June 21st. Hunger Games selected by Channel 4.

Who at Channel 4 has selected ‘The Hunger Games’ for tonight’s (21st June) entertainment? 

Surely not a co-incidence, cos they don’t happen.


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4 Responses to “June 21st. Hunger Games selected by Channel 4.”

  1. NPP says:

    I’ve not seen the Hunger games. I remember reading about hunting humans in Icke’s The Biggest Secret. Mind boggling.
    I do watch football. Ghana were so close to upsetting Argentina. The Suarez goals vs England were sublime. Had England been more successful, it might have enabled more diversion from e.g. MPs child abuse issue. England failing may seed greater anger and frustration and a more immediate demand for action. May be.

    The BBC are running a programme on the N word. Just the promo ad for it brings my mind grinding to a halt; idiots idiots idiots. Kill foreigners, but do not use offensive phonetics! Anyway…

    “It was 20 years ago he published his book The Ring makers of Science.”

    Some time ago I watched the oft derided Kerry Cassidy interview this chap, but after reading comments, had a quick google for something to listen to on an early Sunday morning as I contemplate work… I’ve not listened to this yet, even as I submit it to TAP comments:
    Norman Bergrun – The Ringmakers Of Saturn:

    Can you imagine this on BBC Radio 4? Wouldn’t it make the morning a tad more interesting? Imagine the type of national broadcasting service and conversations we could be having. Imagine the solutions and progress that might be possible. Imagine one morning a BBC interviewer saying “Mr Hague, you really are a monotonous drone and we’ve had enough… now over to Norman to discuss the possible influence of Saturn over earth…”

    Since when was evidence the determining factor? The Bible? Darwin? The physical body? The frequency vehicle? Is there evidence or is it just perpetuated dogma?

    At least let us discuss and ponder.

    I’ve been listening to a fair bit of Ry Dawson. I’ve liked this guy for some time e.g.:

    Gilad Atzmon on Dieudonne and the left’s obsession with race:

  2. NPP says:

    I meant Argentina Iran, Germany Ghana, not that commentators here give a monkey’s nut about over paid men chasing a bag of air….

  3. NPP says:

    Couldn’t resist, from Icke’s headlines: love this:
    Establishment is Afraid of End The Fed Movement in Germany

    Imagine if Harry Cooper http://www.sharkhunters.com/ is correct, Hitler did escape to Argentina, who knew? What ate the financial links to today?
    Good work Luke in Germany.

  4. Anonymous says:

    detailed accunts from various men who were boys at the time are consistent in their descriptions and naming of Greville Janner, but high ranking people have said hes untouchable, many abusers are hight level people have said israel would come down hard maybe with a bombing campaign against britain if we named all the jews who do this with impunity

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