Governments keep on fabricating global warming data

As an environmentalist, I get really concerned about pollution, heavy metals emissions and toxic chemicals sprayed on our food.

But I get even more frustrated when the government is caught fabricating data on global warming.
Today’s feature story reveals the charts and links that prove the government altered historical climate data to fabricate a warming trend where none existed.

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TAP – It is very noticeable how every expert speaker and researcher at frack meeting seems to be a proponent of global warming, with an anti-hydrocarbons pitch.  When you look at how they’re funded i.e. university paid researchers, it’s pretty obvious they know which side their bread’s buttered.  It was almost laughable last night when the geologist who otherwise had very good charts and graphs started off with the traditional doomsday scenario about carbon dioxide levels increasing temperatures by 2 degrees which will eliminate 20% of all species on earth and so on up to 5 degrees temperature increase wiping out 80% of all the species on earth.  That’s all top level geology of course;)

Audiences should be given a global warming/university funding warning before these xeroxed charts be let loose. 
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  1. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, I just thought I would make a quick comment on this, I will give you a link, from one of my previous Posts, which is relevant, as I have sent you over 300 Posts, I have covered a great deal of stuff, some of which keeps resurfacing.

    HAARP is being used to make you think global climate change is happening

    Those “BRAIN DEAD MORONS” who call me a disinformation merchant, would do well to look at the extent of the information that I have provided you with, & at which juncture I would say that back in 2011 I sent you an email relating to CANADA’S WATER WARS & Kevin Annett, the evidence I seem to remember was pretty convincing, this also encompassed the corruption of the Canadian government & the high suicide rate of its opposition. This recent stuff has even been covered extensively in the Daily Papers.

    I would say, however, that there appears to be a high degree of polarisation on this child abuse stuff, no one doubts the degree of its importance,& I stated this years ago w/r/t SMOMS & Savile & that it was what they used to OIL THE SYSTEM & keep it under control, were the words I used, & everyone said I was “NUTS” well I certainly am not. I also provided you with the Paedo Data Base, CHRIS two or three times as it kept disappearing, If you don’t believe me Look it up. There is, however a danger of over emphasising, this issue, so outlook needs Normalising, & you need to look at the Global Issues, to understand this this point.

    Like The Holocaust, & Stalin’s Ethnic Cleansing, which were operated on a gargantuan scale, the enormity of the crime is just too big to comprehend, so people shy away from it, & make excuses that it didn’t occur.

    I am not really bothered if the challenged,& the less well informed think I am a disinformer, as I know a great deal more than they do by not eclipsing my horizons, & I have given a great deal of convincing information to justify everything I have stated, where as those who tell me I am wrong, just regurgitate the same old religious rubbish, which is generally from The KJV, & has very little relevance, if viewed from the standpoint of a Theist. If this is done, it is then possible to state

    *G* = Energy ( The Grand Geometrician of the Universe or The Universal Architect )

    What many tend to forget is that with such a system no parameters exist, so the Occult is just can be juxtaposed with the Sciences. Just think of how the Dewey Decimal System Works, & you will understand what I mean.

    If these challenged individuals understood what I tell you, they would have a far better understanding, instead of constantly harping on about Jews, who are just a deception.

    My Blogging time is always limited during the Summer Months, as I have a great deal of house maintenance, & work in the grounds to carryout, but I will shortly provide you with a great deal more information to broaden your horizons.

    FEW SEE THINGS THE INTERESTING WAY I LOOK AT THEM, so I was informed by one of my mates


  2. Nollidge says:

    Welcome back WASP!.You have mates?.WOW!.do you speak to them in the same dismissive “you’re all idiots” tone that you adopt here?.Just wondering.I look forward to the day you climb off your high horse & talk to us as normals.Be a great day that.Now,some points:the “Holohoax” has been exposed as mathematically,biologically & crematorically impossible by many researchers,so sticking with that dents your otherwise excellent credibility.Th Zundel trial in Canada put a massive dent in this tale.But,if you really
    believe in the 6,000,000 genocided,perhaps you could use your excellent research facilities to tell us just where the huge amount of remains are buried.& did you also know that there is not ONE “Holocaust story/memoir” which
    stands up to the kind of forensic examination you would expect for just ONE murder,let alone 6,000’000.
    You could also google “Hitlers Jewish Soldiers”.About 150,000 of them.Very interesting.Now about HAARP.JimStone has already pointed out that the US cellphone network runs with receiver stations at a far far greater wattage then
    necessary & has speculated that this is,in fact,a replacement HAARP installation.Finally,did you see the link that I posted some weeks ago in a comments section,about how the Jesuits are running out of recruits?.The average age of a Jesuit is now about 70+ or so.The young’uns just ain’t interested.Over to you.

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