Cameron’s coming atrocities

The Government of repression-HMGOV,is alive to the TruthBearers and is running scared. Press (Iranian) TV was removed 2-3 years ago prior to what they thought would be a certain strike on that country. 

Last year Richplanettv was removed from Sky and now UK Column under attack.I have noticed some of my friends who are not hardcore activists are realising some items of newsworthiness are being ignored and propaganda style reporting is becoming more prevalent.

If you can get some YouTube footage of the miners strike and the Stonehenge atrocities against ordinary people expressing legal concerns and right to assemble ; you will have some idea of what is coming under Cameron as it was under Thatcher.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    O/T: It may not seem relevant but the plethora of crazy haircuts of many of the 2014 football ‘stars’ is no coincidence or accident. These ‘role models’ are doing exactly what the Illuminate tell them to do – or else. Just wait for children being excluded from school because of sporting such haircuts!?
    How about children being excluded from school for biting a fellow pupil?
    Was Suarez told to take another bite – or else!? It all looks very staged as he would have known it would have been seen for certain. Even the Italian defender he is supposed to have bitten may have been part of the ‘bite-scam’. Just a thought.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its all bread and circus.

    I think the give away for all these distraction actors and those who implement or maintain the puppetmasters plans are massive salaries, totally incomesurate with their worth.

    Similar to Media heads, Council CEO’s etc

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cameron is on his way out and he knows it – hence the reason he’s desperately trying to secure a job in Europe.

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