How powerful is the fightback?

The global conspiracy is bad.  Of that much we are all far more aware than at one time we were.  Yet who is fighting back against it?  And how successful are they being?  Those questions cannot be easy answered, for a number of reasons.  One is the secrecy required to undermine the power structures left in place and being operated against humanity.  This post from Veterans Today offers a lot of hope that the fightback is much greater in the USA than we yet know, the refusal to fight any more Zionist wars of global domination, and to cooperate with intelligence agencies that are destroying America from within.  Let’s hope some of these hopes are real.

South African Apartheid was exposed and dispensed with after many years of struggle and major divestitures of corporate and institutional investments from anything related to South Africa.
The world literally turned against the Government of South Africa and its Apartheid, eventually causing its collapse.
The same thing is now happening to Israel over the Apartheid for the Palestinians it now holds captive in the world’s largest open air prison camp.
The whole world is turning against Israel for its Apartheid against Palestinians and massive, illegal theft of Palestinian lands and destruction of their households.
But there is a background story that is responsible and it involves the covert works of numerous high ranking Intel Cowboys inside American Intel who are dedicated America-firsters and have been working hard to restore America as a Constitutional Republic. Only some of this story can now be told, but eventually perhaps the rest of the story will be told.
It was only a matter of time for Citizens of the World to focus on Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians and the massive, illegal theft of Palestinian land by Khazarian “fake Hebrew” imposters.
And now most of Europe, especially its University students and youth are fully aware of the massive and illegitimate land theft of Palestinian lands by these Khazarian “fake Hebrews” imposters.
And the Europeans are now fully aware of the abject tyranny and monstrous abuses fomented against Palestinians by these Israeli “fake Hebrew” invaders who repeatedly steal more and more Palestinian land, and demo Palestinian houses to clear that land and build illegal Israeli settlements there.
And as concerns about Israeli oppression, tyranny, arrests and serial mass-murder against Palestinians by these fake Hebrew Israelis rises, numerous European Corporations are divesting from anything associated with Israel. And now some American Corporations are starting to divest from any investment related to Israel also.
2The turning of the tide and a change in the “prevailing winds” in America has been caused by the realization inside the US Military High Command and loyal segments of American Intel that 9/11 was a Gladio-style, inside-job, stand-down, false-flag attack done by the World Zionists.
This realization inside the US Military High Command by America-firsters and those loyal to America only has triggered a major lane change of US Policy towards Israel and an aversion to fighting any new wars on behalf of the WZs and Israel.
This emergent boycotting of Israel by Europeans is now spreading to America.
And like what happened in Europe, it cannot be stopped. Despite all the desperate efforts by the formerly the all powerful AIPAC, ADL and B’nai B’rith.  Each of these World Zionist (WZ) espionage fronts has actually been covertly defanged recently by Intel Cowboys working inside the American Intel establishment and the Department of Defense. This is a major change in the “prevailing winds” inside American Intel and the DOD and is the most significant correction to the WZ/Israeli-staged 9/11 Gladio-style, false flag attack that has occurred.
And the occurrence of the major Snowden disclosures of serious NSA RICO crimes of warrantless spying against all Americans and much of the world at about the same approximate time are no mere coincidence.
But the real turning point inside some top levels of American Intel, and especially the high military command, was the realization that the WZ’s used Israel, Bush Crime Cabal lackeys inside the highest echelons of the JCS, NORAD, the NSA, and the USAF with major guidance from the Mossad and the top of the Israeli Government, certain select NeoCons and PNACer Israel-American “Israeli-first” dual citizens traitors, and the top controllers of AIPAC who are covert Israeli espionage agents that have infiltrated and parasitized America.
You want names? Watch the following video and add to this the following names Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Meyers, George Bush 1 & 2.
Hopefully, some day the story of the heroic works of the folks in the High Command of US Military and American Intel associated with this major change in US Policy will be able to be told. At present it cannot, and remains under the surface.  However it is real and growing by the day. Suffice it to say numerous true American Heroes have been hard at work driving a wooden stake through the heart of these vampire Israeli espionage fronts that have parasitically infiltrated and hijacked most of the USG agencies, Congress, the Department of justice and the Judiciary, the US Military and American Intel.
In fact this infiltration has gotten so bad that Israel, the main action-agents of the World Zionists (WZs), have been able to completely hijack American Intel and now have all NSA raw data feeds downloaded by satellite directly to Israel. And numerous private DOD contractors based in Israel have been able to hijack most of the phone billing records, credit card and credit transactions of all Americans.
In spite of how sinister and depressing this situation has become with infiltration and hijacking of American institutions by the WZs, there has been a major change in the prevailing winds inside the top echelons of American Intel. Certainly this change has been long justified because of all the sinister crimes of these WZ (IZCS) infiltrators and hijackers inside America.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Former Illuminati, John Todd explains the Illuminati.
    Occult Agendawatch


  2. Anonymous says:

    the fight back must begin with boycotting jew supermarkets and any food with the barcode prefix beginnng with 729 as this is iraeli produce grown on stolen palestinain land.
    also do not vote for jew candidates and do not spend in jewish owned shops

  3. I don’t like to single out members of one race or religion for blame. There is however a global elite who regardless of religion, race or politics have an insatiable greed for wealth and lust for power.

    And the leading members of that group are meeting in Copenhagen this week to give the people we elected to serve us their instructions on how we are to be shafted in the next year.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Arthur Foxake 6.57… You’re Spot on.
    The insatiable drive for greed and power is not discriminate and doesn’t limit itself to one particular race or religion or country it’s manifest in all of them.

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