Afghanistan withdrawal. France goes into opium production.

I just returned from visiting a family in France and noticed a massive change from previous years. 

Whole fields of pale blue poppies in between the usual fields of rapeseed and sunflowers Family been living in SW France for over 15 years and never happened before. 

Don’t believe its a coincidence that the troops are pulling out of Afghanistan. Whoever planted these, presumably farmers though that doesn’t necessarily follow, got the heads-up last year. 

Interesting times we live in.

From a comment.

And another…..

Its happening in southern England as well

I’m surprised there’s no armed guards patrolling them! 

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2 Responses to “Afghanistan withdrawal. France goes into opium production.”

  1. Somewhere in Europe says:

    Its happening in southern England as well

    I’m surprised there’s no armed guards patrolling them!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well I guess it removes Prince Philips problem of getting it past drug sniffer dogs and the police that are not privey to who the drugs belong to at border controls.
    Watch the number of young people on street drugs in England rise now.

    I never listen to bbc radio usually but a relative had it on yesterday and the news reporter mentioned a man dying of extacy at Glastonbury.
    They also mentioned someone died of natural causes last year!!! They NEVER report any one dying of natural causes normally – blimey if they reported ever death from natural causes every day the news would be nothing but a running obituary column so why mention it just because it was Glastonbury?
    Thousands of people go there yet they make news out of 1 person dying of natural causes and one from a reaction to recreation drug. They made a point of saying it was NOT a bad batch but an allergic reaction although there was no mention of drug squad swooping in to clean the place of drugs. Actually the report sounded acceptable of the drug taking. I guess they are setting the trend to get the public acceptable of mass drug taking.
    The whole news report was a set up.

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