Free energy breaks cover in US, Taiwan, Morocco and Germany from opensourced technology


In the QEG, resonance is created by modulating the inductance in the core’s primary (or secondary) windings with the spinning rotor. This induces a voltage in the coils which then starts a massive electromechanical resonance, which then builds up even more high voltage through the piezoelectric effect of the mechanical resonance (vibration). This voltage can be as high as 25,000 volts (25kV), with the frequency determined by the tank capacitor value. 

The generator performance is then optimized to a first tuning level, where the basic power output is maximized. This is the raw power available, and we have seen as much as 20,000 VARs. This is known as Volt-Amperes Reactive, analogous to Watts but used when rating reactive AC power.

 The raw, reactive power must now be converted to RMS power, at 50 or 60 Hz, for the generator to run itself (self-looping) and provide power in the form useable to power your home. There is also a second level of tuning using the exciter coil, grounds, and antenna. For this step, the exciter coil is tuned to 1.3MHz, and used as a form of receiver, to bring additional energy into the QEG core from the energy that is freely available in earth’s atmosphere. Tesla would prefer to call this an accumulation of power rather than a generation of power, as the machine is accumulating energy that is already in the air around us.
The victory of resonance has already been achieved in several QEG’s around the world in the last two months since opensourcing the technology. This is demonstrated in the links below.
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  1. chyarlie drake says:

    tesla 120 years ago cheered was super happy.
    it all ended in rothschild jp morgan tears.

    cold fusion,cars run on water resonance the folks connected always end up suicide or heart attacked.
    funny old jewish run world

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since I first saw this on the web some time ago it has gone viral and people all over the world are onto it. Freely exchanging knowledge and information is power
    Never mind patents and selling books on ‘How to’ If we continue to circulate information and knowledge freely we can out run TPTB

  3. Anonymous says:

    @7.59am – we are the Powers TO BE!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great stuff and donated small amount, then read up on female organizer who quotes a lot of David Wilcock stuff – should we be concerned? Can you get the actual plans from them.?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Be concerned. Kauilapele, American Kabuki, Removing the Shackles, Brian Kelly and Hopegirl are all part of the OPPT scam. Look it up. Lisa Harrison is in on it too. Started December 2012 and it wasn’t long before they were asking for donations so they could move to Morocco – there’s no extradition from there to USA where most of them came from. Tesla’s technology is out there but not from this crowd. Hopegirl was a promoter of Drake who is another legend in his own lunchtime. Drake Kent Bailey and Neil Keenan both out to save the Global Accounts and free mankind from slavery. Plenty on the web about them too. Add Ben Fulford and David Wicock to the mix who know both of them and avoid like the plague.

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