What the Sun Newspaper won’t tell you about fracking.

The legal battles hot up.  Threats.  Costs.  Legal teams.  The government tries to clear the camp from Barton Moss in Manchester.  The camp is still there.  The protestors are still there.  The cameras are still there.  Here is information the mainstream media will never tell you.

The government is working hard to persuade the great British public that fracking gas is a great opportunity for the country.  The Crimean crisis is being used to ramp up fear of gas shortage.


Lord Cowdray says he won’t permit fracking on his land – referred to as a ‘fracking hypocrite’ in The Sun newspaper.  The Sun attacks Friends of the Earth, and the ‘Red Tape’ that’s there to protect the population from environmental attack, much of it EU legislation.

The water, soil and the air needs protecting from ‘the motherfrackers’.   Anti-frackers are not anti-hydrocarbon as alleged in The Sun, which is campaigning hard to drive Cameron to frack Britain.

In Australia they’ve experienced environmental catastrophe from contamination, the health effects for years and now are up and fighting to stop the drill bits from getting in the ground.  In Britain we have no local experience, as the government tries to get a dozen test wells started.

Bianca Jagger and Paul McCartney are out there.  If 64% of Britain is given over to drilling and fracking, the next generation in Britain is in serious trouble.

IGas share price manipulation?


TAP – Ian Crane’s courage is superb.  He’s putting his own wealth on the line by fighting legal battles against powerful organisations like Peel Holdings.  He does weekly videos which inspire and inform.

Balcombe was the experiment where resistance began.  Barton Moss, they’ve developed the tactics.  Now the wells around the country will need volunteers to get into place where the frackers want to get their bits in the ground, and carry out the same resistance tactics in all these locations.

The frackers are motivated by sheer greed.  

Fracking investor quote – Until such time as the gas poisons thousands of people, invest, invest, invest.  

QUEENSLAND – 3 years
Contamination.  Nosebleeds.  Headaches.  Skin disease.  Soil ruined and unable to return to farming.  Water polluted. 

People don’t know what’s in fracturing fluid. says congressman.  People don’t know how to protect their families. Wisconsin. 

Texas.  Water is out and not available and is now being supplied by the gas companies that ruined it.  Fantastic business.

42 minutes watch a movie of a US fracking operation in process 24/7.  The noise is unbelievable.  Imagine this in an English village, or small town.  Pity the people whose lives are being ruined and grieve for the lost lands, soil and water.  Here is life being destroyed in front of your eyes, on a massive scale, driven by greed and by hatred for humanity.

The word FRACKING being replaced with ‘acid etching’ or ‘mini-fracks’, which means ‘fracking’.

Form local groups.  Get advice from groups in Manchester who have already fought fracking.  Any national organisation will get infiltrated by the government and by the corporations in the industry.  Form local environmental groups which focus just on fracking.  Don’t draw in other issues which are potentially divisive, like abandoning ‘fossil’ fuels.  That’s for another day.  Right now saving our environment from frackers is what it’s all about.

I saw Paul Mobbs last night in Oswestry.  He has good material especially about government falsifications and illegality, but is working too much on his own, and is possibly being cleverly manipulated by the other side.  He says he gets support from with academic institutions, which are always suspect.  If he wants to arrest the government, he should first form a common law court and hold a trial, inviting the accused government members to attend, just like ITCCS has done in Brussels, who drove out the Pope from fear of arrest, after his conviction for child murder and involvement in genocide.  Paul Mobbs is potentially divisive as he is pushing an anti-hydrocarbon agenda.  As Ian Crane says, anti-fracking is a battle to save our environment for future generations, and fuels is a separate issue.  

I actually wonder if Paul Mobbs will be used by the cabal to create ‘an anti-fracking groups are a bunch of nutters‘ narrative, as he will be very vulnerable acting alone, trying to arrest David Cameron without first setting up a Common Law COurt and holding a full trial with Cameron either present or absent.  He should go down the Common Law court route to give himself authority and ensure there are a number of potential arresters besides himself.  Otherwise he will be sectioned and put away, or his wife will be to silence him.  That is how they react to such initiatives, if the ITCCS example is followed.  ITCCS has had the success of forcing the Pope’s resignation  – the very first in history.  Their example should be followed.

Paul Mobbs is on http://www.fraw.org.uk/mei


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  1. The people to talk to are the workers on these sites, the pen pushers in the background, etc. Who are they?

    I’m in Manchester. Just around the corner from me, on Northenden high street is an office with a green hoarding labelled “Shale Gas [lightning bolt symbol] UK” & appeared months before Barton Moss kicked off. How many of these types of places are there around our shores? Most evenings, travelling home from work on the bus, there’s a homeless man sitting on their doorstep.

    Says it all really.

  2. The old office still appears on google maps. The hoarding was dark blue, the name was Utility Business Services. On the left of the sign: UBS with a lightning bolt through it. It was there for years. They still exist & push themselves as energy suppliers, mainly for pubs.

  3. Check out the esgos dot eu website, particularly the sponsors tab.

    Manchester City, Salford & Trafford Councils all investing in fracking. Manchester robbing the pensions fund to do it.

    The companies involved in this fracking nightmare are *legion*. Water companies are a big one…

    …Why do I pay water charges to *United* Utilities?

    I dread to think about the years to come when they’ve got the outcome they want & we’re on our knees & Agenda 21 is no longer a ‘conspiracy theory’.

    What will we have to be preparing ourselves to do for a drink of water? To have a wash? To exist at all?

  4. Anonymous says:

    This ~ “just like ITCCS has done in Brussels, who drove out the Pope from fear of arrest,” Whatever the reason for maledict to leave the pontiff it was not fear of arrest. He’s still there to be arrested if someone has the will to do it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i saw a top entertainer at glastonbury festival, who had just come back from touring in israel booed off the stage, no one is too big to lolse their followers not even the roling stones, the spokeman who said they are retiring anyway soon and they have enough money they dont care, well look at how cliff richard fell from grace overnight when it was announced he was a boynobbing poofter

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