Vivian Cunningham soldier detained under mental health act for discussing common law arrest of The Queen for genocide.

One or two people have tried sending this story to The Tap.  I can tell as an occasional email has come through which refer to other emails that didn’t arrive.  I tried replying but my replies were obviously not getting through.  The story has finally made it in a comment from Shirlz007, not my favourite commenter if I’m honest, but certainly not dull either, and gets plenty of response from others!  Where does he get the energy?

Here’s Shirlz’s comment.

Guardsman Vivian Cunningham being forcibly detained and drugged, for mentioning the arrest warrant for The Queen, to his Superior Officer.

Im suspect about Dr Annett… but this lad has actually been detained by the British Army, in a mental hospital.

‘ITCCS Urgent Appeal: British soldier persecuted, institutionalized for discussing common law arrest warrants against Elizabeth Windsor’

‘URGENT UPDATE – Vivian Cunningham – Soldier detained under the mental health act for sharing his concerns regarding arrest warrants that have been issued against the queen, with his senior Captain Murrell of the Irish Guard in Aldershot.’

Heres the lad…


I just tried contacting Captain Murrel on two different numbers, both are disconnected.
(IL FIND ONE! :D… best believe by Monday morning!) 

I then rang Stafford nuthouse. The girl said
”oh il have to put you on to my ‘co-ordinator’? regarding THAT!” 
(emphasis on THAT, like she’s sick of having to deal with calls regarding it)

Five minute hold…

Some other tart comes on, and refuses to even discuss it… but admits Guardsman Cunningham (former Guardsman… he’s been sacked) is being detained. I pretended to be an old regiment friend, who had lost touch. She kind of admitted he was being clinically drugged.
That has well and truly Royally p****d my Friday afternoon right off! 
The British Army (forget about the toffs, that are bred with their cousins for the role of ‘top toff from Sandhurst’) doesn’t actually have as many psychopaths as what some of you imagine… there just moulded into idiots! The better the mould, the higher the rank!


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25 Responses to “Vivian Cunningham soldier detained under mental health act for discussing common law arrest of The Queen for genocide.”

  1. shirlz007 says:

    I get my energy because I honestly don’t see anything changing soon! I see people ‘waking up’ in droves, but nothing substantial or real is being organised.

    I thought 2013 may be the year something changed, Snowden, UK Parliament voting AGAINST direct action in Syria, Russia securing a diplomatic deal over Irans imaginary fabricated la la land nuclear program.

    2014… UKRAINE! A GIANT SHIT BUCKET KICKED OVER IN EUROPE! (substitute Islamic extremists for Neo-Nazi extremists). Terrifyingly dangerous in terms of reigniting the Cold War (propaganda on both sides), the threat (over exaggerated by some, but still a threat) of war breaking out in Europe.
    MH370!!! The most brazen ‘false flag’ (can we call it a false flag? Because its just a disappearance as it stands) since 9/11 or 7/7. I contacted EVERYONE regarding MH370, just a little direction or advice… I would have dedicated my life to investigating it, and I would have shared my findings with EVERY alternate news site for nothing.
    We can pretty much assume US Military/CIA/NSA have electronically kidnapped and commandeered that flight, taken what was needed (electronic experts/cargo)… and executed the rest! NOTHING will happen about that.

    AND THE THING I THINK ABOUT FIRST THING IN THE MORNING AND LAST THING I GO TO BED… SATANIC CHILD ABUSE! Some of the details I’ve heard and read concerning ‘VIP’ paedophile and snuff rings is the absolutely heartbreaking… I had absolutely no idea the extent of how powerful, how protected and just how depraved these people actually are! AND OUR SECURITY SERVICES INVOVLEMENT!

    And I do realise there’s something Extra-terrestrial/Supernatural to all this… I just don’t know where to start! (Im researching Atlantis and Ancient Lost Civilisations, to approach it on some kind of factual evidence or scientific theory).

    Again… Bloodline Conspiracy is what Im being told is one of the best ‘underground documentaries’ out there. One mans 30 year research condensed into two hours…
    I get pissed off, because this isn’t a God damn game!!!

    Without naming names and being labelled a ‘shill’… most of these ‘experts’ and alternate media voices really do NOT give a shit about ever initiating some kind of real resistance (whether that’s political, a peaceful mass resistance… or hitting a target IRA style and kindly asking The Guardian to release an ‘Anonymous’ statement on why it’s just been done… may not be the best idea, and could backfire horribly on the ‘truther movement’)

    The only organisation that may take on Rothschild and Zionism, global banking cartel… is the CIA! (the most depraved and evil agency out of all of them!)


    Im trying to find out, the exact figure of British soldiers who may have been sectioned/detained under The Mental Health Act.
    Both active service, and non-active service.
    Apparently it is quite a regular occurrence in Afghan (4/5 out of a single infantry platoon?)
    What happens to someone sectioned on duty? Medicated? Flown home? treatment?

    Theres one for the lovely Sara Firth and RT to cover!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its been established prety well that the CIA fund all the terror orgs including the isrealis who in turn fund muslim extremeist, in fact most of these are israelis.
    Did you know that when black singer Nat king cole moved to hollywood the jews there did not wanta black man living among them and sent him death threats, ? he had to employ an ex boxer and tough guy to protect him and his family from the hollywood jews

  3. shirlz007 says:

    he would have only needed to employ Caesar The Dog Whisperer to protect him from Hollywood Jews.

    One of the best accounts and descriptions of Hollywood paedophilia I’ve ever read, is in Mario Putzos ‘The Godfather’.
    I knew reading it, it was based on real events, and I was told consider it a fictionalised account of US culture in 40’s/50’s.

  4. Anonymous says:

    holywood was built on jew perversion, i did not know the jews persecuted nat king cole but it fits, if the jews hate whites they hate blacks more.
    roman polanski said it best, “goy kids are there for our cocks and our pleasure, if we did not want them they would not be there, and one day they wont “

  5. Anonymous says:

    So many bloody jew shills on here. Shirl007 is one for sure. A “physic” man Danny Hurley who worked for MI5?

    “I’ve been able to tap into a form of consciousness since I was 11 (at least), as a child I would read anything, and I read much on supernatural stuff. I knew about psychics etc from a young age. There’s a number of strange occurrences that happened to me as a child, but nothing that would be described as extraordinary. I’ve seen Darren Brown, and I know about the Charlatans who pretend to be psychic, for whatever reason (‘Cold Reading’)

    When I was 11 years old, a murder happened in Blackpool, UK. A man called Stuart Diamond murdered another young man, and cut his head off with a pair of scissors (apparently it would have taken him a good four/five hours to do this with a pair of scissors). The motive (and this was NEVER released to the media), was the unfortunate victim shared the exact same name as an Officer at the young offenders institute where Mr Diamond had been held months prior. (my father was also involved in trying to convince the courts that Mr Diamond was a danger to the public, and should not be released. Mr Diamond had made threats to kill my dad and his family)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Shirlz007 cont. the shill

    n 2003 (18 years old, at Uni), I suffered a major breakdown. I realised the world is not a good place, and genuinely ‘good’ people are rare. I started seeing The Jinn (what I suspect is Jinn? I don’t know what they are). I can see ‘interdimensional’ beings ALL the time! (I don’t believe in ghosts, or poltergeists)… what I see are orbs, flickers of energy (in the day their orbs or energy, at night I see them as a flicker of light)… whatever Im seeing has an intelligence and a consciousness.
    (you know when you get a glimpse of a fly flying around a room… that’s what I see, except it’s not psychical, its a form of energy)

    In 2005, I was secretly coming to terms with what I was experiencing… the Ipswich Murders. I had a strong vision of TWO men murdering women and dumping them in water (rivers, streams), using construction sites they had worked on as a dumping ground.
    The detective always maintains there where two murderers, and only one was caught (Steve Wright). The accomplice is still at large.

    Im a young man, been to University… I have an ability I now know not many have… I apply to MI5! 😀 (and MI6)
    BIG MISTAKE!!! Without going into detail… 2008/09, MI5 (and CIA) have taken a keen interest in who I am, and what I can do. I’ve got a career lined up (with the support of MI5 and I suspect CIA), in the British Military (Sandhurst, Military Intelligence).
    What I was involved in is Occultic shit! fucking all sorts of shit, from surveillance on MP’s, to stuff to do with the ‘Arab Spring’ (this is 2009 remember!)… Freemasons, Occultic ‘psychic’ units of British Intelligence (some of them IRA ‘troubles’ veterans). Im being told about The Committee of 300, 13 men rule the world… be a part of it!

    And I’ve got CIA and British Intell on my back like a mother fucker! I knew instinctively what had happened to MH370. I’ve proven it to CIA countless times, that I can see things before they happen… their terrified of people like me!!! ABSOLUTLEY PETRIFIED!!!

    I post a lot of crap… but I aint joking about this!!! NOT ONE BIT!!! :

  7. shirlz007 says:

    aarrrg! Is this another disgruntled CIA Op who’s still holding a grudge from Havana?

    Well… find me another Jew with the name Daniel Patrick Hurley! RALMFAO! I can show you the ‘physical’ proof so to speak!

    If anyone had ever cared to do their research… (considering I give my name, and details, and I’ve never changed my story since 2011.)

    You may find I was recruited for Military Intelligence 2008, was in the final stages of Sandhurst Military Acedemy (the MOD had all the paperwork, and video interview… SO DO I!), and in 2010I packed my things and went to The French Foreign Legion (again I have the paperwork and discharge certificate)…

    Since 2011, I’ve pretty much been calling for the assassination of Rothschild family members… approaching this as a ‘criminal conspiracy’… accusing Israel and Mossad of being primarily responsible for 9/11 and 7/7.
    Calling for the disarmament of Israel WMD’s, withdrawl from Palestine territories…

    Im actually in the process of designing a tattoo with 9/11 attacks happening, with ”9/11 WAS A MOSSAD JOB” on my back!


    What a Jewish shill I am! 😀

    … if you feel you want to discuss this face to face, without the Anonymous mask… please don’t hesitate to organise a meeting!

    The only Jews I’ve ever had working relationship with, is Krav Maga self defence classes!

  8. shirlz007 says:

    and thanks for reposting my story for the enlightened and opened minded Tap readers! Appreciated pal! 😉

    I did originally post to Aanirfan, for the purpose of corresponding with others who may have had similar experiences… you’ve done it for me on The Tap!

    If anyone has had similar experiences with ‘psychic’ abilities/telepathy, either in childhood, or even working with MI% or law enforcement… please I would love to hear from you!

    Aanirfan disregards a lot of my comments, so for them to choose to post the ones ‘Anonymous Coward’ has just posted above!… they would have taken it seriously! AND I KNOW THEY DO THEIR RESEARCH!

    (of all the crap I’ve had thrown at me past few years… from GCHQ to Murdoch, to CIA… that has got to be most pathetic attempt!… YOU’VE JUST REPOSTED WHAT I WANTED PEOPLE TO READ!… what a moron!)

  9. shirlz007 says:


    Remote viewing tests should be conducted under labority conditions, with no electrical appliances in the vicinity (computers, phones). The co-ordinates should relate to actual locations on map, and the test subject should first describe natural features (Rivers, fast flowing water, mountains, fields, crops etc). Second the subject is asked to describe anything unnatural (‘man made’) such as airstrips, buildings, roads, detention centres). Third the subject (if possible) describes any human activity (people, how their dressed, what their doing, prisoners, weapons and armoury, artillery and vehicles).
    Sight, sound, smell, hear… feel.

    If the subject is given a specific target to locate (a body, airstrip, a rocket) it usually helps if they know what the ‘target’ is.

    The other test (which is easy! 90%+ success rate if ya good!) is a random object/objects are placed in a box, and the subject is asked to describe/guess what object/objects are in the box (hat, gloves, rubix cube, lighter, book)

    To take the second test further (success rate drops to about 70%), a book, a map or something that contains written or pictorial information is placed in an envelope, and the subject must describe in as much detail what is contained within the envelope.

    Im willing to take such tests under the right conditions, with the right investigators/researchers conducting them.

    World renowned neuroscientist, Dr Michael Persinger claims to have proven a form of ‘telepathy’ in labority conditions. His explanation is the human brain has a magnetic field that can interact with other human magnetic fileds, and that of the Earths Magnetosphere. (not the Quantum physics stuff… though I don’t doubt it)

    The problem I have with the experiment, is it induces the magnetic state of the brain… the subject should be naturally tapping into it (it’s a start I suppose).
    The best place to test ‘telepathy’ is at a crowded public place (train station, bus station etc). The subject is asked to ‘monitor’ a target from a distance (quite creepy, but Intel agencies don’t have any morals!). The subject attempts to deduce as much information as possible on a target, from a distance. Later the target is approached and told, they are taking part in an experiment and asked the following information
    -where they are going/where have they been
    -what they are doing/what they have done
    -who they have seen, spoken and interacted with/ plan to see
    -the items they have on them etc.
    (depends upon how intrusive the interviewers dare to be… you’d be surprised how much people are willing to divulge to a stranger! Especially when their told it’s a psychological experiment, ‘position of authority’?)

    Sceptics can argue the test subject is picking up on sub-conscious information (body language, subtle cues etc)… depends on the results and amount of detail.

    The debate being waged among investigators in CIA/Russian/British agencies, is whether any form of genuine ‘telepathy’/ESP/Psychic abilities is a ‘lost’ ability humankind once used pre-civilisation (survival tool, that can be compared to migration of birds etc)…
    or whether it’s a new stage in human evolution (like X-Men!), an evolution of human consciousness and abilities. It would seem more and more people are displaying ‘psychic’ abilities than any other time in recent history, especially among children.

    The CIA are the leaders in such research, way ahead of anyone else (and I suspect it related to MK Ultra experiments)… The Chinese are also rumoured to be obsessed with developing ‘psychic’ units, it’s top secret for them.

    Most people who have real experience in taking part in such experiments DO NOT believe, you can communicate with the deceased (or Aliens for that matter!)… and most believe we havn’t been to the Moon! 😉

  10. shirlz007 says:

    Now… you must excuse me… but it’s my Bar Mitzah!

    ”Hava nagila
    Hava nagila
    Hava nagila ve-nismeḥa

  11. shirlz007 says:

    from what I know of Judaism… are the Jews not suppose to be allowed to establish The Jewish State of Israel UNTIL their Messiah arrives?
    (that’s what ‘Jews against Zionism’ and ‘Jews against Israel’ proclaim)…
    Maybe Im more than just a Jewish shill… MAYBE IM THE JEWISH MESSIAH! 😀
    I suppose I better post something beneficial to the cause…

    If anyone is actually interested in psychic abilities/ESP/Telepathy, and it’s importance in regards to The Illuminati/Satanic cults/The Bloodline families…

    The RH Negative blood group is a good place to start.
    (interestingly enough a disproportionately high number of the Jewish population carry the RH Negative gene, aswell as European origins (France/Spain)… the two most likely places it originated.

    Scientifically speaking, it is one of the great mysteries of modern medicine… some would argue there are actually two separate species of homosapian, because of the Rhesus gene. (Haemophiliac disease)

    RH + (85 to 92% of planets population)
    RH – (7 to 15% of planets population)


    I know the CIA/NSA are attempting to catalogue and monitor EVERYONE who carries the gene (I carry it, AB RH Negative, the rarest blood group on the planet accounting for 1% of the planets population)

    Are you an Rh Negative blood type?

  12. shirlz007 says:

    TAP!!!… Those of you who are looking at this without hate or prejudice… Its worth researching and looking into this!
    RH Negative Blood is the key here!…

    ”If all mankind are not descendants of these visitors, which ones are? Who are the “Children of Israel?” Why was their seed blessed? Why were they told not to inter-marry with other people and to circumcise their sons for identification? Why were they told to preserve their geneology? Where did Adam and Eve’s sons go to get their wives, if they were the only “humans” on earth?”

    This is the most informative site regarding the mystery of RH Negative blood (factual, scientific)

    regards, peace and love x
    Shirlz The Jewish Shill

  13. shirlz007 says:

    ”Did young Danny Boy just get labelled as being a ‘Jewish shill’?”

    He did indeed! lol…

    ”the same guy who got himself into soooo much bother with Israeli Intelligence in 2012 regarding his facebook page?”

    YEP!!! 😀

    Anyhoo, in
    ‘lets actually stick it to Israeli Intelligence, and not just post pointless comments that make no difference into international affairs’ news!’

    ”CIA ranks Israel third most aggressive spying force active against US: Document

    The US Central Intelligence Agency has ranked Israel as the third most aggressive “intelligence service” working against the United Sates, a leaked document shows”

    ”Israel has always been snooping on the US government and Capitol Hill is overrun with Israeli spies, an American columnist says.

    “The current news that CIA releasing a report that Israel is the third most aggressive espionage threat against the US is really kind of an old story,” Jim Dean told Press TV on Sunday.

    Newsweek reported on Friday the Central Intelligence Agency has ranked Israel as the third most aggressive “intelligence service” working against the US, a leaked document shows.”

    ”“the NSA has a surveillance relationship with Israel that often entails cooperation as close as the Five Eyes partnership, if not sometimes even closer.

    “A Memorandum of Understanding between the NSA and the Israeli intelligence service details how the United States takes the unusual step of routinely sharing with Israel raw intelligence containing the communications of American citizens.

    “Among the data furnished to Israel are ‘unevaluated and unminimized transcrips, gists, facsimiles, telex, voice, and Digital Network Intelligence metadata and contant.’

    “What makes this sharing particularly egregious is that the material is sent to Israel without having undergone the legally required process of ‘minimization.’”

    Greenwald further points out that

    “when it comes to disseminating data to Israeli intelligence, the NSA has apparently dispensed with…legalities altogether. The memo flatly states: ‘NSA routinely sends ISNU [the Israeli SGINT National Unit] minimized and unminimized raw collection.’

    “Highlighting how a country can both cooperate on surveillance and be a target at the same time, and NSA document recounting the history of Israel’s cooperation noted ‘trust issues which revolve around previous ISR operations,’ and identified Israel as one of the most aggressive surveillance services acting against the United States…

    “The same report observed that, despite the close relationship between American and Israeli intelligence agencies, the extensive information provided to Israel by the United States produced little in return. Israeli intelligence was only interested in collecting data that helped them. As the NSA complained, the partnership was geared ‘almost totally’ to Israel’s needs”

  14. shirlz007 says:

    I thought I may have bite then! (Anonymous fishing! let em bit and reel em in!)

    -‘Jews Against Zionism’
    -‘Jews Against Israel’ (as it stands today, politically I presume)

    -thousands of JEWISH ISRAELIS refusing to fight for IDF, who stand in solidarity with Palestinians.

    I know what the ‘Jewish Mafia’ is, I out rightly condemn the actions of Israel (MORE SO THAN MOST IN THIS MOVEMENT!), I point the finger at Israel for 9/11, and 7/7… I understand ‘Jews’ control the financial system (both City of London and New York)…
    I know about Israel in terms of US Intel!!! (AIPAC etc)

    But these FIGUREHEADS are NOT Jewish… their SATANIC! They hide behind Judaism much of the time, and many ‘Jews’ are falsely deceived into believing the crap these people spin (100’s if not 1000’s of years)…

    I gravitate towards Islam (if I HAD to choose a religion), but I understand Judaism is as much a victim (if not more so) as the rest of us.

    Veterans Today has ALOT to answer for in terms of the rise of Anti-Semitism within the truther movement…

    To me (and I do over simplify things here!)… Rothschild controls Israel. Israel is (as it is at the moment) a Rothschild state, and NOT a Jewish State. A criminally organised, and controlled state!

    Netanyahu is criminally insane, the Jewish people know it!

    ”Not enough Muslims stand up in defence of their religion in terms of being blamed for 9/11 & 7/7”…
    why? Because the media and current social system will destroy them if they attempt to do so!
    … can the same not be said for Judaism in terms of Zionism/Rothschild? The global financial system?

    Fair play to everyone who is attempting to discover and reveal the truth about The Holocaust and the events of WW2!!! (be careful in what your saying please!)

    Adolf Hitler was NOT a good man, many people suffered and died under his orders! (as so Churchill, Stalin, and Truman)… BUT it WAS a WORLD WAR! Half the world turned on Rothschild, and their financial system of control.

    I don’t know… I swore an Oath to myself, and to my ‘God’… NEVER to harm, or to initiate harm, or to stand by and allow others to harm, innocent women and children.


    • Anonymous says:

      Shirlz007 .yr real & exciting passionate and knowledgeable .Glad you see things the way you do .when iv expressed myself like you sheep people think im nuts lol :-). so thank you Shirlz007 so glad real people like you exist makes a big difference in this world keep telling the truth onelove Shirlz007 x

  15. shirlz007 says:


    You tell these people to fuck off! And DON’T let them tell YOU how YOU should think (your not wrong… Icke aint always right!, people can think for themselves! Im not right… far from it!) I WISH I WAS!


    Ennio Morricone
    Dec 10th , 2014
    Susana Rigacci (ONE OF THE HOTTEST WOMEN ON THE PLANET!) and London Symphony Orchestra.


  16. Anonymous says:

    shirlz007 @ 10.06pm

    don’t forget innocent boys. Seems to me in my old age that innocent young boys get an even more horrendous deal from adults (male AND female) than girl children.

    Peace to You

  17. Anonymous says:

    A lot of very dodgy syntax in some of these comments.

    English a second language?

  18. shirlz007 says:

    Im afraid English is a third language…
    Grunting is the first.
    Profanity second.
    English third.
    A little bit of ‘Español’, enough to get by in Latin America (muchos gracias amigo… Buenos dies Senor)… my Spanish teacher told me guys with Northern English accents (Lancashire) have the perfect accent for Spanish! (the way the pronounce their vowels)

    I did try and learn a little bit of Arabic (whilst in the recruitment process for MI5 and Sandhurst Academy). I still have the CD ROM and handbook, I may take it up if or when I feel the need.

    Im afraid as a ‘Jewish shill’, my Hebrew is atrocious! 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      shirlz007 Hebrew good !! Lol ..keep it up shirzoo7 . English urrrr. what’s that??? blow me down i remember been a long time hearing English spoken but not to worry you with ya Spanish and me with my Hebrew we’ll do well to get by Tx shirzoo7. ya a star x

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, could you put this article on again so we can find out about Trooper Cunningham.
    There must be some way we can help him.

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