London becoming a death trap

As if methane from fracking ( and other toxins), GMOs and bee-killing sprays were not enough to have attached to his record as Secretary of State for the Environment, Paterson has one more topic which added to all the others will make him individually the biggest killer and destroyer of health in British history –  

Diesel fumes in British towns and cities.

This from Private Eye –

Parliamentary answers back in 2007 show that Defra knew diesel engines produced 17 times more PM10 and 1.84 times more oxides of nitrogen than petrol engines. To be fair, in his letter Johnson reminded the environment secretary that he has implemented the last stage of former mayor Ken Livingstone’s low-emission zone tax in London (for vans and minibuses) and wants an ultra-low emission zone by 2020 – though this will be too late to appease the European commissioners. He also asked central government for a raft of measures to combat diesel engines, including higher central taxes. Paterson, however, has been too busy with badgers and floods, it seems.

TAP – Diesel is a killer, apart from being very unpleasant to breathe.  I can’t walk on the street in Westminster any more without getting serious coughing fits.  Diesel should be made far more expensive than petrol (gas) and not sold cheaper.  But then of course it’s the ideal Agenda 21 fuel for killing human beings to meet the objective of the Rio Earth Summit, and the United Nations.  Depopulation is the first objective of the New World `Order.  Diesel is one of their best weapons.

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  1. dp says:

    Rubbish – the particulates from petrol engines are far more difficult for the human body to deal with due to the smaller size.
    Diesel particulates tend to settle whereas petrol particulates remain airborne.
    Diesel combustion is more complete and results in a cleaner burn, and less unburnt hydrocarbon emissions.

    coughing out larger particulates is a good reaction!

    not coughing smaller particulates from petrol combustion is not good!

    If they wanted to a small inexpensive device could be fitted to all diesels that would filter out particulates and not create excessive back pressure could be manufactured but this is not what they want.

    They want people to argue among themselves over easily solved problems.

    Peak oil has not been reached.
    Fossil fuels do not exist – They are abiogenic and abundant.


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