Colorado ‘Mudslide’ Looks Like Fracking Nightmare

JUNE 2, 2014 BY  
21st Century Wire says…

We’ve followed well-known weather watcher Dutchsinse in the past. It appears he’s uncovered a major media blackout with the recent coverage of the purported ‘mudslide’ in Western Colorado — this time compliments of CNN.

Here’s the Dutchsinse video, and then read Intellihub’s full report below

The recent images of a giant 4-mile long mudslide shown to you on CNN, were not really of a mudslide, says Youtuber

WESTERN COLORADO (INTELLIHUB) — “There is no mud in the whole damn thing, there is not even a puddle”, said dutchsinse, a popular environmental investigative Youtuber, referring to a secretive fracking operation that was recently botched.
“I went and verified the area […] ran by DCP […] which they basically have fracked the hell out of the area”, dutchsinse said, continuing to explain how the U.S. government teamed up with Exxon Mobil in the area.

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9 Responses to “Colorado ‘Mudslide’ Looks Like Fracking Nightmare”

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, what I like about Dutchsinse is that there is no swearing, he’s a pleasure to listen to.
    For years he has been telling us about HARRP and the disasters the Elite create.
    All that he says is always backed up by facts and video footage.
    If Fracking is allowed in the UK whole Towns could be washed away in the night with no warning.
    Say NO to Fracking at every opportunity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    7.05 am
    we can say NO until we are blue in the face
    who is listening?

    we can expire
    and ‘they’ will say thank god good riddance

    and then

    they will realise with a horror we can’t even begin to imagine

    ‘what have we done?”

    Just like Judas

    which is the never-ending story.

    Peace to all.

  4. Anonymous says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

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    On the negative side, the fiery death of Michael Hastings, a journalist exposing corruption at the highest levels, almost certainly revealed that this technology is also being used for assassinations. What most people still do not realize is that there is an incredibly vast world of secrets that NSA surveillance and car hacking is being used to conceal.

  6. Anonymous says:


    Laugh if you want to, and some undoubtedly will, but here is the biggest secret of all:

    The military-industrial complex is already operating in a Star Trek reality — and is interacting with hundreds, if not thousands of species of human life. Only 100 to 200 people living on Earth are fully aware of the “big picture” of what some have called the Breakaway Civilization — but I have been given details from multiple, credible insiders.

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    A high-level source told me a would-be whistleblower in an underground base tried to speak out recently — and he was intercepted after the first three words he posted on the Internet. It is completely normal for people to laugh about this, so if that’s what you need to do, then go for it!

    Nonetheless, when the truth finally breaks out, we will be able to heal many problems that seem absolutely insurmountable right now. What I love the most about this story is the goal that looms in the distance — a goal of planetary transformation beyond our wildest dreams. –

  7. Anonymous says:

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  8. Anonymous says:

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