discovered the pyramid and its extensive tunnel complex in 2005. In the studio are George and Paul Moss and Nigel Grace who have all visited the pyramid and worked with Dr Osmanagich.
We are putting the show out Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9pm. We will also be doing a live stream with phone in.

Sky Satellite Platform

We are looking at getting onto a Sky satellite platform. We have negotiated a very good deal and just need to find advertisers/sponsors to fund it.  Can you help us?

The Peoples Voice showed what we can achieve 

WOTW is the most popular show on The Peoples Voice TV. We know that we have had a lot of viewers. The last show we did for the Peoples Voice has had over 28,000 You Tube hits. The advertisers were very happy with the response they got when the show was going out.

The information has to get out there.  Support us as we battle to get this low budget and professionally run channel up and running.

Our show covers the bigger picture.  We supply remedies for what is now the broken rule of law. Please circulate the trailer to everyone you know. We want to carry on with what the Peoples voice started out to do. 

We are a very small team, all 100 percent committed.  If you know of any sponsors, or want to be one yourself, please get in touch. 

The next bit in Italics is added by Tap after interviewing John Hickie last month, paraphrasing our discussion.  If I hadn’t been so involved in overseas travel and the fracking wars, I might have met up with John and Mark to discuss a link between WOTW and The Tap Blog.  We decided to press on separately as finding an opportunity to meet up proved problematic.  John and I have cooperated in the past in finding out ‘things’ for each other, and could well do so again in the future.  The Tap Blog wishes WOTW the very best of luck. 

We’ve learned from the errors made at The Peoples’ Voice. We are keeping budgets under tight control, and carefully selecting who we work with, stopping any penetration from people who might have other agendas.  This will be a team effort with everything under our control.  We are doubly determined to succeed after seeing the potential at The Peoples’ Voice, which it seems, was tragically flawed from the start.  It was not always easy to see who was in control there.  Not all is lost from that endeavour.  The continuation of WOTW and its formation into a separate new venture will provide a much needed channel for British alternative news media, for which there is an obvious and urgent need.


There is a WOW Newsletter going out every month. We are asking for £3.00 concessions or £5.00. This will go towards our basic costs. If you would like to subscribe please e mail through the website. 

The newsletter will contain valuable information on how to deal with the corporate looting which is going on and increasing in police state Britain.


We have been given free space for our studio . We pay only for the electric.  We are now set up and ready to start.

We intend for this to work and with a little bit of help from you, it will.


Please subscribe to twitter@markwindows for frequent updates.

Trailer for WOTW

Please circulate : http://youtu.be/nsnbcO-TEI8 Please also subscribe to the Windows on the World You Tube channel 
and  landofthefreeuk on You Tube. 
WOTW Streaming from Thursday at:

We are also organising monthly talks in the afternoon in Soho. The first one is the 25th of July. Please e mail me for details. 

If you have any ideas for guests for WOTW or would like to be a guest on the show please e mail me. 

Watching them , Watching us Watching Windows on the World.

See you soon

Mark W
The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

12 Responses to “‘Windows On The World’ from TPV relaunches with own TV channel based London. They want your input.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The only mistake David Icke made with TPV was to trust people he shouldn’t have trusted. He didn’t run it hands-on himself, and ended up with people who wanted the station to fail running it. Out of the ashes of that effort comes this latest venture.

    I wish John and Mark and the others the best of luck with it. Theirs is a far more modest affair than TPV, using the latest and more economical technologies, abandoning the old fashioned studio cameras which cost a fortune, and you don’t even need. They deserve our support, and are doing a great job.

  2. NPP says:

    I loved TPV.
    David Icke remains a star in my eyes. I remember the Wogan gig. Boring BBC anchor an. Fab ever since…
    So glad TAP supports this.
    Mark Windows keep doing what you do.
    So, is WOTW still TPV or not?
    I sent cash to TPV and no regrets.
    The science and health programmes were a terrific effort.

    I was so disappointed at the Sonia Poulton debacle… she pissed me off. Icke took a risk and continues to do so. Keep on keepin’ on David Icke. Masonic hand shake? Bloody idiots!

    The BBC Today gets worse and worse… it is only a matter of time until TPV, WOTW or similar really break through.

    Just keep going one and all.
    Just listen to William Hague to know our land is run by pathetic official arseholes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mark ‘Mucky’ Windows, has clearly proven to anyone with a brain-cell, that he is an agent for the NWO. After ‘miraculously’ appearing as a replacement for Sonia Poulton on TPV, (who was a well liked, recognised and PROVEN reporter of Truth), this mindless muppet prevented, or colluded in THREE critically important stories from NOT being aired. First he REFUSED to interview Bill Maloney who wanted to expose his latest list of PAEDOPHILES within governmet and royal family. – Secondly a story about ‘The Ocean Is Broken’, telling of the devastation of animal and sea life, due to Fukushima pollution, was dropped and never aired, even though the author in Australia was sat up waiting to be interviewed live! – Thirdly, afer a group visited TPV studios and spoke with producers and David Icke, regarding the proven theft of Charles Seven intellectual rights to ‘Dancing On Ice’ and other major TV shows promoted worldwide, ‘Mucky’ Windows posted a completely derogatory statement on his Facebook page about the meeting the next day. Ask yourself WHY would this muppet deliberately attack members and their discussions, when HE was NEVER invited, NOR present at the meeting? – QUESTION – Are these the actions you would expect of an honest truth-seeker, or are they the actions of a lying, manipulative and deceiptful agent, working for the agenda of the NWO?

  4. Land of The Free. [Just keep giving us your money]

  5. Tapestry says:

    Interestingly I notice that comments come up on my phone before they arrive here on the blog, which suggests someone is delaying them?

    Adam Bacon is worried about the allegations made against Mark Windows. Why be affected? These are professionals whose job it is to cast doubt into your mind where none should be. They’ve destroyed Icke’s efforts with the TPV by infiltrating there. No doubt they’ll be trying every trick in the book to do the same to Windows and Hickie’s TV launches. Tap Blog readers should be well enough ‘trained’ by now to spot the work of shills.

    You can’t be involved in the reprocessing of the knowledge paradigm without experiencing powerful counter thrusts. Absorb them. Side step and move onwards. We have a long way to go.

  6. John Hickie says:

    The laughable, anonymous third post above, is a word-for-word cut and paste of the same insult levelled at Mark on numerous blogs and forums by the same people that visited TPV uninvited some months ago. They are ‘former’ police officers Tarah Ahmed, Ray Savage and some clown calling himself Tony Z. These people are paid shills actively disrupting any alternative media or truth activist organisations they can snake their way into, using deception, as they did that night at TPV. Their modus operandi is rather helpfully outlined in the recently leaked GCHQ/JTRIG Powerpoint presentation leaked by Edward Snowden and now available widely as a PDF download at a Google near you!
    They’re idiots, and 5 minutes of cross referencing and research on the absurd claims they make in their websites shows them to be the goons that they are. They’re not even very good at it!

  7. John Hickie says:

    …..Anyone wanting to see the shite that these mugs come out with can have a look at Ahmed’s current ‘Reset’ campaign which she is trying to peddle and she even managed to pop up this week on Richie Allen’s show at TPV with it. It’s pure Agenda 21 and their risible website follows the usual government template of being nothing mare than a dat mining and containment exercise. Pathetic. But then again she’s probably on about £80K per year with all the overtime that her paymasters are slinging her with this current operation so I doubt she gives a fuck..

  8. John Hickie says:

    ….Data mining that should say

  9. I cant believe that syncrenicity,com Tony Kilvert, Tony Fareell and Charles Seven, Sharon Gifford, and the Re Se show Tahra Ahmed and Ray Savage are still using the same nonsensical blog. Here is a n article which names and shames all those who have incited hatred against us. It also reveals the limited techniques they use. There are two videos which explain how the “security” services and trained facilitators work. We have exposed loads of them. Good job they are stupid or they might be dangerous. I think we deserve a better class of agent , we only seem to get special needs from GCHQ!http://www.landofthefree.co.uk/site/component/content/article/1-latest-news/155-police-state-harassment-exposed

  10. John Hickie says:


    Above is the link to Mark Window’s excellent and very long piece about how these idiots started off by peddling the absurd allegations made by paid shill Tony Farrell, Charles Seven and the idiots mentioned above. It’s just bait and switch. A load of old bollocks. Literally like something out of ‘Operation Goodguys’.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is no longer a forum for discussions, it has become the advertising site and promotion of John Hickie and Mucky Windows BS Inc..


  12. Anonymous says:

    I would be GREAT!!! if we could have The Peoples Voice on live satellite TV. I used to watch Controversial Channel or Edge Media and Rich Planet TV on Showcase TV before they both went off air. Now there is nothing for those of us who know the truth and do not want to watch the mainstream lies and distractions on TV. Having truth channels woke me up and would wake up more people, some don’t have the internet. Plus for people like me and my family, truth media is like therapy as it makes us feel we are not alone and gives us HOPE.

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