Owen Paterson Must Go

UPDATE from Gordon –
Owen Paterson defends the use of bees – linked pesticide.


On at least two accounts there’s something very
 fundamentally amiss with an Environmental Minister who
 endorses the use of chemicals which destroy bees and
 chemicals used in Fracking which destroys the water tables
, rivers and land.  He clearly has forgotten that he is
 accountable not only to his constituency.

Proposed leaflet –
Over many years Owen Paterson has acted out the role of a caring and loyal constituency MP. Until last year he was liked well enough.  But today he’s abandoned his constituents, and they’re angry.  
Paterson is backing the destruction of our farms, businesses, livelihoods, communities and health by fracking.   The release of methane gas and other poisons across North Shropshire’s beautiful towns and villages, into our air, water and soil, will be nothing less than catastrophic.  The water table beneath the ground will be destroyed forever.  Many people and animals will be made sick, and forever after, we will have to rely on water supplied from outside, leaving us vulnerable to exploitation and endless shortages.
The drilling has yet to start but already houses, farms and businesses near proposed drill sites are unsellable.  The other effects of fracking will soon be felt if it goes ahead –
  • earthquakes, vibration, subsidence of buildings  (http://stopfyldefracking.org.uk)
  • poisoning of ground water, soil and air (Watch Fracktured Future on Youtube)
  • people becoming sick, deaf, blind, shaking and vomiting, and dying. (TIMES 29.4.2014. pp30)
Let’s hope local opposition groups are successful in stopping it.
Methane’s invisible, odourless, and is known as ‘the silent killer’. It attacks the nervous system, disrupts DNA and the endocrine system, one of the most poisonous gases on the planet.  Yet Paterson wants you to laugh it all off with stories about cows farting.
Many scientists believe the mass extinctions of species 250 million years ago and 50 million years ago were caused by vast methane releases from under the sea.
Fracks are, in effect, small scale extinctions.  Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, with twenty times the greenhouse effect of CO2.

Invited to become a Bilderberger, he has abandoned us and agreed to deliver the agenda of the powerful. His reward is a high position in David Cameron’s government, and, as now appears likely, becoming a European Comissioner.  

What is that agenda?
At the Rio Earth Summit in 1993, The Agenda for the 21st Century (Agenda 21) was agreed. Agenda 21 was adopted by the United Nations, and signed into by countries like America and Britain. This Agenda places nature above mankind, requiring the following measures to be taken by governments (Watch ‘Agenda 21 For Dummies’ on Youtube) –
  • the clearing of all people from the countryside into cities
  • the rewilding of the countryside
  • large reduction in the world’s human population
  • the ending of all private property, including private cars
  • the end of the nation state
  • the removal of children from their families and their raising by the state
Fracking is simply a weapon designed to clear the countryside as required by Agenda 21.


The worst thing about fracking is the total consumption and permanent destruction of water reserves.  The Great Lakes are being drained in the USA.  In Australia, the Great Artesian Basin is disappearing.  Underground water is made unusable for anything at all, in perpetuity.  
Water is being deliberately made a scarce commodity worldwide, and will be used as a weapon.  The people of North Shropshire must rise up, stop the drills at the well-heads, (as others have legally done in other parts of the country), and save our County’s water and land, along with its people.  Paterson the scab must be driven out.

Henry Curteis and The North Shropshire Anti-Fracking Association

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13 Responses to “Owen Paterson Must Go”

  1. NPP says:

    Re: Someone has to stand against him at the next election and seek his removal. If no one ale will, I will.

    Wow. I’ve thought about standing, yet have no desire to be an MP. It would merely be a last resort because as you say, no one else is stepping up to the plate. I simply do not have the resources, nor the inclination, yet I start to wonder when is there no option, but step up.

    It is interesting that Ian R. Crane decided to dedicate 2013 to the Fracking issue.

    The Owen Paterson family ties to Fracking lobbying etc… only Tap has informed me of this.

    What is happening at TPV? They should be covering this. Lack of money and Icke is apparently being hit again by those he calls out.
    Of course, the BBC should be covering this. The BBC. What a shame.

    I still intend to vote UKIP, but even they are pro Fracking. That is how desperate the choice is. Did you see:
    Roger Helmer to fight Newark seat for UKIP:

    I listened to Hague this morning re Ukraine & Syria. He is an utter disgrace. He must be well trained / bribed / blackmailed.

    The 300 Nigerian school girl abduction is a convenient diversion from Putin playing the EU-US-UK-NATO merry dance.

    I’m still painting scenes of Gallipoli. I constantly ask myself what all these young soldiers died for whether here or there? I sadly conclude they were sacrificial lambs for ulterior motives of power brokers way up the ladder, and nothing has changed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    UKIP lose a lot of would be votes over their fracking ignorance
    but look at this, it will really upset that poor mr rothschild


  3. Anonymous says:

    CHRIS SPIVEY IS BACK AFTER THE LATEST ATTACK, i could not understand why the jews hate him so much, but then the jews hate everybody
    here he is talking about the chentrail rally on may 5
    be there please


  4. Anonymous says:

    NPP you have my support and others, keep up your good work.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I deleted the other publish of this post. Some of the facts were wrong, and are now corrected. I saw a comment offering help with a leafleting campaign to get rid of Owen Paterson. Please send comment again or email. Thanks.

  6. Ian R Thorpe says:

    It’s not just Paterson who should be slung out of office, the whole corrupt, greedy, monery grabbing, self serving, elitist gand should go, all three parties, they’re all tainted.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Further to Tap’s post Bees attend their keeper’s funeral the same Owen Patterson defends the use of bees – link pesticide.


    On at least two accounts there’s something very fundamentally amiss with an Environmental Minister who endorses the use of chemicals which destroy bees and chemicals used in Fracking which destroys the water tables, rivers and land. Secondly, he clearly has forgotten that he is accountable not only to his constituency but as a senior minister to the people of England. I ask then, why isn’t Owen Patterson protecting his constituents and what indirect interest does he have with such a blot on the landscape.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, wondered where that article and comments had gone.
    If you stand for election I will bring some people from Yorkshire to leaflet for you.
    I did mention it might be an idea to sponsor a younger local candidate, as electioneering is time consuming.
    Keep up the pressure either way.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Fracking banned in Beverly Hills – a first for California
    By: MTJ

    Celebrity-stacked Beverly Hills has become the first municipality in California to ban the practice of hydraulic fracking, or fracking, along with acidization and other extreme well stimulation techniques.

    The initial push for legislation happened last month and was confirmed by Tuesday’s city council vote, which was unanimous. The law will come into effect June 6, Reuters reported.


  10. Tapestry says:

    As for younger candidate, I agree entirely. Right now it’s Dad’s Army all over again. I stood in 2001 (aged 46) for UKIP so have some idea what’s involved. I was single then and had lots of single friends with no kids! We’ll keep a lookout for the right person to run, while setting up the right structure etc. in the meantime.

  11. Tapestry says:

    Are we allowed to call it ‘Owen Paterson Must Go’?

    Any other suggestions?

    understand agenda 21

    apparently frackfreehomes might legally conflict with frackfreechester etc and is being guarded as a name quite tightly by their lawyers.

    any lawyers out there have any opinions?

  12. Anonymous says:

    That’s fine Tap, brief and to the point.
    Get him out, then some of the others.
    One step at a time, catchee monkey.

  13. Tapestry says:

    The only party in favour of banning fracking is The Greens, and they’re covert totalitarians and pro-paedophilia. They never mention Agenda 21 or other elements like chemtrails. There is a need for a party which tells the whole story.

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