More people are waking up

Dear Tap,

I think you and your blog are doing a top job with continued exposure about GMOs, Fracking, Agenda 21, and how Owen Paterson was inducted into the Bilderbergers, and just to look at his awful corrupt face and sly expression, i can instinctively tell this man wants to push through Agenda 21 and be rewarded for it.  I wonder what paranormal occult rituals and parties Owen paterson now attends?

I’m realising that , like a Spiral curriculum, issues like GMOs/Glyphosate, Agenda 21, 911, 7/7,  the lies of physics and reality, the general public need a drip drip re-exposure to these issues.  Then cracks appear in the Matrix wall in peoples brains.  I’ve witnessed some amazing awakenings in people who a few months ago were arrogant and closed minded.

I’ve realised that gently, but firmly persisting, sticking to Truth, returning to topics every week with friends and family, they start to awaken.
Tap Blog’s doing a similar job I feel. You return every week or fortnight to GMOs and Fracking, and really are helping the Awakening.

I was ‘amused’ by Charles and Camillas sour faced reaction to the canadian school play, impersonating Elisabeth Windsor.  Very nice to see that the Royals dont have fawning servile people everywhere.  

Could this be a sign that people are waking up?  I must say its very arrogant of the Royals to go to Canada, so soon after the Common Law Court convictions of what they did in kamloops Canada in the 60s.   Id have thought Royalty would stay away, but there’s arrogance for you.

But as you’ve commented somewhere on this site, the Public will start losing respect, there will be no more fawning admiration.  Once the Public momentum reaches critical mass wakening up to what these people get upto every week, that Kevin Annett and the ITCCS has bravely shown, the game will be up!  Hopefully this is an indication the public are less deferential now.  

Best wishes  A 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is why no one at my place of work is voting UKIP
    they are as much in israels pocket as the 3 main racist parties

  2. Anonymous says:

    People are waking up
    Todays downmarket trashpaper The Daily Mirror had as its front page story a 20 year old boy constantly refused jobs took his life.
    The government in its vile racist policies has brought in foreign nationals from all over the world and given them our kids jobs.
    Mr cameron and millipede are both cleectively responsible for this boys death

  3. shirlz007 says:

    I know I’ve become ‘Spiritually Awakened’ in the previous few weeks (Im spending all this evening watching Mark Passio!)…

    But… this whole CIA (and mi6) PSY OP known as the ‘Snowden Revelations’…
    (between 20,000 and 1.6 million ‘top secret’ documents… depending on who you ask)


    -Edward Snowden becomes a comic book hero
    (some of us where joking about creating a comic book hero!!!)

    -The film rights are sold to Barbara Broccolli (producer of Bond films, daughter of ‘Chubby’ Broccolli… don’t get me started on Occultic James Bond crap)

    -Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras
    sell the documents (they have!) to E-bay founder and billionaire Pierre Omidyar, and start up an ‘alternative media’ organisations that goes against the principles they first claimed to have!

    – Julian Assange and Wikileaks (a Rothschild/Brit Intel and suspect Mossad Operation) weighs in and attempts to obtain the documents.
    Assange gets a bit jealous.

    THE COUNTRY IN QUESTION IS VENIZUALA (and Cuba to a certain extent)

    – No-one can quite grasp the reality of Ed Snowden being a front man for quite a larger operation involving CIA/Brit Intel

    – Of course the Chinese and Uncle Putin got their hands on a ‘treasure trove’ of documents (Pentagon are worried war plans, NSA defence and offence… all sorts, where given to Chinese. Whether Snowden aided them wittingly or unwittingly)

    -OF COURSE OF FUCKING OF COURSE RUSSIAN FSB DIGESTED THE INFOMATION SNOWDEN HAD ON HIM. Snowden now works for Putin! in terms of propaganda and information

    -Not much was covered about the NSA and Isreal’s debauched relationship (some jumped on it, the MSM obviously didn’t)
    CIA recently released some documents regarding the love/hate relationship

    -Not much has been revealed regarding NSA manipulation of financial markets, and black budgets…
    although some are using their INTELLIGENCE

    FIRST CLUE WOULD HAVE BEEN… The Guardian! British Intelligence owned and controlled! (left wing British Intelligence, as left wing as it gets… BUT BRITISH INTEL NONE THE LESS!)

  4. shirlz007 says:

    from now on, any CIA or MI6 (or FSB for that matter) that approach me…
    ‘do you have anything on Aliens?’
    ‘erm… no?’
    ‘fuck off then’

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is how I see the Common Market election.
    What other Party is big enough to give the Elite a wake up call.
    Which other Party is for getting us out of the EU.
    Who else can stick the knife in Cameron and Miliband.
    Remember the cast iron guarantee we were given to have a vote about leaving the EU.
    Just a play on words, everyone knows not to use Cast Iron, because it breaks.
    Just once vote UKIP.
    We have NEVER been European’s.

  6. Anonymous says:

    There are some really funny photographs of Millipede eating a bacon sandwich on Guido Fawkes.

  7. shirlz007 says:

    This is it for me… Mark Passio!

    One of your readers posted a video presentation Mark Passio, and it blew me away. I would like to thank them dearly for pointing me towards the work and ideas of Mr Passio.

    I’ve spent the last four/five years refusing to except a Satanic conspiracy exists (EVEN THOUGH I WAS INTRODUCED TO IT RIGHT FROM THE START!).

    Thanks to sites such as Aangirfan, VeteransToday, Global Research… I understood the ‘Criminal Conspiracies’ that operate amongst Intelligence Services, the banking and financial control, the geo-politics regarding The Arab Spring, Ukraine, US foreign policy, I approached VIP child abuse networks as a criminal conspiracy involving Security Services and blackmail (which isn’t a bad thing in terms of raising awareness and pursuing an investigation), I understood Israel and Zionism in terms of ‘false flag’ terrorism… but nothing prepared me for anything Satanic or supernatural.
    (I consider ESP and Telepathic abilities a non-supernatural and natural part of the human psyche… Science will explain it in our lifetime)

    It was TheTap (yourself) and your readers that finally forced me to consider that there’s something a lot more to this than just ‘criminal’ or megalomaniac behaviour.

    I can only thank you, and your enlightened readers for this…

    For those who are still posting hateful, negative, or stupid comments… I can only say, you wouldn’t be on here if you weren’t considering the possibility yourselves.

    This ‘awakening’ can be extremely painful and traumatic, and realising something is drastically wrong means a lot people will become FEARFUL!

    I HAVE NEVER BEEN OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITY OF ANYTHING LIKE THIS (and I never read a book or watched a presentation by you know who… maybe I will! 😀 )… I can only say watching Mark Passio speak, and the ideas and information he’s presenting has absolutely changed my perspective on the situation we’re ALL facing.

    Maybe different people, resonate towards different ‘teachers’ so to speak, and for me Mr Passio was the one.
    (I knew something was happening a few weeks ago when I reconsidered EVERYTHING I had heard, read or seen, and watched ‘Ancient Blood Conspiracy’ documentary with a FULL OPEN MIND)

    But for those who are not familar with Mark Passio, or who are still only considering the possibility… please try and watch the following videos (especially Natural Law), I have never heard anyone explain it all with such clarity and simpleness.

    I really do hope some of commentators will read this (if you decide to publish it)

    Kind regards

    PS Still slightly miffed about a commercial jet disapearing off the face of the Earth, and the ‘alternate’ media refusing to come together collectively and solve it though! 😀
    I was under the impression next time something that blatent happened, the ‘alternate media’ would jump on it and tear the narrative apart (didn’t really happen to the extent it should have)

  8. Anonymous says:

    today is voting day and many peeople sick of the racism of the 3 main parties will vote ukip
    before you do watch this vid

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the the people are waking up to the horrors of GMOs. Monsanto is probably the most hated corporation in the world. Yet, Monsanto stock is currently at a 5-year high. Evidently, being the scourge of mankind is a very profitable endeavor.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Anon 2:58pm, you have a very valid point, if the Monsanto stock price is at a high, who is buying them ??
    Can we find out who are the holders of Monsanto stock, there must be some way.
    Is it the Unions or is it the Elite, somebody must know.
    There must be some Monsanto shareholders who read this blog.
    How about giving us some information.

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