How your government criminally wastes your efforts and your money

The invasion of Iraq was done on the basis of government fraud about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” they knew did not exist. They killed over one million Iraqis. Whether its manslaughter or murder, its still a crime.

That’s why Bilderberger Foreign Secretary William Hague is so desperate to silence the chief prosecution witness, Julian Assange, whose Wikileaks website has published the documentation that convicts them. It used to be gangsters who silenced witnesses, but Hague is attempting to sabotage the criminal prosecution of other Bilderberg ministers.

The government deregulated the banks in 1999, deliberately making them massive fraud machines, creating bubbles in the markets they knew would burst, rewarding criminality by allowing billions in bonuses for failure. Their goal is political engineering, to further impoverish us, reducing our financial muscle and our ability to resist.

The abolition of Britain by the six EU treaties was completed by the Lisbon Treaty in 2009, and executed by our top 17 government ministers, who committed treason, and who have been EU Bilderbergers, bribed EU agents since Edward Heath.

That’s a ten trillion pound nation, the world’s 5th largest economy, illegally sold into increasing slavery inside the emerging EU dictatorship.

That’s why treason is the most serious crime. This was easily the most serious act of high treason ever committed, and under our five Treason Acts, the thousands of government officials involved, the 362 MPs who voted for the EU, and those who very deliberately signed EU Treaties, including John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the Queen, should all hang by the neck until dead, as both those laws and our common law demand.

On the orders of their masters in the EU, our bribed politicians have closed down our heavy industry, swamped us with 25 million immigrants, and the Office of National Statistics state the English will be a minority in their own nation by 2025. The English are despised by the EU, and they want us out of here. The ethnic cleansing of the English by the EU has been highly successful.

Its an electoral and constitutional crime for government to represent a foreign power. In fact a crime for them to represent anyone other than the British voters, something they haven’t done for 40 years.
Our senior police, Crown Prosecution Service and judges are almost exclusively freemasons, and Britain’s courts have been utterly corrupt for 20 years. That’s how the banks, politicians and government are able to commit these crimes, break the law and our written constitution (yes – all written – since Magna Carta).

Britain is home to the largest bribery structure on earth, the EU mandated 8,500 quangos, who waste £200 billion every year according to the Government’s Cabinet Office, on £700,000pa salaries for people who do nothing. In total over half of the £800 billion the government extorts from us in tax annually is obviously and deliberately wasted. Yes, that is a crime too.

The NHS is controlled by Common Purpose, a government quango, who, through their abolition of established procedures and continual change, now cause 60,000 preventable deaths in the NHS every year. But 100,000 are murdered on the ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ where food and water are denied to them until they die. No less than 450,000 people die inside the NHS annually. CP also teach suicide though theatre, plays and workshops, and have successfully encouraged 79 youngsters in Bridgend, South Wales, to commit suicide. They proudly boast they will rule in the “Post democratic era”
David Cameron says he will do something about immigration, and have a bonfire of the quangos. He’s lying. As a bribed EU Bilderberger he has no such intention, and knows he would be forced out of office by the other Bilderbergers, just as Mrs Thatcher was, if he opposed EU policy.

That’s why he won’t ever have an EU referendum. And nor will Labour or the Lib Dems.
The government tell us it is dishonest to pay your cleaner in cash – no, its dishonest of the Government to extort taxes for their criminality and corruption.

The evidence seems overwhelming the government has committed a number of murders, including WMD scientist John Kelly, Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, and Labour leader John Smith, because they refused to go along with government criminality
If you add up the crime committed by all the ordinary criminals in Britain, it is a pathetic tiny dot by comparison with the trillions of fraud, tax extortion to pay for waste, the million killed and murder committed by government.

In the EU, we are now living under a communist regime, and as Mussolini said, fascism and communism are the government collaborating with large corporations to defraud the people.
We’ve seen it on a massive scale starting with banks, the government sabotage of the economy and the pound sterling, down to the utility companies, which they deliberately sold abroad to foreign nations who rip us off with every bill, and local councils who do the same.
Millions of people in the former nation of Britain are now impoverished as a result of government crime, and trying to survive on £5 an hour.

By paying taxes and voting for the Lib-Lab-Con, you are supporting the criminal government class, and helping them deprive you of everything you once had.

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  1. Nollidge says:

    Off topic for this subject,but,earlier on Tap,you were somewhat cheerleading for the 7 mp’S who wanted a full enquiry into institutional child abuse.There is another point of view.Can I suggest that you read this?.

  2. It’s over, people. We’re all on the pathway.

    The government has never been your friend. At best they have been no more than controlled opposition to get you back in your basket.

    But now, it’s over. How bad does it have to get before people realise they’ve had their chips?

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is much celebration and jingoism just now about the 100 anniversary of w w 1, i had a relative who believing the propaganda for the first world war signed up under age, he was sent to the front line and told the family the men were sent over the top of the trenches to walk towards german lines, the men knew these were heavily fortified and all around him lay the bodies of hundreds of soldiers, he actually got quite close before several shots hit him and luckliy he did not fall into the deep mud to drown but fell onto two dead soldiers. He knew he was bleeding out so packed his two hankies into the wounds and waited, but he was attended by a german medic who told him i cant take you back to british lines as they would shoot me you will have to come back with me, he was there two days before being repatriated and found that just as he had been told the british were fighting for honour and freedom so were the germans fighting for this too, he quickly realised it was all bullshit and they were fighting for a controlled criminal government.
    after the war he went before a war injuries panel, now these men were paid a percentage of the money saved by cheating men out of their war pensions, and the panel were shouting at old uncle cecil
    that he was not that badly injured and was malingering.
    The worst injured men were sent to special homes where the public would never see them, the government just wanted to show the bright shiny medals the men won and how brave they were, but the family did not want him shut away so gave hima job counting stock in the small warehouse of the family grocers shop.
    W W 2 came and this time the men were not stupid they had seen what the government does, and were were slow to sign up, and most wanteda diplomatic solution with germany, but again the rumours hit the papers the germans were barbarians killing babies raping and shooting anyone they saw and a lot of stupid men went along with the hate and jingosim. Billy was mums favourite and off he went in his new uniform and was soon back witha leg missing and almost blind, again the war injuries board said he could still get about and did not need a war pension, billy lasted 8 years before he died in which time he was in constant pain.
    If anyone tells you war is glorious and makes men of boys its a lie, and governments are there to lie thats what they do.
    people are wising up that the banks that fund wars make massive profits on the loans and wars are a game to them, jewish bankers sons dont go to war and churchill saw to it that london was chock full of jews in W W 2 and were exempt military service, the call will soon come up for W W 3 so make sure you hide your boys and dont let them fight and die for the jews again
    mrs margaret huntingford aged 86

  4. Anonymous says:

    james you win my vote, this is one of the best articles on the net and thankyou.
    We can all see the problems but we must band together to talk about the solution,
    one vote out the criminals
    two get out of europe
    3 no polical representaives that are non UK or dual passport holders, and what next anyone ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    great article tap
    what i cant understand is why people against child abuse are said to be anti semitic ?
    why is this anyone ?

  6. pongo says:

    great article – joins the dots. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous says: Billionaire Rottenfeller’s son died in plane crash 13 June.

  8. Anonymous says: White Hats reports. Start at #1 and connect some more dots. The corruption is a spider’s web of global proportions.

  9. ALL Wars are war crimes & fought for the banks who fund both sides.

    Courts have been corrupt a lot longer than 20 years. Like – forever.

    It really doesn’t matter who you vote for because whoever gets in soon finds out the truth & toes the line.

    Corporations are owned by banks.

    Governments ‘collaborate’ with corporations because they are owned by them.

    The E.U. is a mini U.N. & a model for O.W.G. and owned by the banks.

    Banks have always been fraud machines. The little guy never used to care because he hardly ever saw money. But the more dependent on the filthy stuff we are forced to be, the more we see it for what it truly is.

    Bilderberg: Ruminating over how to implement their orders from the banks via their Mouths Of Sauron: the governments & corporations.

  10. Anonymous says:

    british patriot and whistleblower arrested at dawn and had papers and PC stolen by corrupt police
    this just MUST be read
    courtesy of david irving website

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