Illuminati asset Sir Faul McCartney goes public against fracking

UPDATE –   Illuminati managed opposition set-up designed to make fracker-opponents appear as luvvies with no idea.


For those who don’t know, Faul is not a typo.  Check out who the character masquerading as Paul McCartney really is.  He may be a replacement for someone eliminated in the 1960s and an Illuminati entertainment industry asset, but he’s spouting some sense on fracking.  To me that means the powers that be are preparing to do a backdown, as opposition to fracking surges across Britain – or at least they’re creating an apparent opposition group to make people think the system’s going to get it right eventually, while they try to ram more fracking down our throats.  

UKIP will not win in Newark purely because of this issue.  Had UKIP been in opposition on fracking, they might have won it.  That’s the problem with doing deals with Murdoch to get The Sun behind you.  Your policy portfolio starts to smell.

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6 Responses to “Illuminati asset Sir Faul McCartney goes public against fracking”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I used to work in a top london
    cosmetic surgery clinic, Cliff Richard was in every few weeks hysterical over every little wrinkle, its possible paul went in for something like this, e g a face lift which then made him look different, i dont know if this guy is paul or not but i do know that the only non jewish wife
    was heather mills she would know if he is paul or not but she had such bad press from rupert murdoch and threats she would die in a car crash, she said nothing

  2. Anonymous says:

    My friend went to art college with Lennon. She knew all of them. She had some of Lennon’s sketches and sold some of them a few years ago to McCartney.
    I was cheeky and asked her if it was the same McCartney and she laughed and said it definitely was.

  3. Nollidge says:

    So if this replacement theory is true-and the evidence given on that site is convincing,we’re searching for a near lookalike who went missing in late ’66 & has never been heard of since.There would have to be a fake death with certificate,relatives would have to be in on it,friends might have suspicions,etc.I do recall some years ago a German woman sued for paternity from the Beatles time in Hamburg & the dna test showed that “Paul” wasn’t the father.Things that make you go hmmmm…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    back in those days the pop groups all seemed normal nowadays the politically corect crowd would have to have a pop group with one black one homosexual and one chinese in it

  5. charles drake says:

    cut the hate guys bullying is wrong.
    jews,transgenders and homosexuals are innocent victims.
    they must be given special privilages to make up for for the torture they receive day in day out.
    compensation monies must be paid.
    we need to use the sas to protect them from the rabble on the interweb..

    i met paul many times at the brighton lodge lovely sweet guy.
    the only cosmetic work he had done was on his 2 thumbs and some tweaks on his churchill v fingers.
    stop the bullying and pay up now eye say.
    these folks do a lot for charity donte yar nose.

  6. Anonymous says:

    They both look like the same person to me but that’s just me. I do remember back in their day that Pauls voice changed suddenly and so did their type of music. It was very noticeable to the extent I thought Paul had been replaced with another singer when I heard them. On seeing he was still the singer I just put it down to strained throat from singing.
    All the cosmetic surgery in the world wont copy the voice and the latter Paul couldn’t and still can’t sing even after all these years of practise.

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