Madness? Where is sanity to be found?

The fracking, bee-killing, glyphosate-loving Monsanto sales rep enjoys photo op with potential victim of Agenda 21 countryside clearance strategy

Strange! I was just reading about Owen Paterson from his constituency website and was drawn to his article, Owen Praises Local Farmer’s Environmental Work, posted 4th June which states “Secretary of State for the Environment Owen Paterson praised a North Shropshire farmer earlier this week for his outstanding voluntary efforts in conserving the environment.” 

Just a pity Owen didn’t practice what he preached.

The article then goes on to state that “Mr Griffiths has additionally made six metre margins for pollen-nectar mix on all his fields, planted three acres of woodland, re-established six ponds, has 88 bird boxes – 62 of which are in use – and has eight beehives.” 

Personally, I think it absurd that Owen should commend farmer Paul Griffiths for his beehives when Owen endorses the use of chemicals which is killing off all our bees.
So far this year I could count on one hand the number of bees I’ve seen in my garden whereas just a few years ago I had literally hundreds.


TAP – Last night at a public meeting in St Martins, North Shropshire, I was described by the Shropshire Council leader Keith Barrow as ‘slightly mad’, although he admitted to finding the evidence I’d provided him with about fracking to be useful!  I should have interrupted him to reply.  The system he lives inside is rigged to ensure mad decisions are taken and enforced.   If pointing out the craziness of the destruction that Owen Paterson is wreaking to the environment is being mad, then ‘mad’ is what we all need to be.  Being or appearing sane in a mad world is no sign of mental health.  It’s Keith who should be worried!

We live in Agenda 21 world, and yet not one MP or Council leader ever talks about this.  Farming is not sustainable and has to be ended.  That’s already been agreed to by Britain.   Let’s repeat that.  Britain has agreed that farming has to be ended.   If they don’t address this and stop fracking, gas drilling, aquifer destruction, bee destruction,  soil destruction and air pollution, then might I politely suggest that not only are the politicians mad.  They must be got rid of, and replaced with people who will.  Keith Barrow has his chance.  Let’s see how he does.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bravo Henry!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes Henry, wellsaid
    Well done for busting Shirlz too
    He had me taken in.
    Im keeping my eyes open for any signs of controlledopposition at thecolemanexperience. But he goes for them all. I think he has written about the ITCCS but ill have to double check,
    So, we have to assume zac goldsmith and the 100MPs petition and tom watson, is sophisticated subtle security service managing the situation.
    Unfortunate. I want all the high up perpetrators including HM arrested.
    Where to from here? Thecolemanexperience will provide guidance. He says ‘Walls have ears’
    Please look after yourself Henry and try not to get down or stressed

  3. NPP says:

    Let’s repeat that. Britain has agreed that farming has to be ended.

    This is such an outrageous statement, few would take it seriously. I suspect it must be taken very seriously.

    TAP. Slightly mad? Take it as a compliment for now. I’m sure I’ve been described as more than just slightly…

    I’m listening to Tom Campbell just now… “nothing is stored inside your brain.”
    Few people would agree to accept with this, yet I find it a lovely idea.

    I don’t get the ‘busting Shirlz’. Something commented upon that I missed I guess.
    I assume the ITCC Kevin Annett work remains solid work in progress.

  4. NPP says:

    Busted comment? OK, gone back and got it.

    Kevin Annett seems to be doing good stuff to me… I love Alfred Webre. He once did a presentation on backward talking which was a bit out there even for me, but he makes me smile and smiles are good.

    TAP, I much appreciate your activities in Shropshire. A recent experience of biometrics child policy in my old school reminds me how docile my community has become. The mother stepped up and said NO.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Any statement like ‘slightly mad’ is ignoring the fact. In
    ignorance they are uneducated lacking knowledge and

    Pro 15:2 The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness.

  6. Anonymous says:

    RE: shirlz007

    I’ve met many a man in my time like yourself who attempt to educate the world by “The World According To” attitude indicative of an egotistical megalomaniac and when they realize they are not being paid attention to like a spoiled brat they stomp at the bit shouting and screaming in anger.

    My advice to you would be to calm yourself down, accept others points of views even if they seem contrary to yours, take criticism positively even if it’s negative and never allow yourself to become angry.

    We’ve all erred much through the wide and varied paths of life and the lessons have been hard but slowly step by step we’re returning to the narrow path of truth gaining knowledge as we go from here a little and there a little. If you feel you know some great revelation that we don’t then privilege us time to catch up.
    So be of good cheer and stop taking offence.

    Kindest regards,

  7. NPP says:


    I do not have time to go through making notes, but these interviews between Harry Cooper and Jeff Rense are interesting re Hitler in Germany. At the end they touch upon Gerrard Williams complaining of another plagiarising his work which Cooper says is plagiarised from Sharkhunters…. and now a Jewish guy is working on another book about Hitler’s escape. Sometimes Harry and Jeff ramble little, like 2 chaps just chatting, but while I paint, it is easy listening.

    Many free interviews can be accessed here:

    I’ve e-mailed with Harry a few times. Interesting chap.
    Harry’s an ex conventional history type who has been forced to revise his learning and is now attempting to share what he is uncovering.
    The book is being translated for the French and German markets. They are working on plans for Spanish too.

  8. Anonymous says:

    what the guy needs is a strong paternal father figure to look up to. Ive seen him function under a strong male role model, he kicks arse! Without one, he buckles and turns on everyone around him.
    He needs someone to keep him in check… preferably a strong woman, more importantly a male role model to give him a slap when he plays up!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Some of these comments on here give the impression the people who submitted them are at least slightly pissed and at worst barking mad.

  10. Tapestry says:

    It’s not easy to find time to edit comments. I could do with some help as the number of stupid comments (probably shills) is clearly rising.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Could someone direct me to the old ‘busting Shirlz’ comments?


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