Max Clifford knows where the bodies are buried

A week before his arrest, Max Clifford was selling tickets for a talk he was about to give in a hotel exposing the ‘foibles’ of the rich and famous.  Now he’s been put behind bars, he must be wondering what’s coming next.  The accusations are of involvement with teenage girls, not of pre-puberty kids of both sexes, or babies, as indulged in by some famous people as revealed  by Peaches Geldof.  Max’s conviction appears to be more to do with cover-up  
than revelation and investigation.  If he survives, will he be able to reveal the contents of his ‘little brown book‘?

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Max Clifford arrested. What does he know they want hidden?

I’m old enough and ugly enough to face it, he said about the allegations, almost suggesting this is a bit of a game.  Politician paedophiles are trying to push all the suspicion onto entertainers.  Maybe this time they’ve picked on someone able to defend himself, and the accusations will backfire.

TAP.  Not sure about this one.  He’s done stuff to expose paedophiles in the past.  Are they desperately trying to nail him with a lesser sexual offence to shut him up?


horehound said…
Max Clifford in a way started all these revelations by bringing out the Gary Glitter story by representing a girl who had been abused when no one else , inc the police would touch it, this was over 15 years ago.

Max Clifford was also helped the victims of Jonathan King.

No doubt Mr Clifford has made enemies in low places.

9:38 PM 

Tapestry said…

Clifford’s a cool operator. If he’s innocent, it will be apparent. He said he will help the police ‘as much as he can’.
9:47 PM 

Anonymous said…

Yes, Clifford could be getting set up for helping others we’ll have to wait and see.
But the most important one so far is being kept as low key as possible. That one is Ken Clarke. A man called Ben Fellows has accused him and finally reported it to the police. Clarke says its a case of mistaken identity, wasn’t that McAlpines defence?.
I do hope he’s the first MP and not the last!!!


Establishment liberals pay lip service to free speech but this is just another form of psy-op. For instance I was told a few weeks ago that my comments on the Guardian’s Comment is Free site would henceforth be “pre-moderated” after I posted a conmment querying why the Guardian was paying so little attention to the revelations of paedophilia in previous British governments. I mentioned no names and made no accusations against individuals – yet just mentioning establishment paedophilia was enough to get me identified as a dangerous poster who neeeded monitoring. The powers that be have enormous resources at their disposal to generate black propaganda and to make this propaganda seem like spontaneous expression of opinion – we shouldn’t be aiding them in this endeavour.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Max Clifford arrested by Savile Police“:
At the end of the day, Max has been arrested not charged. The Police will have questioned him (and as Tap has already mentioned), he is a cool customer due to his extensive public relations experience. 

I remember reading an article the other day basically saying some of his clients are basically scared if they will be implicated in this massive scandal. The Police just want to know what Max knows… and where does that lead us?

The establishment want this covered up at all costs. 


Normalising Paedophilia

Posted on 23/10/2012 
The Jimmy Savile news story has been good in that it has exposed some paedophilia going on in the world. Not so good is that the mainstream media carefully avoided mentioning that Savile was a procurer for the global elite paedophile networks. The problem didn’t end when Savile died, and nor will it end when they lock up a paedophile or two. It is much bigger than that.
Now the media is turning its attention to the solution. The public would like a solution, and if someone else provides it, that’s great, because then they don’t have to. All sorted, carry on shopping, back to normal, the government are dealing with the problem. This is the standard Problem Reaction Solution process kicking in.
I read The Sun’s reported solution, which is two fold. First is to GPS tag the offenders (including innocent framed ones presumably, but probably not including the elite ones that never get caught). If they hang around school gates, the GPS tag will flag it up (the elite paedophiles will just get to go straight into the classroom as honoured guests). The second part of the solution is better support for children after an attack, listening to them, that sort of thing.
Both of these assume that Paedophilia will continue as normal. There is no mention of actually trying to stop the paedophilia. There is an acceptance of paedophilia as totally normal in everyday life. We just have to learn how to deal with it better. That’s the message. Those that can’t deal with it will be given support and treated as if they are the problem.


PR consultant Max Clifford has been arrested by detectives investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse allegations.
Clifford, 69, from Surrey, was held at 7.40am on suspicion of sexual offences and taken to a central London police station.
Scotland Yard said a man in his 60s was arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, the investigation into allegations of sex abuse surrounding Savile and others.
The arrest is believed not to be related to any claims involving Jimmy Savile.
An earlier statement said:
Officers working on Operation Yewtree have this morning, Thursday 6 December, arrested a man in his 60s [Yewtree 6] in connection with the investigation.
The man from Surrey was arrested at 07:40hrs on suspicion of sexual offences and has been taken into a central London police station.
The individual falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed ‘Others’.
We are not prepared to discuss further.

And some of us are fighting to bring down the global elite paedophile network.
Somewhere in the middle, there are people trying to equate paedophilia with homosexuality. Possibly they are trolls. Paedophilia is sexual abuse of children against their will. Children are deemed not able to give their consent to such an act, rightly so. Paedophiles can be either gender attacking either gender of child. Homosexuals are consenting adults of the same gender. 

Top PR Max Clifford Website Down, Following Arrest By UK Police Pedophile Unit

SKY –  Police working on Operation Yewtree had said they were looking at three categories of offences; those allegedly committed by Savile alone, those allegedly committed by Savile and “others”, and alleged offences by “others”.
Brunt added: “Max Clifford falls within that group of allegations that pertain to others.”

A Met spokesman said: “The individual (held today) falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed ‘Others’. We are not prepared to discuss further.”
Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and a man in his 70s, reported to be former television producer Wilfred De’Ath, have been arrested and bailed as part of the probe.


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25 Responses to “Max Clifford knows where the bodies are buried”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You can guarantee that all active politicians and living high profile elites that have been named by victims will be kept out of the media and away from public eye.
    Perhaps we ought to have groups camped outside all childrens homes videoing who goes in and comes out. Ones the paedophiles realise they are being watched they would keep away and the children would be left alone.

  2. TMWKTMBNE says:

    So, when is the ire of the authorities and media going to be directed at the rock’n’roll royalty of bands like The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin?

    Their history of sexual antics with underage girls is well known and documented. They even sing about it in some of their songs!

    Maybe, as we witnessed with Pete Townsend, who was really just given a ‘free pass’, the music industry is such a key weapon for the indoctrination of children and the subsequent changing of societies norms and values, that it’s just too important to fall, like the banking sector, who have been allowed to get away with enslaving the entire world – with help from the corporate rent-boys, known to us as politicians.

    Anyway, with regard to Max Clifford – where were these girls parents?

    Are they guilty as well? Are they tacitly complicit? What were they doing letting their pretty young daughters go off to meet grown men, in the entertainment industry?

    Overall conclusion: This is Satan’s world…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am involved in these cases as i was around many of these people at the time.I have been told NOT to speak out. The BBC and the authorities picked Gary Glitter as he was abusing girls, but the vast majoriy of cases involve young boys, and its way bigger than you know,
    The problem is as David cameron admitted that to expose it would damge the way homosexuals are seen, just asa time when the authorities want them given the limelight and acceptance by the public.
    I can tell you Simon Cowell had something to do with framing max clifford, more i should not say at this time

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just like Michael Jackson was taken down by a upper Mason.

    so is Max Clifford?

    google images:-
    mason jet ski Simon Cowell



  5. Anonymous says:

    I have my doubts about Max Cliffords survival if he has dirt on the paedogangstas in power. The recent juvenile slurs against him, and the childish attacks on the size of his penis etc certainly felt like an exercise in character assasination.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tap we might be jumping the gun a bit here.
    Would our Queen give so many awards to so many Pimps and Paedophiles.
    Those people who got so many medals and awards, must have done great things.
    Come to think of it, I don’t personally know any of them to speak to.
    Tell me again, how do you get a medal or award ?
    Thinking about it, none of my work friends who have built great things, have got any medals or awards.
    How come Fonzie Henry Winkler got an OBE medal, he’s American.
    This is starting to confuse me now. Anybody with any idea’s.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The awards system is so noxiously tainted now, I don’t see how anyone, for any reason can honourably be nominated, or even accept one. No decent people respect the so called ‘honours’ bestowed by the present monarch. We the people suspect ‘honours’ are given for such services rendered that are dishonourable, dispicable, and quite possibly to the detriment of this country as the quality of people in public life is that of the level of the sewer.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Right Anon 8:01 pm, so if we follow your line of thinking.
    What has Fonzie done that is despicable ?
    It might be a question for our American readers to answer.
    What has an American actor done that warrants a British award ??

  9. paul maleski says:

    Like I have said for many years; Tatchellism is far more dangerous to civilized white Christian society than Thatcherism ever was. You can, over time, undo the Thatcher agenda with ‘reversible compensatory’ legislation. With Tatchell and the jewish Frankfurt School pro fig-digging, lesbo wimmin, anti family ideology; Parliamentary change takes far longer!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Paul Maleski can I please ask as I am intrigued….
    You have a profound dislike for jews yet bare a jewish name ‘Maleski’ which dates back to biblical jerusalem. Common name in Poland yes but a jewish root name. Your knowledge is also quite extensive on the subject of present day jews (I’ve read some of your posts on other blogs, I don’t always agree but you certainly know your stuff).
    This is not a criticism, I don’t wish to offend I’m just curious, I’ve been wondering for a while are you someone who has access to inside information? You really are an inigma

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anon 8:39 pm, you ask a good question! What services has he rendered indeed?

  12. Anonymous says:


    Sorry Jim fixed it for you & you & you n you Thats 1000’s & 1000’s

    Yes our kids over some 20+ years jim had his way with thousands

    where was God? Jesus?

    were we abandoned?

    what the hell is going on?


  13. paul maleski says:

    Anonymous-From Paul Maleski: my Polish side is German/Polish I believe. My grandmother was called Gluch. My Dad, was a tough blonde haired, blue eyed Paul Hogan lookalike, this was from the Polish side; however, during the war he was classified as Volksdeutsche, much to his chagrin and he quickly deserted the German Army. And ended up in Blighty. His brother was a Polish war hero, and was liberated at Buchenwald by the Americans, and declined the offer of American citizenship. My mum’s family is far more interesting; it is Glasgow Irish-Catholic Protestant –Carlow/Callaghans a fiery mixture for sure. My grand dad came out of prison and died a drunken pauper; yet, he was rich enough in 1926 to be at Rudolph Valentino’s funeral in New York City. My mother was the most trendy good looking ex British Communist Party member you could ever imagine. She died in her house in Malaga; by this time she was a fearsome racist fascist– beyond unspeakable belief. She could never forgive herself for not speaking out at what the Bolshevik jew did to tens of millions of innocent white Christian Russians in the Jewlags. She had a good life all the same. Got you Tavistockian thinking?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Whats THAT picture? starr’s top?

    “+ Savile’s summery”

    re:- Operation Yewtree


  15. Anonymous says:

    fonzie and bobby kennedy?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Anon 6:28 am, could you expand on that short answer.
    This Fonzie OBE has had me wondering what I have to do to get an award ?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Paul Maleski…Thank you for sharing that. That explains a lot. No wonder you have so much knowledge on the subject. Now you have me thinking. It crossed my mind at one point that you may be a descendant of the original lost tribe of Gods true children. Not the imposters of today of course.
    You are a very interesting person Paul.
    I remember from reading Solzhenitsyn books regarding the treatment of the christians. It was unforgivable – you are right.
    Tavistockian! mmm! Interesting food for thought there.

  18. paul maleski says:

    Is Anonymous Said a Greek/Arab appellation? Murder–millions of the ‘innocent’ and you could be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I don’t go along with the notion of 66 million white Russian Christian deaths, being attributed; solely,to the dark handiwork of the international jew, the figure seems somewhat inflated; one has to be always conscious of the tragic fact, that as Lobaczewski told the world; that evil, power hungry psychopaths can be found all over the place. In retrospect, the most profound statement Solzhenitsyn ever muttered, was along the lines of: ‘nobody in a democracy elects the media!’ As for the jew Henry Winkler’, put aside his revolting physiognomy, he seems like a decent stand up guy who I would be more than happy to have a pint or two with. I can’t be any fairer than that!

  19. Anonymous says:

    paul maleski, they said the same about savile, he even took children on holiday, nice guy.
    So how did Fonzie get his OBE.

  20. Anonymous says:

    simon cowell who just married the programme juke box jury to opportunity knocks, made millions of the backs of others with his crap programmes is known to donate money for tax purposes to peter tachell of “boy nobbers ” fame.
    Simon cowell made the pretty asian girl think she was in witha chnace but dumped her for a jewish girl
    just like that all do
    why do they hate us so much ?

  21. paul maleski says:

    Anonymous–Yes, I could be very seriously wrong with regards the alleged antics of Henry Winkler, I am a white Christian; our psychological weakness/moral strength is that we try to see the good in others. When the case against Henry Winkler is proven, I stand corrected and as guilty as naive sin. Keep up the good work!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Seriously hefty sentence at 8 years – hit it on the head Henry – silenced.Obvious and simple – and your headline says it all.
    Peace from Canada.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Paul… No, I’m English, born here so were both my parents and grandparents – both sets. Prior to them I have little knowledge of my ancestors. My Maternal Uncle was a black shirt in WW11 and my Paternal great grandfather pushed the big guns in WW1.
    I discovered everything we were taught as history is mostly wrong and I have had to reeducate myself. I feel I am plowing through a mine field of past lies, hence the reason I read blogs like Tap to get the hidden truths that pop up. Not just from the articles but also knowledge commentors provide.
    My passion is unraveling the mystery of the ancient civilisations and rulers

  24. Mobile Disco says:

    I don’t know if he’s been set up or if they had some kind of evidence, just like the Jimmy Saville case he was dead when people started to come out, how can you convict a dead person, and obviously where’s the evidence for crimes committed 10 years ago kind of crazy, but i do believe he done it and i also believe so did Max Clifford.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Simon Cowell on said jet ski “in yer face”

    Nice bunch – not!

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