Sitchin, Maxwell, Icke and so on. The Archons – who are they really?


I’m sure I too have left gormless remarks, as I have 

described some past comments. I’ve sworn too. 
Sometimes I comment off the cuff and a blog such as 
yours can inspire a knee-jerk comment. Sometimes 
a rant can be as entertaining and useful as a considered 
essay or article. With regard the boring stuff, as 
you put it, I empathise with you. Bottom line, you are the 
editor and what you decide to delete or not is up to 
you. We as readers and commentators have a choice: 
read and contribute or not. Your content is wide
 ranging; you have allowed some gormless and boring 
comment in conjunction with much interesting and 
stimulating material. Sometimes a rude or inflammatory 
comment can seem interesting with reflection. 
You’re the boss – buck stops with you! The Kevin Annet 
stuff is fascinating and complements an increasing 
trend to address law: maritime, common and natural. Alfred 
Webre is fascinating too. Mark Passio is 
fascinating and his lecture on Natural Law is only 8-9 hours!

I wanted to share some thoughts on Zecharia Sitchin, John 

Lash… from my own on-going post:
Natural Normal Quantum Physical Frequency Beings:


25.05.2014 – John Lamb Lash: The Virus of Salvationism…

Zecharia Sitchin has long been heralded by alternative 

media voices –

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25.05.2014 – John Lamb Lash: The Virus of Salvationism…

Zecharia Sitchin has long been heralded by alternative 

media voices – I would welcome another way of 
describing the non mainstream – as a master of his 
speciality: the earth’s ‘real’ history according to sources 
such as the Sumerian tablets. One of my favourites has 
long been Jordan Maxwell who hails Zecharia 
Sitchin as a mentor. Both Sitchin and Maxwell have been 
sources of information for David Icke.

Is John Lamb Lash taking the conversation to another 
level? His work seems to influence and inspire David 

Icke with regard to archonic energy.

This is an interview with John Lamb Lash, author of Not In 

His Image: Illuminati Past and Present – 
John Lash on American Freedom Radio:
23.45 mins
“… the Syrian initiates the pagan mysteries in the 4th 
century, who realised that their tradition was coming 
under threat and the mysteries would be obliterated by 
Christianity and the virus of salvationism, made a 
vow… that one of them would disclose what was protected 
by the vow of silence. The vow of silence doesn’t 
apply anymore. A kid who has fallen into milk… fallen into 
milk means to stand in the presence of organic 
light, and that experience has unmistakeably consistent 
qualities; it feels like cool melon on your skin, it has 
a substantial texture, it looks like nougat, it has fractal 
orchestral forms swelling up inside it.

Initiates in the genuine mysteries, which were not 

populated by people who wanted to mind control the 
human species. Genuine mysteries were founded and 
directed by the telestai who were pagan intellectuals 
and shamans who wanted to guide the human species to 
become self directing, not to guide them 
hierarchically; if each human being realises their own 
potential they can spontaneously create society and 
they don’t need to be socially engineered. Pagan mysteries 
were not incubation tanks for the new world 
order and control freaks and pagan initiates did not practise 
social engineering. So the question arises, who 

That is a question!

“… Icke and others have to be looked at with critical 

scrutiny, because they make claims about the Mystery 
schools which are completely unfounded…. what happened 
in the Mystery schools, at the core of the 
experience, was protected by a vow of silence, so how 
could David Icke know? He’s using conjecture and 
inference and it is very damaging. The tenancy of that 
inference is to invest enormous magical and 
manipulative powers on the predators and this is a big 

27.40 mins
Dr. Michael S. Heiser claims Sitchin embellished the facts 

about the story of the Annunaki and Nibiru; ‘facts’ 
not located in any of the Sumerian texts.
“I believe Sitchin was a double agent…. conscripted to give 
legitimacy to the new world order people, to 
eugenics and their crypto-facist domination programme are 
actually heirs to ancient Gods who are our 
masters and we are slaves. This whole slave species 
scenario from Sitchin alleged to be in the Sumerian 
tablets is an absolute crock! You want to talk about mind 
control scams, this is probably one of the biggest 
ones that’s ever come down on the planet.”

Arizona Wilder, often accused of being discredited today, 

was interviewed and referenced by David Icke.
Zecharia Sitchin – Illuminati Disinformation Agent?
“… I’ve seen him at rituals and he (Sitchin) is a shape 
shifter… he is very much a disinformer and that is his 

Anyway, back to the BBC and see what profound and 

accurate issues they, state funded voices to inform 
the public, are discussing. 
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  1. Anonymous says: Icke n ‘Arizona Wilder’.

    John Lash makes interesting reading/listening.

  2. Anonymous says:

    America’s Name Derived From The Peruvian AMARUCA
    The Worship of the Serpent Gods – The Oldest ‘Religion’ on Earth

    Welcome to Amaruca, the Land of the Serpent Gods!

    In his book, “New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies”, William T. Still shows that America was called initially “The Land of the Plumed / Feathered Serpents” by the Indians of Peru.

    James Pyrse researched an article written in the Theosophical Society magazine entitled “Lucifer”, which gave insight into the word “America.”

    The obvious question is why would the native cultures call their home “The Land of the Feathered Serpents”?

    Actually, the name should be interpreted as “The Land of the WINGED Serpents”, or even more to the point “The Land of the FLYING Serpents” – which meant that these serpents had the capability to fly.

    It’s an easy analogy with the Egyptian ‘winged sun’ (notice the serpents!), which in turn derives from earlier cultures, going back to the very first civilization on Earth: the Sumerians. Winged chariots and flying dragons were also common depictions throughout ancient Asia, making this a global phenomenon.

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