Britain’s economy comes under energy attack

The wind blows the hair of Britain  

Britain Braces For World War II-style Energy Rationing

Great Britain is in the midst of an energy crisis. The country’s climate agenda has curtailed electricity production and now there may not be enough power to continually keep the lights on in the UK.

Britain’s energy crisis is getting so bad that the country faces “Second World War-style” rationing in order to keep the lights on throughout the country, according to the Register.
The government is launching major energy reforms to lower power demand and reopen power plants previously shut down to comply with European Union environmental rules. One such reform is that the government will pay factories to “voluntarily” shut down during peak hours when wind energy can’t produce enough power.
The government will also start paying companies to provide their own back-up power and energy producers will be able to “name their own price” for bringing coal plants online that were shuttered due to strict environmental regulations.
EU environmental rules forced many UK coal plants and other fossil fuel-fired plants to shut down. The problem is they were largely replaced with green energy, like wind power, which only produces electricity when the wind is blowing.
Opting to build costly green energy with reliability issues means UK officials are going to look at more demand-side policies to lower energy consumption. Paying factories voluntarily to shut down is just one of those options.
Despite the huge problems, Britain still plans on building more wind turbines and other green energy sources to fight global warming, reports the UK Telegraph. The UK’s National Grid CEO Steve Holliday said plans to pay factories to shut down were “just the beginning” of more policies to reduce energy demand.
“We should be optimistic that demand response could avert the need to build significant amounts of power stations in ten years’ time or so,” Holliday said. He added that people have always had “expectations that the supply will always be there”, but this will no longer be the case with more green energy on the grid.
Holliday added that building new sources of green energy that are subject to wind speeds and sunlight would be much costlier than encouraging people to lower their demand for power.

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17 Responses to “Britain’s economy comes under energy attack”

  1. Why is a picture of Middleton included in this article?

  2. Tapestry says:

    The narrative puts her at the centre of the new era. As Suli says, her and William are being wheeled on centre stage for whatever comes next. Charles is a covert operator behine Agenda 21. The Queen’s damaged goods from the ITCCS.

  3. Any publicity is good publicity they say.

  4. They’re already openly bribing us with cheaper energy bills by getting smart meters, which can be remotely controlled, hacked & used to spy on us.

    They got rid of coal because we can hoard it.

    Social housing now has expensive hair dryers in the shape of toytown electric fireplaces that no-one uses.

    Energy is a form of currency & we are all dependent, just as we are with filthy lucre, water & food.

    I don’t see a way out of stopping agenda21. They don’t need muppets to talk us into it. They can do whatever they like, whenever they like, however they like.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The jews are now openly admitting the holocuast was faked, but say it was necessary at that time, they are so confident that they are now bragging about it.
    I have always beena richard D hall fan, you must see richplanet
    it is brilliant, but i se enow he is the latest to be called a liara homosexual and a fake
    they did this with maud dib ben fellowes chris spivey and others, so its exactly the same MO, so the same hand behind it.
    broadcaster peter wilson offered 500 quid to name them,
    the bastard is now going for richard d hall too

  6. NPP says:

    Alfred Wbre update with Kevin Annett: Witnesses to 800 Irish children slaughtered; Prince, PM, Soros hunting children…

    This is still bizare stuff even for those of us who have followed reports of such behaviour for years. I guess Icke’s Biggest Secret was my first source to suggested such goings on. It is still surreal to digest.

  7. Well, no-one gets out of here alive. I will, one day, be sad to say goodbye to this beautiful planet, what it is underneath all the abuse & corruption, what it once was, what it could have been.

    But these psychopaths always get their way.

    I’m a bit depressed today. I spent a while battling on the comments board on the BBC’s article about David Cameron reshaping our minds as to what being British is all about & most of the posters only seem to go back to Victoria, the empire & how the answer to our prayers is we all need to vote UKIP.

  8. Who is Peter Wilson when he’s at home?

  9. Anonymous says:

    i think you will find pete wilson took over after the death of kevin field, i knew kevin field quite well before he started the truth hour, his real name was kevin fielding, and remember he too was horribly attacked and had his character asassinated

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am amazed Richard D Hall
    ( Richplanet yotube )
    has got away until now without all the crap being thrown, i suppose the shits and shills are tired now of having a go at Chris Spivey.
    pals at Truthjuice say a guy called ellis tailor openly admitted attacking whistleblowers
    but afterwards apologised

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is this a precursor to Britain leaving the EU by telling the Brussels bureaucratic bandits to FO with their energy legislation? FO to fracking too and re-open the coal mines!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who whistleblows must expect to have shit thrown, chris spivey etc are big boys they know the jews wont like them speaking out.
    I am sure Richard D Hall can take it
    Paul Harcourt

  13. 2.26 pm: I have no idea who Kevin Field is either, I guess they are radio presenters. I agree very much with 4.04 pm

    2.37 pm: Britain/U.K./whatever they call it these days won’t leave the E.U.

  14. This ‘rationing’ will only affect us peasants.

    Wind turbines & solar panels use toxic battery chemicals & rare earth elements that cause devastating effects on the environment & health where they are mined.

  15. Nivek says:

    Some coal plants have been dismantled, haven’t they?

  16. Nivek says:

    What a shower. The climate change act 2008 must be repealed if this country wants energy security. All this decarbonisation must be stopped as the sun is the major driver of climate change, not a harmless trace gas.

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