Police fail to question former cabinet minister accused of raping 19 year old girl

She feared for her life during the ordeal.

Police complaints were covered at AV5 by Michael Doherty, who found his daughter was being groomed on the internet by a paedophile gang.  He called the Police and was arrested himself.  Ever since he’s been in conflict with the authorities fighting endless legal cases trying to get satisfaction for the injustice.  It’s been ten years already.

Only 0.3% of the cases brought to the Independent (haha!) Police Complaints Commission result in prosecution of the officers.  The system is totally flawed.  Here is yet another example.  Ben Fellows is another example of justice denied.

I’ll try to add things from AV5 notes later.  School run first, plus I’m on a speeding course today.  


Michael Doherty says people should private prosecution, starting in the Magistrates Court.  There is a six months time limit after an arrest is made.  There is no time limit on Crown Court prosecutions.  Many people are resorting to this tactic in an attempt to get justice.

MD says the IPCC is a cover-up system, and all watchdog agencies are.  There is corruption in the courts.  In his case, The COurt clerk was an ex-Police officer.  The Magistrates Courts are very bent.

MD threatened the IPCC with a judicial review.  It costs money to challenge the State.  They try to steer you down a civil road.  The only real accountability is criminal.

The stress involved in taking on the State is massive.  He met a good journalist called Michael Gillard, whose website was called ?Web Of Lies.  The Sapphire (paedophile) UNit were not even investigating MD’s allegations.  They failed to protect the other children being groomed by this paedophile gang despite his informing them what they were doing to his daughter.

MD recorded all his phone calls with the IPCC.  He recorded and videoed the Police entry into his house.  Minister (Glass?) admitted to him on tape that the IPCC is ‘not very effective’.

His website is www.campaign4justice.com

These are the statistics of crime in the Police force.  60,000 people a year make a complaint against the Police.  That is probably only 10% of those who should complain, but most are fearful and know there’s no point.

Deaths in police custody are no less than 1500 since 1990.  How many convictions have resulted?  Guess.  The answer is in fact zero.  Since 1996, there hasn’t even been a prosecution.

9 out of 10 of the investigators of the IPCC are ex-Police.  The Police investigating the Police.   Forged prosectors’ letters are sent to victims saying their complaint will not be resulting in any legal action being taken.  See www.whatdotheyknow.com

Less than 3% of IPCC complaints are substantiated.  97% are rejected.  Their budget is £40 million a year and they claim they are inadequately resourced.  The IPCC seek out ex-Police officers to recruit.

The Masons infiltrate organised crime into the Police.  MD was accused of assault on a court officer.  He is the only person ever to have been convicted of this offence.  He was fined £1000 and awarded £2000 costs.  He had kept an audio recording of the incident, which proved his innocence, and he appealed, and got the sums educed to a fraction of the £3000.  He won’t be paying one penny, he says.

In total he’s taken part in over 90 separate legal actions against the Police and the corrupt elements of the system since he was first charged when he called the Police to investigate the paedophile gang operating on the internet.  He’s been threatened over and over, and keeps his whereabouts secret.  His story shatters any illusions anyone might have had about the British Police being anything other than a criminal gang operating beyond political accountability.


justice delayed is justice denied.

Re Police officers wearing body cameras.  There should be no discretion allowed within the Police as to when these can be turned off.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the police are racist as hgell
    they have a black policemans association and an asain policemans assoc and even an association for homosexual pervert policemen
    but they are not allowed to have a white policemens assoc
    how hateful and racist is that ???
    see this its one of the best websites on the net

  2. Anonymous says:

    protocols of the learned elders of zion to be updated
    release soon


  3. Anonymous says:

    The police area joke they have totally lost the trust of the public, they kill us as soon as look at us, thats why people dont report crimes any more
    they are arsoles

  4. Anonymous says:

    So, how’s the supposed ‘hunger-strike’ going- any word from Ben Fellows? I wonder what his next ‘wizard wheeze’ will be…? / -:

    Ben fellows is an example of a shill who is discrediting the cause of genuine victims. Why do his adherents conveniently gloss over the inconsistances in his stories, and the erratic behaviour exhibited by Ben Fellows?

    Have you seen ‘The Real Ben Fellows’ on Youtube? He is a classic abusive male who takes great pleasure in degrading women.

    So, how’s the supposed ‘hunger-strike’ going- any word from Ben Fellows? I wonder what his next ‘wizard wheeze’ will be… / -:

    He jumped on the Savile bandwagon… before that, the Olympics twaddle…

    Ben ‘Jackanory’ Fellows would be a good name for him.

  5. Tapestry says:

    He says he’s standing against Ken Clarke in the GE.

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