Lee Rigby’s real name is Robert Serjeant. Spivey’s superb analysis of the Woolwich hoax.


Chris spivey proves the lee rigby beheading was a hoax



Who is Chris Spivey?  NPP sends this interview.  
He says, ‘There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.’  He points out that income tax only exists to pay interest on fraudulent debt. There shouldn’t be any tax.

The weapons being used in Iraq use depleted uranium which will poison people for hundreds of years to come.  Fukushima has made Japan uninhabitable.  It’s affecting the West coast of the US.  The interviewer asks why are they doing this to the planet?

The Satanic and evil people at the top are programmed.  

Russell Brand isn’t genuine.  He wouldn’t be given access if he was. Princess Grace wasn’t an accident.  Spivey’s working on a Princess Diana article.  She was definitely murdered on the orders of the Royal family.

He likes the book The Falsification Of History by John Hamer.  £5 on Kindle.

John Hamer’s The Titanic Conspiracy

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7 Responses to “Lee Rigby’s real name is Robert Serjeant. Spivey’s superb analysis of the Woolwich hoax.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chris Spivey the peoples Champion thank Dog forthe truth ..never did i once believe this when i see this on the news but so many did believe it. oh had many discussion’s lol ..Brilliant Spivey 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank dog ? lol
    but the point is well made
    spivey is vindicated, no more doubting the wistleblowers please
    well done spivey

  3. shirlz007 says:

    62 MP’s and counting…

    Check the Twitter campaign…

    (#NonceorNot? doesn’t seem to have taken off)

    … Ay Zac! I could say that all day long, whilst stroking a white cat…
    ”62 MP’s and counting”

    whilst also smoking weed, sitting in the sun, and listening to Beuna Vista Social Club! 😉


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for putting this out there Tap. I was the one who commented earlier in the week about the site being down and whilst it is now back up, most search engines have removed any trace of Chris-it is clear he has them rattled. I and others will appreciate if and when Chris prints anything of relevance if you can follow it up……many thanks and please take care mate as these are clearly dangerous times.

  5. NPP says:

    I checked Hamer because Spivey mentioned him…
    The Titanic Conspiracy – The Great Deception [John Hamer]

    Another ‘ordinary’ bloke putting the BBC to shame.

  6. shirlz007 says:

    I passed up the chance to meet John Hamer in 2011…
    he knows an old friend of mine, and stayed in Lancaster for Titanic – The Great Deception (I believe he conducted the presentation around GB)

    … Rothschilds faking the Titanic sinking! (aswell as Rockefeller and Morgan)… bastards!


  7. Anonymous says:

    some years ago i write to the intelligence expert Allan Rusbridger after reading an important article abut W W 1
    he put me on toa guy i went to see ina small london flat, this man T stoakes told me of the deliberate sinking in great detail of 3 ships the Hanpshire the Titanic and the Lusitania
    but he also me of one which was hid up and is still an official secret, the Wilhelm Gustoff.
    Now i have read some bad stuff about both Rusbridger and Stoakes but their sheer depth of knowledge tells me that like chris spiver, they are totally genuine

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