British Government has reneged on its responsibilities, and broken the law.

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As you have pointed out, and others overwhelmingly demonstrated, the negative effects of fracking is clearly detrimental to the well-being of life and wonder the wisdom of government approval. The UK government have clearly reneged their responsibility (by law) to protect their people and property in favour of corporate gangsters who get their way by getting the government to change the law for them to walk onto any property they wish to and start fracking. 
The Great Law of the Iroquois Nation required that their leaders make decisions looking seven generations ahead (a couple hundred years into the future) and then decide whether the decisions they make today would benefit the future generations. This worked very well for them as they ultimately achieved 500 years of peace, a peace that ended only by foreign invaders with superior war technology. 

TAP –  Analyst Paul Mobbs considers that David Cameron and the British cabinet are in breach of the law by falsifying the information that is ‘informing’ their policy on fracking Britain.  Cameron will soon become an arrest target just the same way as Blair did over falsifying the information that led to the invasion of Iraq.

What Would Real Democracy Look Like?

Rather than aiming for yet another change of politicians and parties in power, why not aim for a change of the political system itself? As representative democracy sinks into crisis, we need to go back to democracy in its original meaning as rule of the people. It is time to imagine what real democracy would look like and to create institutions and mechanisms that could be the building blocks of genuinely democratic societies.
Today, democracy is equated with representative government based on free elections of political elites that rule on
 the citizens’ behalf. This system, referred to as “representative democracy”, has been the dominant one in the West
 for the last two hundred years and is now being exported across the world and promoted as the only possible alternative to outright dictatorship.
But this system is now in a deep crisis. In established representative democracies, the trust in political elites and conventional institutions is crumbling. Participation in elections is shrinking, and political parties are loosing their members. In the old “well-developed democracies” of Europe, the streets are boiling as millions protest against unpopular and brutal austerity policies imposed on them from above. More and more people are now realizing that
 their elected representatives do not represent them. Rather, governments of both left and right bow to the dictates
 of the big banks, the financial institutions and the multinational corporations and their powerful lobbies. In this
 situation, the ballot has little meaning because we have no real choice. We can only change political elites that rule
 us, but we do not have the right to decide upon the development of the society in which we live.
real democracy, however, is a direct and participatory democracy, in which all citizens have the possibility and the right to participate in the decisions that affect our lives and our communities. While the powers that be and mainstream media and pundits argue that such a citizen-based democracy is not possible or even desirable, there exist in fact a range of new institutions and experiments – as well as some old ones – that show that a direct and participatory democracy is both possible and feasible today. These democratic innovations, however scattered and limited, could, if improved, strengthened and spread, be tools for a radical democratisation of society. In this article I will take a look at some of these democratic institutions and mechanisms, discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and explore their potentials.
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    100% agree with the poster – we MUST return to democracy, democracy is not what we are enduring now. When did we elect a political ruling class ??

  2. There never was any democracy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Join The British Constitution Group.

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