Capitalism-killer Charles Rothschild shows how to save planet

Just days after calling for “an end to capitalism as we know it” to save the world from global warming, Prince Charles has turned up in Romania for a few days holiday at a mansion he owns there.
And guess how he got there?
Did he cycle? No.
Did he walk? No.
Did he go in a Nissan Leaf? No.
Did he go by Ryannair? No.
No, according to Romanian Business News:
The Prince of Wales has arrived in Transylvania in Romania during the Tuesday afternoon with a private jet that landed on Targu Mures airport.
I am sure that will really help save the planet!


TAP – Queen Victoria’s real father was Nathan Mayer Rothschild.  Charles is descended from Queen Victoria via both his parents.  He’s bloodline.  His plan is to kill off the modern world, depopulate the planet and keep a mere 500 million peasants to service his own needs and those of his equals.  Brits aren’t servile enough these days so he’s colonising a poor country where it’s easier to feel imperial.

He’s the driving force behind The Agenda For The 21st Century which plans a 90% reduction in the human population.  

See ‘The Sustainable Prince’ by Joan Veon.  

Maybe Putin knows where he parks his jet, or some enthusiastic Putin-fans live near to Charles’ Transylvanian hideaway.  It’s not that far from Transdniestria in Moldova, a notorious Putin-sympathising region of the EU……

Joan Veon wrote – 

As a result of covering two dozen United Nations and U.N.-related conferences in the last four years, Joan Veon has come to believe that the connection between the British royal family and the United Nations is not coincidental but provides the way for America to be rejoined with Britain. She states that when the Senate ratified the United Nations Charter, America reverted back under British rule thus fulfilling the goals of Cecil Rhodes, the diamond and gold magnate, who left his fortune to achieve this very goal. What this means is that Prince Charles, as heir to the British throne, has a bigger role to play in world affairs than what people could imagine. She knows that he is a “Renaissance man” and a man with a mission. As a result of his behind-the-scenes role at the United Nations, Prince Charles is responsible for changing the order of life from the biblical perspective of man having dominance over the earth to one in which the earth has dominance over man. One of the major environmental philosophies which runs tantamount to this is that of “sustainable development.” Because of his global orchestrations, she has dubbed Charles “the sustainable prince.” This is a must read for all those who seek to understand the day and the hour and the powers that rule over us.
TAP – Here’s how they’re killing democracy – not capitalism.  Global corporate fascism is Prince Charles’ programme ever since the US came back under the Direct Rule of the British Crown, the moment the USA signed into the United Nations.  This lady was well onto him before she met an untimely removal.  Read her work carefully, and listen to her carefully.  If you’re not fighting back, you should be.

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  1. Government isn’t being restructured or reinvented, they are just more brazen because they know we are almost completely impotent. We are on a super-speed demoralisation train to hell. UKIP won’t save you, they’ll just stitch you up like a kipper.

  2. Nollidge says:

    Tap:- Will you please get off this “Rothschild was Victoria’s father” stuff.Rothschild simply didn’t have the clout to screw Victoria’s mother.He was rich,certainly,but he just didn’t-yet-have the necessary connections into royalty.He spoke no English,or gutturally if he did,so how he got himself into such a situation is beyond any common-sense understanding.Remember,he was a commoner & a Jew at that.No way would such a person be allowed to “sully” possible royal blood.In fact there is strong evidence that she was fathered by one of her father’s close servants,which is not uncommon among the so-called aristocracy.I believe the usual candidate for such “work” was the Master of Horse.Also,her beloved Albert’s parentage is suspect.

  3. Tapestry says:

    The source is secret service according to Greg Hallett. Not the greatest of sources maybe, but how else did the British royal family become the pre-eminent royal family in the world, and acquire haemophilia, a Jewish disease, not easily acquired in Britain at that time. NMR was the richest man in the world. That can bring access to royalty – who are always happy to meet the money

  4. Anonymous says: Inclusive capitalism a la Charlie-boy and his Rothschild cronies.

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