15 Responses to “Fracking. The inconvenient truth that David Cameron doesn’t want you to know.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its all coming out now about the thousands of young boys abused in care homes schools and orphanages
    this is why the government rushed through the legalisation of homosexuality, to spike the info coming out, but its still coming out and homosexuals will have to acknowledge their crimes

  2. charlie drake says:

    fracking is simply super let lord rothschild,the queen and prince charlie.
    all the mps let them all frack near where they live.
    then the little folks can see how safe it is.
    we can see if rothschild stately home price goes up or down once fracked

  3. Anonymous says:

    dont mention that rothschild scumbag churchill please charlie drake
    just stick to your great comedy routines

  4. Anonymous says:

    I come from ex soviet bloc with my two brothurs to work in UK
    your government they advetize in poland and russia for peoples to come work here,
    They say english they be too lazy to work and they just sit on couch eat junk food and watch junk TV all day.
    but we see all the time the english people they come to factory gates every day begging for chance of job
    english peoples, your government it be telling lies about you.
    change your government now
    Dimitri Klamenkov

  5. Anonymous says:

    but dimitri governments always tell lies, foregners fill this country because the government want it so.
    it has nothing to do with cheap workers as union rates apply to all

  6. Everything they are doing is a declaration of war.

    They’ve had the plans for fracking for decades. Our ancestors would have risen up against them. They would have done the same for much lesser crimes that we already live with. Incrementally, we have been forced to become more & more dependent as our rights have been eroded & destroyed.

    Things are so bad in the U.S. because the people have liberty & the right to stand up to tyranny ingrained in their psyche. It’s got to go. Their bill of rights & constitution were a lie anyway. It was useful at the time to beef up the population in order to build the war machine. Much the same as the industrial revolution was here.

    All the ‘little people’ of the world are just useful idiots rendered down to useless eaters.

    They want rid of us. By any means.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Henry this article i beleive is one of the best on the net
    I first heard this about the royals in a lecture in folkestone about 30 years ago the whistleblower stokes said he got the info from spy and pervert sir anthony blunt


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dimitri thankyou for your blunt talking and yes i agree totally with what you say, the PTB are hard at work to bring in W W 3
    but in the words of John Lennon
    “wouldnt it be good if they called another war and no one came ? ”
    Brian Barrough

  9. Jennifer says:

    Yes, our Celtic ancestors would not have tolerated these people. Let’s reclaim these lands, and stop calling them Britain – meaning ‘covenant’ in Hebrew, meaning we are enslaved to another culture. We are the Celtic Isles, and we should call ourselves Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and English, regardless of our colour or ethnic background. And while we’re at it let’s reclaim ‘Common’ as in we the people, and Common Law, and be proud to do so.
    And here’s hoping for Scottish independence, although they surely can do better than Alex Salmond?

  10. Jennifer says:

    Nooka The Nook, ‘less than 3’? Not sure I follow.
    But I do appreciate what you had to say in your earlier post. Spot on.
    And it’s true for everyone else on the planet, (with the obvious exception). We all need to understand this if we are to defeat this entity. We need to support each other.

  11. Jennifer: <3 = heart to show you my support & appreciation too. Thank you.

  12. Jennifer says:

    How sweet Nooka The Nook. And thank you. I’ve learned a lot today<3

  13. Hi Dimitri, are any of those adverts available online? If so, could you post a link to one?
    It would be interesting to see them. The Daily Mail might also be interested…

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