UKIP’s BAPF Newark candidate claims mass destruction of Britain’s countryside is common sense

It’s funny how all at once, all political roads lead to fracking, whether you’re Conservative (Cameron walking away from onshore wind farms, leaves a close-by-exception for fracking – oldest sales trick in the book) or UKIP or Labour or almost anyone else.  (Greens want a totalitarian state, and openly favour paedophilia). 

Here’s how Roger Helmer links euroscepticism, climate change scepticism with a great enthusiasm for a weapon of mass destruction – the gassing of Britain by fracking methane.
.. The anticipated changes in the parliament (Euro) will simply reinforce the new direction of travel towards a more balanced approach (towards energy), with more emphasis on security of supply and affordability. Indeed one of the silver linings from the Ukraine crisis is a new urgency in the hunt for indigenous energy resources, and especially shale gas, in Europe.
If energy companies are interested in being rent-seekers and subsidy junkies, suckling on the teat of the tax-payer, they won’t like the outcome. But if they’re interested in running a successful business ensuring a supply of secure and affordable energy, things are looking up.

TAP – Helmer is as sold out to fracking as Paterson and Cameron.  There is no way Putin will cut off gas supply, or Ukraine will inhibit supply of gas.  The rest of what he says is nonsense.  All the UKIP/Helmer talk of freedom from the EU, the folly of climate change and of national survival is a waste of time if our homes, air and water are all poisoned beyond use.  This is Agenda 21, Roger Helmer style, as big a murderer as Paterson.  There is definitely a need for a political party which tells people what’s really going on.

If you don’t have time to watch these videos,  see the

 summary in The Gassing Of Britain. 

BAPF = Bought and paid for

I emailed Roger Helmer twice, and asked him for a definitive statement re his views on Agenda 21 and fracking, and so far he’s failed to reply.  I will gladly retract the statement that he’s bought and paid for if he will provide me with any evidence that his support for the use of a weapon of mass destruction on the English countryside is based on anything that could be called intelligent.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    there is a party called the reality party, hundreds left the BNP when they went pro jew after massive cash injections

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Tapestry says:

    I’m sceptical about The Reality Party so far. Can you tell us more? It sounds another wishy washy waste of time, and looks such on its Facebook page.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is very interesting tap
    and really confirms what we thought all along

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