UK internet censorship ramps up. Cameron’s ‘porn-filters’ are Trojan horse.

As a curtain of censorship falls over the UK internet, this special investigation uncovers the deception and elite players behind the murky system of corporate web filters, which block far more than pornography. Disturbingly, the trail points back to a notorious and controversial elite cabal – the ultra-secretive Bilderberg Group. By Matthew Butler | Conscious Reporter to meet the government’s call for an internet clampdown. State-sanctioned internet filtering on this scale, often condemned when carried out by authoritarian regimes, is unparalleled in “free” western countries and sets a dangerous precedent. The way this policy has been introduced, sold and now implemented has been misleading and deceptive all along. 

Last year, Prime Minister David Cameron led the public to believe this is all about blocking pornography to stop the “corruption of childhood”, but it’s apparent the well-worn “think of the children” argument was just Trojan horse propaganda to create a moral pretext for introducing extensive censorship infrastructure. While proponents point out people can still ask their ISPs to turn the filters off, the problem is the filters block more than people are led to believe and operate without transparency. They already target much more than pornography, and their reach will likely creep as time goes on. This is already happening. And who ultimately decides what these unaccountable, shadowy corporate web filters block is shrouded in mystery. There was a long, well-orchestrated campaign to put these filters in place. A moral panic about online pornography was carefully manufactured to pave the way years before this occurred. 

I hope to unravel how this happened, and who is involved. A look at the players and history leading up to the policy announcement reveals the influence of various elite powerbrokers in government, media, international business, and religious lobby groups. Ultimately, the trail appears to point back to the ultra-secretive Bilderberg Group – a shadowy annual gathering of corporate, financial, international and government elites who meet on the sly away from the public eye, and discuss – and some would say  under the guise of protecting children from accessing legal pornography (illegal child abuse material was already blocked). This happened after a moral panic about pornography had been running for some time, which I’ll explain further on. After the announcement, digital rights advocate Open Rights Group warned the filters would target multiple content categories in addition to pornography, including “esoteric material” and “web forums”. Many predicted the sweeping state-sanctioned web filters would wind up extending far beyond porn. And that’s exactly what happened. 

These are not merely “porn filters” despite being deceptively referred to as such. Now operational, the filters do indeed block a murky medley of content categories. Swathes of non-pornographic websites have already been caught in the dragnet, including charities and women’s rights websites. Those who warned over-blocking would happen – either by design or by accident – have been proven right. And since the filters have been announced, the government has suggested it will now seek to block “extremist websites” and “unsavoury content” without providing any clear explanation of how these terms will be applied. The Government’s use of vague and slippery catch-all terms have many concerned the filters will inevitably be used to suppress dissent.

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  1. Somewhere in Europe says:

    Something weird is going on indeed. I’ve just tried to access The Tap using the usual and got an error message unaccessible. I had to use .ca

  2. Woodsy42 says:

    “how these terms will be applied. “

    They will be applied on the basis of blocking anything that the elite does not like being made public. How else?

  3. Anon says:

    Absolutely correct. Bilderberg and Google are working together to censor out certain criticisms of the elite.

    – Aangirfan.

  4. They gave you pornography.

  5. Ian R Thorpe says:

    The server that hosts my stuff is in Andorra and if I fancy looking at controversial content I use a Russian proxy server.
    Up yours Cameron!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I looked at porn for many years. It made me more an more a pervert. But not any more.
    I think do the makers of porn put subliminals of kiddy porn into their productions? I mean ‘quick pictures’ flashed at the viewer, to effect you subconsciousnessly?I was looking at younger and youner girls and having ideas that I would never have had years before.
    I stop wanting to sex with girlfriend and rather look at porn also went with hookers alot.
    Now I stopped all that stuff and my attract to opposite sex is normal after stopping porn a year ago. I think is very bad and for women now as well. Lot of women like porn now and it make them want to do very sick things what they never think about before.

  7. power monger says:

    elect only independents in all nations lets do away with majority party and bring freedom back in all nations-end all censorships,,the news not censored on tv or rated

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