Alex Jones speech on humanity and Agenda 21 starts at 24 minutes. He calls it ‘The Quest For Freedom’. VIDEO.

Last part of the speech – His target the ‘collectivists’ the enemy of free markets. He’s going political, and very focused. Free association is mentioned once or twice. He calls it a war against the individual, and a war against what’s left of the USA. The public has been dumbed down. Yet the vast majority are not dumbed down, and run the country. People must stop complying. At least 10% of Americans are working out what’s happening. He calls it The Quest For Freedom.

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  1. shirlz007 says:

    so the US has Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones and possibly Gordon Duff running for President! 😀

    how about Shirlz007 for British Presidency!
    ‘Britain doesn’t have a presidency’ I hear you say… fucking will do when I make it into a Republic!!!

    The Republic of Great Britain!
    No monarchy, no House of Lords, ban on fracking, FULL investigation into child abuse, legalisation of pot… that would be 10 minutes into it!

  2. shirlz007 says:

    Bodyguard? I wont need a bodyguard!
    Just give me a gun! Someone tries to fuck me up… Il fuck them up twice as quick! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!… that’s how we do it in the North!

    Get me Putin on the phone! I want a chat! 😀

  3. shirlz007 says:

    Daniel Hurley, President of Great Britain, has been arrested for murder, following a road rage incident.
    Witnesses report President Hurley screaming ”im the God damn President of Britain and you just just cut me up”, followed by gunshots.
    Former Prime Minister David Cameron has filed a lawsuite and restraining order against President Hurley, for harassment.

    Cameron claims to have been harassed on a daily basis, and claims an inebriated President Hurley, has been turning up at his doorstep in the early hours, demanding a ‘one on one’ bare knuckle fight.
    ‘I am living in constant fear’ said Mr Cameron, ‘I fear for my safety just jogging down the street’.
    President Hurley has been accused of abusing his power, after demanding Holly Willouby goes on a date with him, or face arrest, and possible life in prison.
    The recently passed, highly controversial law, stipulates the President may date any female British citizen he chooses, and any female citizen who refuses faces arrest and life imprisonment.

  4. NPP says:


    been painting and listening. Your blog puts the BBC to absolute shame. Alex Jones gets a lot of stick, but to my ears he continues to do the business.

    I have a friend with 11 year old due to go to new school and being asked for consent to fingerprint, biometrics etc… because of TAP, Ian R. Crane, Pippa King etc I was able to offer information and she has written to the school Head. Keep going!

    The map including Kurdistan taking a bit of Turkey – saw this map years before. Goodness knows. The US-UK have much to answer for.


    On a profoundly serious matter, why are there so many arsehole Arsenal supporters: Bragg, Peston, Morgan, the Rabbbi on BBC R4 Today, the ex English protestant leader as if I care what his name is… so many… go away and leave my team alone!

    TAP, you post more good stuff than I have time to digest!1247

  5. Alex Jones is getting very, very rich from making people frightened.

    If they had any sense & stopped distracting themselves with pyramids they could do it themselves for nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes ..make loads of dosh ..because that’s what its all about ..Truth my arsenal ..they wouldntt know what that is. ..Trust them nah. don’t think so run the other way .

  6. paul maleski says:

    Alex Jones tells the absolute truth sic: Hollywood is controlled by the Arabs, Goldman Sachs is an Amish bank, and his wife is a Mennonite. Alex Jones, Michael Moore etc. are well paid shills. Just ask their jewish accountants?

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