Revising history . Keep your head down. It’s not greatly approved of!

Thanks TAP re Grey Wolf / Hitler in Argentina. The information is the star (as TPV state), regardless of who the messenger is.

Ask Gerrard Williams about the gas chamber issue. The recent re-emergence of David Cole is fascinating, again Rense does support these voices well.

Some light listening…
Jeff Rense interviews David Cole: Holocaust revisionist: 01
Jeff Rense interviews David Cole: Holocaust revisionist: 02
David Stein/Cole talks about WWII revisionist history:
Full Ry Dawson David Cole interview:
Phony “Museum of Tolerance” Gas Van Footage:

I’ve ordered
It is interesting this book is available through mainstream outlets; apparently clever publisher advised on content and title.

David Irving 1995:
David Irving 2014:

Curious as to why David Lim dropped out. Ben Dodds, impressive chemtrail researcher, tells me he rates David Lim highly, though perhaps David has plagiarised Ben’s work. Ben does not seem to care, highest form of flattery – so long as the message gets out there. Indeed, Ben sent me this:
Ben & Dave Geo Mash Up:
David Lim seems to be yet another brave soul putting his neck on the line of reputation.

Where the fuck are you BBC Radio 4???! Have you heard BBCR4 The Now Show recently? They think they are so cutting edge funny. They knock UKIP time and again. They belittle ‘climate change deniers’. Cambridge and Oxford have much to answer for; apart from Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, perhaps the coolest Christian ever; and Julian Charles of; he’s a Christian too. I’m currently on John Lamb Lash’s Not In His Name myself.

Is there is an issue between Ian R. Crane and David Icke?

(TAP – I’ve not heard of one)
 I find both engaging, inspirational and informative. This infighting among the apparently like minded is tedious.

Arsene Wenger won the FA Cup! Yeahhhh. Bring on the hate mail! Football, so stupid, yet so sublime and symbolic of life. Arsene should be Chancellor and give George ‘on all fours’ (according to Miss Whiplash – even Ed Balls mentioned it in the Commons) Osbourne a welcome break.
What is it with over paid footballers, tattoos and piercing?

Tap, it’s great having these little on the ground updates from AV5. The very best of wishes to them all.

Right, back to painting Gallipoli… X 

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13 Responses to “Revising history . Keep your head down. It’s not greatly approved of!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    During W W 2 when Sir Anthony Edens son nicholas was lost in battle, Sir anthony blamed churchill and his jews for his sons death, Sir Anthony never got over the loss of his son, and said the jews should never have been allowed to dictate britian going to war to give germany back to the jewbankers.
    we did this crime, we will not do it again for W W 3
    we must keep out of syria and iran

  2. NPP says:

    Dear Anon

    re: we must keep out of syria and iran

    Here here.

    It is why I will vote UKIP next EU elections – they may be frackers, support revolting GMO food, overly nationalistic etc…. but, I am sick and tired of foreign intervention.

    Bring troops home, get rid of secrecy agencies, kick fear into touch and let’s produce clean food, water and encourage imagination, not indoctrination.

    Yeah, I know, in an ideal world…. but, where there is a will there is a way.

    Turkey’s Atatürk said: Peace at Home, Peace in the World. Whatever kind of man he really was, the message is a good one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone watch the Socialist Worker’s party political last night?

    Seems they have wisened up a great deal as to the foreign interests running our country into the ground.

    So close to the old NF that both would be shocked and offended by the comparison lol.

    But some plain speaking nonetheless,,good on ’em..

    Phew!! never thought I would pay respects to lefties, but having said that, theres a world of difference between Socialism and the zionist Marxist Communism we see in every corridor of power today

  4. shirlz007 says:

    @NPP… WE ARE KEEPING THE HELL OUT OF SYRIA AND IRAN!!! regardless of what party (or puppeteer) comes into power!!! (that decision was made in 2010/2011)… not a cats chance in pissing hell WE will ever start that conflict… EVER!!! (the US seems to feel the same)

    I PUT THAT UPON MY UNBORN CHILDREN! Because of a woman I once loved, I swore that that war would never happen…

    they could start WW3 over Ukraine instead!


    I didn’t see this coming, not many did (Global Research and James Corbett are best sources… Dr Paul Craig Roberts)…

    here’s something not many are talking about! (in fact there seems to be only me)
    Neo-Nazism and The French Foreign Legion!


    ”This was a post by a commenter on

    shirlz007 said…

    I am adamant some of the far right, paramilitary, Neo Nazi groups, involved in Ukrainian demonstrations have come from The French Foreign Legion.

    In late 2010, The Legion was selecting an unusually high number of Eastern European Neo Nazis for final training (Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia… even a few Russians!). The strange thing is they all had previous connections before arriving, they seemed to be their for an agenda and to receive military training, and where orders where given to try and segregate these groups from everyone else.

    I would estimate for every ‘130’ lads that go… 12/13 get through for final selection, of these 12/13… 9/10 where these Neo-Nazi paramilitary groups mentioned…

    These are scary, scary guys!!! Eastern European, some brought up in war-zones such as Kosovo, built like brick s**t houses, usually history of football violence, and with extremely warped ideologies concerning their home countries and ideas of Neo-Nazism… but they do have a cracking sense of humour! (especially concerning Chuck Norris!)”

  5. shirlz007 says:

    Top Five Hottest Women of all Time?
    – Susanna Rigicci
    – Michelle Jenner
    – Amber Lyon (Muckraker)
    – Sara Firth (RT)
    – …. fifth option open to anyone who cuts the cake!

  6. Anonymous says:

    never heard of any of your women shirlz but you are right about the french foreign legion who are really just mercenaries and criminals.
    some good comments here
    i hate racism and for that reason will vote UKIP, as the 3 main arties are such haters and want wars on foreign people

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gen.Eisenhower was a 2 star general and was promoted above his ability because he was a jew, then because the jews ran the allied war effort they put him in as president, this man was a hater and he hated Germany for throwing out the jewbankers,
    he ordered up to 9 million surrendering german soldiers to be starved to death in the work camps, do you think for one minute that he would have allowed Hitler to have a peaceful retirememnt in argentina ?
    dont be silly
    This rumour is put about to make people think hitler was working for the jews which he wasnt

  8. Tapestry says:

    Hitler was a mind control victim, trained in the UK in 1912 at Tavistock.

  9. Anonymous says:

    dont be silly tap wiser men than us have told you before that hitler was not tavistock
    be sensible please

  10. Anonymous says:

    Be AWARE if searching from above (shirlz007 @ 11:21pm ) like:-

    This was a post by a commenter on


    so its flagged on new virgin accounts !!!!!!!!!


    Adult Restriction
    To protect our under 18 users, this content has been restricted. If you want to view this content simply register or log into Your Account at on your PC and select parental control so we can verify your age.

    Rat Control

    prefer your new pic TAP

  11. Anonymous says:

    tap do your homework or ask david irving or allan benz or gunther holitz they have all seen the documentation
    hitler was not mond cntrolled by jews britian or little green men

  12. stedra rulz says:

    If the Kiev regime were real National Socialists; they wouldn’t be taking any loans from the IMF.

  13. Anonymous says:

    NPP just sent my UKIP votes off.
    Just the once.

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