MP will name politician ‘involved in child abuse

The Sunday People will run a piece tomorrow regarding the raid of Lord Janner’s House of Lords Offices in March, in connection to child abuse. (third time the House of Lords has been raided if Im not mistaken)

”Lord Janner is a prominent campaigner for Jewish rights and was President of the Board of British Jews.”

”Pressure grows for national inquiry into establishment abuse and cover-up allegations

Calls are growing for a national inquiry into ­historic child sex abuse and authority cover-ups – with 90 MPs now demanding a probe.

Labour’s Tom Watson and Tory Zac ­Goldsmith lead a cross-party group asking Home Secretary Theresa May to form an independent panel to look into claims and find out why key documents vanished.

The demand comes after BBC star Jimmy Savile was exposed only after his death and follows shocking revelations about late Lib Dem MP Cyril Smith. 

A report into abuse at Knowl View School in Rochdale, where Smith was a governor, was suppressed.

Mr Watson said: “The fact we have a cross-party coalition asking for a national ­investigation makes it hard to ignore.” 

Mr Goldsmith added: “If it wants to draw a line, the Government must establish a defining, ­properly resourced inquiry.”
Independent will run with… 

”MP will name politician ‘involved in child abuse”

The MP whose book made sexual abuse allegations against the late Liberal politician Sir Cyril Smith is planning to use parliamentary privilege to make similar claims against a second, living, parliamentarian, next week.

The issue WILL be raised in The House of Lords! 

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7 Responses to “MP will name politician ‘involved in child abuse”

  1. Anonymous says:

    John Prescott said New Labours chris smith was a serial abuser of young boys on an almost daily basis, not in th league of robin gibb who boasted of 1000
    but more than greville janners total

  2. Anonymous says:

    It`s always WILL WILL . It`s always future tense . Why not present tense ? I am sick of it , tell it or shut up . How is it not obstruction of justice ???
    This is VERY serious subject and I feel this “carrot dangling ” is DISGUSTING!!!!
    MP are truly scum on Earth.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @9:41 Couldn’t agree more. The living-dead Janner is being thrown to the wolves (allegedly) just at the point that he has one foot in the deserved grave and knocking on Hell’s Gate.
    He/It (his decrepit body) is probably guaranteed a hero’s welcome and burial in the unhinged, bastard, bandit, pariah state of Israel for doing his bit in screwing the Western Goyim and shafting them big time – puns intended.
    This is the Zionist Occupied World we live in.
    Most people I know will never have heard of (or care about) Janner and it’s more than a tad suspicious that this story should be getting ‘revealed’ to the sheep masses right in the middle of the 2014 Football World Cup and when all hell has broken loose in Iraq. Call me a cynic.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Pope and this blog apparently are played by the same person-not sure if it’s relevant:

  5. lord charles drake of the sandrigham killing fields says:

    no no not lord greville.
    he does so much for the jewish community he is royalty.
    you goy should cut out this anti semitism.
    poor lord mcalpine died of a broken heart now you are picking on another poor lord.
    thank satan this new police action like before will go nowhere.
    the police are men of honour what what

  6. Somewhere in Europe says:

    While we’re on the subject ~
    Bush’n’blair ~ war criminals or blackmailed child-abusers

    (Or both?)

  7. NPP says:

    As one of the comments under
    ‘Should this have been a UKIP person, it would have been splashed all over the front page, and not the tiny insert it is!’

    The mainstream media – I heard nothing about the austerity protest over the weekend, nothing about the anti-US Fed protests in Germany, nothing about this search of the House of Lords.

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