Prince Charles wants Britain fracked. He’s covertly pushing Agenda 21.

CHARLES WANTS TOUGH DECISIONS ON CLIMATE CHANGE….. bet he does, the criminal, bloodsucking, parasite – he and his friends the Rothchilds will ENSLAVE YOU ALL. Look who attended their mafia meeting. 

“Prince Charles has told a gathering of business leaders and investors in the City they must make “tough choices” that will make them unpopular to halt climate change.

In his first public engagement since comparing the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, the Prince of Wales delivered a speech at the “Inclusive Capitalism” conference at the Mansion House and Guildhall in London.

He told the conference, whose members represented 37 countries and who have a combined asset worth of $30trn: “We stand at a pivotal moment”.

“Either we continue on the path we seem collectively determined to follow, apparently at the mercy of those who vociferously and aggressively deny that our current model has any effect upon dangerously accelerating climate change, which I fear will bring us to our own destruction, or we can choose to act now before it is finally too late,” he said.

Sticking to the script, Prince Charles avoided any reference to comments he made last week in Canada in which he was reported to have compared Mr Putin’s actions in Ukraine with those of the Nazi leader during World War Two.

Referring to the creation of an inclusive, sustainable and resilient society, the Prince said: “There will be tough choices to make, and, take it from me, in the short term, you will not be popular with your peers.

“But if you stand firm and take the kind of action that is needed, I have every confidence the rewards will be immense.”

The conference, attended by keynote speakers former US President Bill Clinton, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde and Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney, is the brainchild of Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild – chief executive of E. L. Rothschild.

The Prince began by telling the conference he was “somewhat bewildered be being asked to join such a stratospheric group of financial, economic and business experts”. 
He said: “At the end of the day, the primary purpose of capitalism should surely be to serve the wider long-term interests and concerns of humanity, rather than the other way round.” 

TAP – Charles is promoting war with Vladimir Putin with one breath, and then pushing Agenda 21 with the other.  The two agendas are one and the same.  Driving people from their homes, cutting the population and moving the remaining population into cities.  

I like his faux surprise at being associated with so many top experts from industry and commerce.  His Prince Of Wales Business Leaders Forum at the United Nations was ever thus, although it changed its name to hide his role to the International Business Leaders Forum.  He’s been behind the depopulation agenda all the way, and he knows full well that the sustainability agenda includes driving people out of the countryside by one means or another, and culling the population.  The biggest killer in history is the title he should be awarded.  

His recent cameo part on BBC’s countryside included a conversation with a mere peasant about whether he’d be happy living in the city instead of the depths of the countryside, and Charles made quite a point of saying,’well you won’t be happy to move to the city, will you’.  If you know about Charles’ involvement with Agenda 21, that conversation has much deeper significance than most viewers would have realised.  I can’t find the exact video but this one gives you the flavour of how he’s so ‘concerned that people can’t survive in the countryside any longer’….(ahem  Agenda 21 alert)

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5 Responses to “Prince Charles wants Britain fracked. He’s covertly pushing Agenda 21.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    No co-incidence that he makes this speech and they have this meeting
    2 days before the BILDERBERG conference in Copenhagen. I wonder if Hilary Clinton will attend again. ….. Next US President?

  2. shirlz007 says:

    really… I have the GOD given right to kill ANY LOSER who attempts to impose this slavery upon me! 😀 (that includes many taxi drivers, my parents, my next door neighbour… who’s a rapist and a woman beater by the way!)…. really under NATURAL LAW… ANYONE who tells me otherwise is wrong!

    YOU cannot argue against NBATURAL LAW! any attempt to do so will make ya look like a prick (as it has done no amount of times)


    (again… il kill anyone who attempts to impose this upon me, or the people I love)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seems Hilary is a loose cannon, the Jewish mafia are going to support Mitt Rommney.

  4. Anonymous says:

    what do you make of this henry.
    my boys school keeps having at assmbly prayers for lee rigby the soldier killed in london,
    now knowing what soldiers went to their country to do i had no sympathy for the guy, but chatting to other parents at the school i was surprised to find how many feel the same as i do, but after some research on the internet i now dont believe the story of the soldier being killed was true at all

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