The Fossil Fuel lie. Crude oil and coal don’t come from fossils at all.

Abiotic Oil comes up from inside the earth

Every human on Earth is told that crude oil is the byproduct of dinosaurs and plant life that died over 200+ million years ago, and has stored its biological matter in the Earth’s crust to be drilled out by oil companies that tell us that we’re soon to run out. The truth might shock you, but this is completely and utterly a lie. Let’s look at the overall composition of crude oil.

Right away you can see that 98% of crude oil comes from the same atomic matter we’ve discussed in methane, and the same atomic matter that the Sun provides Earth during normal bombardment on a daily basis. The 2% other is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and other metals, which you will soon discover also comes from our Sun.
You might ask, “Why is there so much carbon in crude oil as compared to methane if the two are related?” The answer is that methane is compressed at massive depths of the Earth’s crust by carbon atoms, which are heavy enough to do the job. These atoms are then embedded inside the composition of crude oil thus reducing its immediate flammable nature, which later requires refinement into things like gasoline. The many octanes of gasoline are refined to have far less carbon atoms than hydrogen atoms returning it back to a mixture closer to its original form, highly explosive methane gas.
Now let’s examine the atomic matter being ejected from the Sun itself.
This should look pretty familiar to the base components of crude oil above. The other is made of a mixture of .71% nitrogen, sulfur, and other metals, which is virtually the same “other” found inside crude oil.  You’ll notice that the percentage of hydrogen far outweighs the percentage of carbon. The reason for this shift from the Sun to Earth’s crude oil is in the amount of hydrogen absorbed by the Earth from the Sun. It takes massive amounts of bombardment to force hydrogen inside the core of the Earth. Planetoids contain large amounts of carbon grabbed from their base composition, and from meteors that gather over time from space dust. It is good to remember that Earth’s atmosphere is struck by 100 million meteors per minute on average. This translates to metric tons of carbon once burned by friction added to the surface. All a newly born planet needs is a good supply of hydrogen to create an abundance of methane gas, and later crude oil.

H = Hydrogen, C = Carbon
How Methane Gas Becomes Crude Oil
You may have heard that the carbon atoms we are made from were created in the crushing explosions at the center of stars. This is due to the need for massive pressures that are required to change the orbital composition of any atomic matter. To add a neutron, proton, or electron to an atom takes nearly infinite force for a split second. Once the core elements of the universe were created, further compounds can be created with far less pressure.
As we outlined, crude oil contains the base components found in methane being carbon and hydrogen. Crude oil contains additional elements but is 98% on average just this, carbon and hydrogen. The ratios do vary, and this is why crude oil is created at great depths towards the core of any planet circling a hydrogen star. The center of a planet contains massive amounts of hydrogen. This is partly due to the chronological steps to create the planet, and partly due to the fact that hydrogen is the smallest atom in the known universe. Crude oil is created when a planet reaches a critical level of mass to be able to crush together more carbon and hydrogen atoms into the base methane gas atoms. The remaining components of nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and metals is a simple result of surrounding matter that adds the roughly 2% ancillary elements.
The Fossil Fuel Lie
In 1892, a lie was hatched on an unsuspecting public. The oil companies, largely the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, after drilling oil for nearly 60 years was not able to increase the price of their product at a rate that was satisfying to the greed hearted owners. A brilliant deception was conceived to create a false sense of scarcity to drive up prices. In 1892, a meeting was held in Geneva to classify Earth’s fossil fuels. During the course of the event the Rockefeller lobbyists demanded that crude oil be allowed the classification of fossil due to its chemical composition of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. Considering that crude oil barely contains any measurable amount of oxygen, this was a stretch at face value.
Now given the information we’ve provided in this article, you can see how ludicrous this assertion was. The universe is packed with hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. Life is made from these atomic elements as well as nearly everything else we interact with. Lumping them into the fossil fuel category was the first step in a plan to control the price of oil forever.
To further drive home the point, we’d like to give two examples. One circumstantial, and one factual. To start, the dinosaur and or plant life theory is based on a planet that was one forth the size of Earth. The sheer tonnage of life required to supply the condensed level of crude oil drilled to date would outpace any theoretical quantity of dinosaur or plant life to have existed at this time. Yet we are told that there were so many dinosaurs that oil largely floated on the surface of the Earth in the 1880s when drilling began.
The second factor has to do with the depths at which crude oil is drilled today. As we explained in this article, crude oil is created at the deepest depths of Earth’s crusts. Where the atoms can be compressed into crude oil and not trapped in the combustible interior of earth, the raw sludge is squeezed to the surface through the cracks created by the ever-expanding surface rock.
All fossil life on Earth ends at 16,000 feet, yet crude oil is drilled at depths in excess of 33,000 feet. You might be thinking that perhaps it “fell” 18,000 feet down. If you study the Earth’s interior, you’ll soon understand that this is an absurd notion. The pressures in the center of the Earth are all pressing up and out. A liquid traveling nearly four miles towards the center of Earth is simply impossible.

The Lie Of Peak Oil
Just as deceitful as tales of global warming climate change, the rumors of peak oil are also false. Crude oil is the second most abundant liquid in Earth’s crust. The theory of peak oil comes from two sides; the good, and the bad. The good side is that people are tired of choking on exhaust fumes that are harmful to our health. They desperately want to see the end of oil ruling the world. What they don’t understand is that the bad side of the equation is in total and complete control of their green movement. Let us first discuss some known oil reserves.
There are three huge oil reserves largely unannounced to the world public. One is off the coast of northern Alaska, one is off the coast of Brazil, and one is off the coast of Scotland. These three reserves individually comprise mother loads of crude oil larger than all known recorded drilling in the Middle East. So why don’t the oil companies drill there?
This is where we come to the financial reasons for the concealment of the science in this article. If you were to understand the principles of how planets are created, and how crude oil is crushed into existence at the center of Earth’s mass, then you would know that the oil companies are lying to you. But why? Why would they lie about all this data? Simple, control.

Sent in by Jennifer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    HI TAP
    My friends and I set up ENGLANDISOURS over five years ago, to give us and our our English people a voice, one that has been denied them by our country’s enemies who come in a variety of disguises

    Along the way, we’ve had arguments between ourselves many times and we do not agree on everything, which is as it should be, but we are unanimous about on thing – the people we have sent to Parliament to represent us, have, to put it mildly, misrepresented us or simply ignored us

    And while they are still in office they will continue to ignore us and the destruction of our precious English identity and way of life will carry on unabated until we are no longer masters in our own house.

    It is happening right now before our very eyes but not precipitately, not with a sudden jolt that you couldn’t miss it. Our enemies in power have been doing it stealthily continuously over decades and it is almost mission completed. One more heave and the country that I love and you love also, will be lost for ever

    On May 22 we will have the last chance we will ever have of saying to these traitors – what else can you call someone who has engineered us into being a minority in our own land – not a step further, this is our land, the land that my father and his father died for, to leave to their own children, who in turn will leave to their children

    Politicians and others will never understand patriotism, the pride in one’s country which provides the motivation to do incredible things for it.

    It is our enemies loss and they are not going to deprive us of it either

    So seize this final opportunity to defeat our Nation’s foes because if your life doesn’t depend on it, your children’s certainly will. We must and cannot let them down.

    Cry St.George, cry Harry, rally to the flag, we English are coming home!!

  2. Tapestry says:

    I would love to celebrate a UKIP victory, ENGLANDISOURS, but can see UKIP are clearly sold out to Agenda 21. This means that we’re stuffed either way and there is no political party available that will challenge the measures being taken to cull our numbers and destroy our economy, UKIP included. Sorry to spoil the excitement. That’s why we’re forming SURVIVE AND THRIVE, to offer voters in Owen Paterson’s constituency a way to vote against fracking, chemtrails and GMOs, the programmes he either enthusiastically supports, or pretends he knows nothing about, and therefore offers no opposition to. UKIP are no different on all these issues which are key to our survival, especially in rural areas. Farage is sold out. I regret to tell you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think your party should be called “The Alternative Party” TAP.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are correct Tap, yet I can see no other scrap of any liferaft.
    We Have to support UKIP just once.

  5. Tapestry says:

    The name is not set in stone. The word Alternative to my generation is associated with things like hippies, and doesn’t define exactly what the alternative is. I am quite definite about the message and the objective I want to achieve. So need need for a vague name.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jennifer, as an x-miner, for many years I could nor make sense of the coal we were mining through.
    The main thing I noticed was that there were not many fossils near the coal.
    The main fossils were very small leafed, when I would have expected massive ferns and trees.
    Also seams of ‘ fools gold ‘ went through the coal, not to the top or bottom.
    Just this gold seam made me think it was layered as it never burnt the coal.
    You are onto something keep at it.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Anon 8:27, I just was lucky to stumble upon the article, but it interested me.
    Thank you for your professional insight into the contents of coal seams because I now remember as a child finding metalic seams in pieces of coal we used for fuel. And I’ve always wanted to ask an oil-mining expert why when we’ve extracted so many billions of barrels of oil from an oil-field the whole thing doesn’t just cave in and collapse.
    I guess we’ve been misled for too long and the inconsistencies are becoming too obvious. And now other people like you with the knowledge can shed light on it for everyone.

  8. Nollidge says:

    Re. the oil.I think the term you’re looking for is ADIABATIC OIL.Google it.I remember reading a while ago that Russian scientists had published a stack of papers on this topic since the 50’s.The theory is that oil is somehow generated deep in the Earth’s crust & gradually percolates up into suitable sponge-like rock formations.The theory states that a well that’s found to be pumped out can gradually re-fill over time & again be productive.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ve received a few leaflets through the letter box from unknown candidates for the May 22 EU election.
    I have never heard of these individuals before yet they are all for anti-fracking, anti-geoengineering, anti-immigration, leaving the EU, saving the planet so on and so on. The sort of candidate we would jump to support. Yet gut instinct tells me ‘beware these people’!
    I’m wondering if the main parties have set up unknown individuals posing as potential alternative candidates to get votes away from UKIP thereby winning a ‘main’ party overall majority. A non vote is a ‘LAB/CON vote’
    I know UKIP has sold itself out to the devil but Farage does put up a fight in Brussels. If they lose their seat the main parties get full reign.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Nollidge, I believe the Russian guy who first openly speculated about abiotic oil got ‘suicided’.
    Quell surprise!

  11. salty says:

    Power Plant In Gaza Forced To Closed Due To Fuel Shortage

    Posted on April 13, 2016.

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