Ukrainian army tank columns disarmed by Russian sympathetic forces without bloodshed in East, while peaceful demonstrators are being killed by Ukrainian Police in Odessa.

See Obama’s bloodbath in Odessa

NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine is not going too well as yet. Ukrainian forces are persuaded to disarm by Russian sympathetic population in Eastern Ukraine, and return to their bases. 

The journalist who made the report was arrested by pro-Russian Ukrainian police, held alone, threatened and beaten up.

Meanwhile, in other videos, Russian sympathisers were attacked while holding demonstrations in Odessa.  39 were killed.  If Odessa falls to Russians, located between Crimea and Transdniestria, Ukraine will be cut off entirely from the sea and Russia would have a land corridor into Moldova and Romania – the EU and the Balkans.  The killing has started there, but is not much mentioned in the western media, which wants to push a narrative of Russians invading the East side of Ukraine, not Russian sympathetic peaceful demonstrators being burned and killed by EU/NATO-loyal police.  The country seems to be in a state of working out where the political divides are – a necessary pre-war definition of who’s who, what side there on and where.

RT – Radicals shooting at people in Odessa’s burning building caught on tape

Published time: May 04, 2014 11:14
Edited time: May 04, 2014 22:27

Still from YouTube video/RomanDorogniyKontrol

Still from YouTube video/RomanDorogniyKontrol
A man in the video is wearing a bulletproof vest and is shooting several times in the direction of the burning House of Trade Unions.

New video has emerged online which shows a man shooting at the windows of Odessa’s burning House of Trade Unions. At least 39 anti-government activists died in the flames on May 2 in the building besieged and set ablaze by radicals.
Another video of the same man shows him speaking on the phone passionately arguing that he and his people are unarmed, while having to confront armed anti-government protesters. The man introduces himself as sotnik Mykola (“sotnik” is what Maidan group leaders in Kiev call themselves) He also says he was wounded in the leg by protesters, although he doesn’t look hurt in the footage.
Both the videos have gathered thousands of views on YouTube, stirring a wave of indignation at the man’s hypocrisy and his shooting at the people trapped inside the burning building.
Survivors of the fire say they had to barricade themselves inside the House of Trade Unions, to hide from an aggressive mob, which had torched their tent camp.
Radicals then began throwing Molotov cocktails at the Trade Unions building, setting it on fire. Witnesses say that those who managed to escape the fire, were severely beaten outside by the besiegers of the burning building.
We couldn’t go down, we were seeing people from other floors being brought down and then those rioters down there attacked them like a pack of wolves,” a survivor of the fire, who was hiding on the roof of the building, told RT.
Afraid of falling into the hands of radicals, people didn’t leave the House of Trade Unions, where dozens eventually burnt alive, suffocated or jumped out of windows.
The Ukrainian Interior Ministry however offers a different version of events, saying the victims of the violent unrest started the fire themselves, when they began throwing Molotov cocktails from the upper floor.
Multiple videos of the incident, however, show Molotov cocktails flying from outside the building.
Several hundred people rallied overnight in Odessa outside the local police headquarters, demanding the release of the fire survivors who had been detained on May 2.
People claim around 60 survivors of the Trade Unions House are currently being held in jails. The rally participants told journalists that anti-government activists who managed to get out of the burning building were first beaten by nationalist militants outside and then detained by police.
Many of the rally participants were holding pictures of their relatives and friends, who have been missing since clashes broke out in Odessa two days ago.

COMMENT – It’s all smoke and mirrors –

TAP – Interesting link.  

What is the longterm aim of the Ukraine conflict?   

To the people on the ground, the conflict is real enough, but

 what’s the plan right at the top of the Freemasonic tree?

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