First English language TV broadcast from the Gaza Strip by a Palestinian

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 Launched: May 3, 2014
 Donating Ends: July 1, 2014
 Gaza strip, Palestine
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End date extended till 1st July. Please help me reach my goal.
Salam everyone !
My name is Noor Harazeen, I am an English reporter from the Gaza strip, Palestine . I launched this campaign because it was always my dream to set the first Palestinian English news channel, named “Update from Gaza” as the name of my Facebook news page that I launched back in 2011. I worked as a news reporter for several international TV channels, but I always wanted to do powerful reporting that covers the real life in Gaza without any restrictions by the TV channel’s different policies and political views . 
My reports will be Published on YouTube for now until I am able to open my own media office. The reports I am planning to do will cover most of the sensitive issues in Gaza, for example the resistance in Palestine, along side many stories that will show the world the real life in Gaza, away from the fake manipulated information that most of the western media shows about Palestine .
I am planning to make 15 different features, and I aim to collect a total of 15 thousand dollars which is 10 thousand £, as every report will cost me at least 1000$, I’ve added a YouTube video to the campaign page explaining in details everything I need . I want to add that I am not working alone in this project, but I have a team of amazing Palestinian cameramen, editors and producers .
The youth of Palestine are asking for your help ! Because with this project we can do the biggest transformation in people’s mind, we will be able to educate the world about the truth and what is really happening in Palestine by the voice of Palestinians themselves !
I will be inserting the names of all of the people who donated at the end of every and each report that I make, and if you want your name to be as an anonymous  please send me a message on the links below !
Thank you,
Noor Harazeen
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  1. Anonymous says:

    thankyou so much for this, at lasta real news shot from the worlds worst concentration camp

  2. What’s the difference between the set-up of Israel & the set-up of America?

    That’s why Israelis call themselves ‘settlers’.

    They want all the land between the Nile & the Euphrates. Iraq is no different to Palestine.

    Muslims have to go. They have strong family ties, networks of support & long-held traditions & customs.

    We’re all on the reservation now.

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