David Icke explains how world wars change the world

Dave and the X22Report bring us up to date on the latest news from around the world as the central bankers are clearly preparing their next move – war. Dave warns us to be on the lookout for the next false flag as time is quickly ticking towards another massive global event.


With the establishment now arming ISIS/ISIL, they’re preparing to link the ‘terrorist organization’ to al-Qaeda to get the next event rolling along.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    JAPAN: 1904-05

    THE HONEY: Once upon a time, 1904 to be precise, the U.S. branch of the NWO gang made a sweet offer to Japan: “Fight Tsarist Russia for us. We will finance you big time and you’ll get you a chunk of Manchuria after the war.”

    THE STAB-IN-THE-BACK: Japan won the war and established control over much of Manchuria (see maps above). But just 36 years later, the U.S. picked a fight with Japan. The Japanese Empire would be destroyed by the NWO, and Manchuria was handed over to Soviet control.

    NWO puppet Teddy Roosevelt negotiated a Peace Treaty that favored Japan over Russia. For financing Japan’s war effort, anti-Russian NWO banker Jacob Schiff was awarded Japan’s Highest honor. Forty years later, Teddy’s cousin, Franklin D Roosevelt, and Schiff’s fellow tribesmen destroyed their old Japanese “friend”.

    RUSSIA: 1907

    Once upon a time, 1907 to be precise, the NWO gang made a sweet offer to Tsarist Russia: “Join the British-French in the Triple Entente Alliance. When the coming Great War against Germany & Turkey is settled, you’ll get Constantinople (Istanbul) back from the Ottoman Turks who conquered the great city of the Orthodox Byzantine Empire in 1453.”

    Leo Tolstoy ‘smelled the rat’ that turned out to be the Constantinople bait! The great Russian novelist viewed the West’s “friendship” with deep suspicion, noting with sarcasm that “people (the West) are without reason, suddenly professing such spontaneous and exceptional love for Russia.”

    THE STAB-IN-THE-BACK: World War I proved devastating for Russia. The NWO-funded Bolsheviks used the disaster to bring an end to the Russian Empire and usher in a reign of Red Terror. Britain and France refused to grant asylum to their ally, the Tsar. The NWO Bolshevik-Communists then murdered the Tsar and his entire family.

    The Triple Entente ‘Honey Trap’ (Russia depicted as the maiden holding the cross) got the Tsar and his entire family shot and bayoneted to death in a basement.

    POLAND: 1939

    THE HONEY: Once upon a time, 1939 to be precise, the British & French branch of the NWO gang made a sweet offer to Poland: “Pick a fight with Hitler’s Germany. We’ll back you up and you can have a huge chunk of German territory. The old Empire of Poland will be restored.”

    1: Glory days of old Polish imperialism appealed to Poland’s foolish leaders.
    2: Adolf Hitler, Danzig Speech, 1939:

    “Finally it became questionable in Poland whether the Oder would be enough as a boundary or whether Poland’s natural boundary was not the Oder but the Elbe. It was debated whether our armies would be smashed before or behind Berlin…..I have often asked myself: Who can have so blinded Poland?” –

    THE STAB-IN-THE-BACK: After provoking a German invasion, Poland was left out to dry by the Allies. Not only did Britain & France do nothing to help Poland fight Germany, they later remained silent as the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the East; murdering much of the leadership of Poland’s military.

    1: 10,000 Polish Army officers were executed by Stalin’s NKVD at Katyn Forest.
    2: ‘I Saw Poland Betrayed” by US Ambassador to Poland, Arthur Bliss Lane.

    Read more: http://www.tomatobubble.com/id601.html


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