AV5 conference Sunday. Some drop-outs but quality very high

Tap, did Gerrard Williams withdraw? 

Ask Patrick H about Harry Cooper. I’ve just bought Hitler in Argentina. Jeff Rense seemed quite scathing about Grey Wolf lifting research from Harry Cooper and Sharkhunters.  NPP.

TAP – NPP, I saw Greg very distressed last night as he’d been hacked and all his data deleted just before he was about to give his presentation.  He’d kept his computer offline to avoid any trouble, but was hacked anyway, as I was told.  David Lim also withdrew for ‘unforeseen reasons’, no more given than that.  Gerard wasn’t there.

That said the presenter quality is amazing, and as I don’t want to jeopardize anyone’s personal security, I won’t write them up til later.  The authorities have clearly got interested in this conference judging by recent events.  Just one fact to think on for readers for now – If you keep your cellphone in a trouser pocket for four hours, your sperm count falls by 50%. Brain tumors have risen 50% in ten years, and brain cancer is now the leading cause of death amongst children.  If you’re exposing your children to WiFi, mobile phones or Smartmeters, think again.  Don’t instal the equipment, although you can get a DLAN internet system that uses the electric wiring to deliver your internet signals bypassing the WiFi box which can be located in the garage/garden shed and surrounded by carbon painted box supplied from www.emffields.com.  Check out www.powerwatch.org.uk.  Tips from another delegate not a speaker.

I believe Grey Wolf quoted all the sources correctly. What’s the problem?   Rense doesn’t like people quoting earlier writers on the same topic?  That’s the normal procedure isn’t it.

Harry Cooper: Hitler in Argentina:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The plug was pulled .but by whom ?

  2. NPP says:

    Thanks TAP re Grey Wolf / Hitler in Argentina. The information is the star (as TPV state), regardless of who the messenger is.
    Ask Gerrard Williams about the gas chamber issue. The recent re-emergence of David Cole is fascinating, again Rense does support these voices well.

    Some light listening…
    Jeff Rense interviews David Cole: Holocaust revisionist: 01
    Jeff Rense interviews David Cole: Holocaust revisionist: 02
    David Stein/Cole talks about WWII revisionist history:
    Full Ry Dawson David Cole interview:
    Phony “Museum of Tolerance” Gas Van Footage:

    I’ve ordered http://www.amazon.com/Republican-Party-Animal-Hollywoods-Underground/dp/1936239914
    It is interesting this book is available through mainstream outlets; apparently clever publisher advised on content and title.

    David Irving 1995:
    David Irving 2014:

    Curious as to why David Lim dropped out. Ben Dodds, impressive chemtrail researcher, tells me he rates David Lim highly, though perhaps David has plagiarised Ben’s work. Ben does not seem to care, highest form of flattery – so long as the message gets out there. Indeed, Ben sent me this:
    Ben & Dave Geo Mash Up:
    David Lim seems to be yet another brave soul putting his neck on the line of reputation.

    Where the fuck are you BBC Radio 4???! Have you heard BBCR4 The Now Show recently? They think they are so cutting edge funny. They knock UKIP time and again. They belittle ‘climate change deniers’. Cambridge and Oxford have much to answer for; apart from Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, perhaps the coolest Christian ever; and Julian Charles of http://themindrenewed.com/; he’s a Christian too. I’m currently on John Lamb Lash’s Not In His Name myself.

    Is there is an issue between Ian R. Crane and David Icke? I find both engaging, inspirational and informative. This infighting among the apparently like minded is tedious.

    Arsene Wenger won the FA Cup! Yeahhhh. Bring on the hate mail! Football, so stupid, yet so sublime and symbolic of life. Arsene should be Chancellor and give George ‘on all fours’ (according to Miss Whiplash – even Ed Balls mentioned it in the Commons) Osbourne a welcome break.
    What is it with over paid footballers, tattoos and piercing?

    Tap, it’s great having these little on the ground updates from AV5. The very best of wishes to them all.

    Right, back to painting Gallipoli… X

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sharkhunters is riddled with jews
    this hitler in argentine is an old
    one and the FBI files are all hokum
    do you think that mossad who broke international rules and agreement with argentina and the CIS/pemtagon to kidnap eichman would have left hitler alone ? dont be silly hitler neer was in argentina, and dont menton footballox on a serious web site again please
    Brian P

  4. Anonymous says:

    those of us old enough to remember Oswald Mosely, the brightest star of his generation and a man asked to lead both political parties but refused as he said they were rotten to the core, knew we misseda great chance here.
    history is circular and again with Enoch Powell we had the chance of a great leader, a man who stood up to the haters and racists who wanted to fill our country with foreign nationals, and again we chose to follow the jews who wish to destroy us.
    Now we have another chance a last chance in fact and this time we much stand together against the jew the racist and the hater and be firm for our country, a great englishman once said ” england expects every man to do his duty”
    and so it will be this third time round when we stand together to save what remains of our once fine country, against the ravages and theivery of the jew.
    Margaret aged 86

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes Margaret. Multiculturalism is a jewish agenda. I don’t blame ethnic people. They only came to the UK because they were told by the jewish controlled British Government to come. It really is divide and conquer. Get the white British people – the WASPS (white anglo saxon protestants) to hate all people who are black and/or muslim and the jews are left off the hook. Archibald Ramsey MP was incarcerated in Brixton Prison for the duration of the war, because he knew about Jewish domination and the jewish propaganda which was fed to normal people including my own grandparents who fought and died for these jewish bankers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lots of WASPS are crypto jews, especially in Freemasonry. Look up
    “The first Jesuits were crypto‑Jews. Ignatius Loyola himself was a crypto‑Jew of the Occult Cabala.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    HA HA HA

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