UKIP’s likely new partners in the Euro parliament

The 17 M5S elected representatives in the European Parliament


According to the official information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the 5 Star MoVement got votes from 5,807,362 Italians, that is 21.15% of the valid votes and this gives a total of 17 seats in the European Parliament.
It’s never happened before that a political organisation standing for the first time ever in European elections has gained such magnificent results. 17 people have been elected, and their average age is below 36. There are 9 women and 8 men. We have exceeded the “pink quotas” or

 the percentage of elected representatives who are female. They are young people, graduates, entrepreneurs and freelance professionals. There are those who have a Masters degree, a PhD, or two degrees. There are those who speak two languages and even three or four languages. All of them have no criminal record and they are not known to the prosecutors.

In the North-

West constituency, the elected representatives are: Beghin TizianaEvi EleonoraValli Marco and Zanni Marco.
In the North-East constituency: Affronte MarcoBorrelli David and Gibertoni Giulia
In the Central constituency: Agea LauraCastaldo Fabio Massimo and Tamburrano Dario.
In the Southern constituency: Adinolfi IsabellaAiuto DanielaD’amato RosaFerrara Laura and Pedicini Piernicola.
In the constituency of the Italian is

lands: Moi Giulia and Corrao Ignazio.


While Ukip wants the UK out of the European Union, Mr Grillo has called for a referendum on Italy dropping the euro.
Mr Grillo said he saw much common ground with Mr Farage on immigration.
“He is not the way he is described, just as I am not the fascist and Nazi the Italian papers describe me as,” Mr Grillo, a former comedian, toldThe Telegraph on Thursday.
“He wants to control flows of immigration in Europe like us,” he said. “It is not true he is a racist,” he added, pointing out how Mr Farage had chosen not to ally with Italy’s anti-immigration Northern League, which won six per cent of the Italian vote on Sunday.
Mr Grillo added he had not struck a deal yet with Mr Farage. “The meeting was just to get to know him,” he said.
The next step would be for the Five Star Movement’s supporters to decide, via its online forum what, if any, positions it had in common with Ukip, he added.
“We won’t change our program, we won’t change our ideas, but if we are talking about concepts like direct democracy then we have something in common,” he said.
Mr Grillo said the movement was compelled to find partners at the European parliament.
“With 17 MEPs, if you form an autonomous group, you are on the outside,” he said.
After the lunch, Ukip said in a statement that parties in a potential new group would be able to campaign and vote as they choose within a framework of basic agreements.
The Tories are ahead in this poll for the Sun by Survation, but down nearly 18% since the general election.  With a strong campaign, I can see either UKIP or Labour winning, the fact that UKIP are up over 24% since the General Election, compared to 4.7% that Labour are up since the election, shows the momentum is with UKIP.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The good thing about this is that people are making a stand and the main parties are getting jittery. The bad news about this is that current policies will go under the table and carried out anyway.
    So do we really have a say?

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