51 MP’s are now supporting an independent inquiry and investigation into child abuse

Operation Paedogeddon…
51 MP’s are now supporting an independent inquiry and investigation!!! XD
Thank you Mr Goldsmith! 

(we’ll ignore the ‘marrying a Rothschild’ for the time being, Zac)

TAP – Zac’s also a Rothschild himself,  his father Sir James from the French Rothschild line.  His father resisted the NWO over the Euro and paid the price.  His sister Diana (Spencer) was another resistor of the NWO.  





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  1. Anonymous says:


    There is the saying ‘there is always one rotten apple in the barrel’ the opposite is also true. Some people can’t help their surname but we can see what they do and how they do it before we tar them all with the same brush.

  2. Anonymous says:

    12.52 So you are saying in a barrel full of rotten apples there is always one good one?

    Thank you for that reassuring analogy!

  3. Anonymous says:

    when sir james goldsmith wanted to set up the referendum party, a guy cal;ed T Stokes on truth radio said, it is a false front party to split to tory vote, to let in New labour which is a mossad front party for an iraq war, and i will be blowed he was dead right, because several new labour Mps were elected these were corrupt and dominated totally by party central which was peter mandelson/rothschild/russian mafia guys decision making panel.
    Do NOT trust za c rothschild

  4. NPP says:

    Write to your MP. make a difference.

  5. Tapestry says:

    And that’s why all three big parties adopted a referendum on the Euro as their policy, and James died within the year of a notorious and preventable illness, at a very young age for someone of his standing. In other words, he was assassinated.

  6. shirlz007 says:

    thankyou Tap, for enlightening me on Goldsmith… it is just like Game of Thrones sometimes!
    (‘I serve The House of Goldsmith’)

    Regardless of Zac Goldsmiths motives for initiating this campaign… I myself can only look at this as a positive step forward for the time being. The letter to Home Secretary Theresa May raised some high level stuff!

    We need as many MP’s as possible supporting this, and we need to know why those who refuse to support it are doing so.

    We need a media campaign if possible. Excellent work from Exaro news… but it needs to go mainstream… Mail, Guardian, Mirror.

    People disagree, but I think NCA and SOCA are best equipped, resourced and motivated, to take on such an endeavour. And yes… experts from GCHQ, when it comes to online child pornography (where it originates from, being produced, traced, who’s downloading and purchasing)… realistically (IN THE REAL WORLD!), these agencies are the best way forward.
    MI5 is compromised.
    London Met is compromised.
    Special Branch is compromised.

    I have a problem with Freemasonry, when it comes to investigations like this. Im beginning to understand light/dark aspects to Freemasonry, good people belong to it… but I KNOW WITH 100% CERTAINTY, Freemasonry has been instrumental in covering up some these crimes (Bryn Estin for example). I think it should be LAW for serving police officers to declare whether they belong to a Masonic Lodge, and if so, which.
    Freemasonry is a real pain in the arse!!!

    Maybe it could get some support from the youth culture of today… a hit record by One Direction, highlighting the problem of rampant institutionalised paedophilia, child snuff and secret service blackmail within the echelons of political establishment.

    Channel 4 documentary on the problem of paedophilia within Britain.

  7. shirlz007 says:

    Jersey Inquiry…

    ”The public hearings into allegations of historical abuse in Jersey will begin on 22nd July.

    It is expected the first witnesses will provide expert information on the background and context of Jersey’s care system, dating back to the end of the war.

    It comes as the panel in charge of the investigation confirm they are still waiting for key documents from the States.

    They will be the subject of a further preliminary hearing on Wednesday 2 July.

    The dates were announced at a hearing this afternoon (Monday).

    There, Jersey Police and Health and Social Services Department said they were worried about data protection issues. They said being summonsed to provide sensitive documents was not the best way of achieving information.

    In 2011, the States agreed to hold an inquiry into allegations of historic child abuse, following criminal investigations at the former children’s home Haut de la Garenne.

    The Treasury has allocated £6 million for the Inquiry, which is expected to take a year to complete.

    Frances Oldham QC has been appointed to chair the Committee of Inquiry. She said: “The Panel are looking forward to beginning the public part of the Inquiry and would like to assure everyone that we will work as openly and transparently as possible.

    “We urge anyone who thinks they can contribute to our work to contact us in what is a very safe environment. We will be robust and independent in our approach to uncover the truth about what went wrong in Jersey’s child care system over many years.”

    She is a top UK lawyer with considerable experience of cases involving sexual and physical abuse. The other two Committee members are former social work director Alexander Cameron and child protection expert Alyson Leslie.

    Latest details on the Inquiry, including contact details and a FAQ section, can be found (urle “www.jerseycareinquiry.org.” “here” “www.jerseycareinquiry.org.”).


    The start date for an inquiry into allegations of historic child abuse in Jersey’s care system has been announced.

    The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry will begin hearings on 22 July 2014.

    The year-long £6m inquiry will probe reports of abuse in the island’s children’s homes and fostering services from 1960 to the present day.

    Screens have been erected in Seaton Place, where the inquiry will be held, to protect witnesses’ identities.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Nothing will happen this is tick boxing ..inquiries how many do their need to be? Action speak’ louder than empty words ..and i don’t see any ..woo maybe the Queen will abdicate .lol thats entertaining ..umm we’ll see .Inquiries .lol.

  9. How is Zac Goldsmith Diana’s brother.

  10. Tapestry says:

    James Goldsmith was Diana’s real father. She and Zac, Jemima are very close in looks – as is William. The Rothschilds are the real Royal family. Queen Victoria was the daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild. The Vatican’s bankers.

  11. Tap: Oh. Greg Hallett.

    For heaven’s sake.

    And what if all this were true? What the hell difference does it make?

    I look like Jean Shrimpton. You can get photos of us to measure our ears. Doesn’t make her my mother.

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