Oregon voters just handed us yet another huge victory against GMOs

Oregon voters just handed us yet another huge victory against GMOs by banning the planting of all genetically engineered crops across Jackson County!
New research has found that genetically modified soy causes deformities in pigs. No wonder they don’t want it labeled!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    a massive attack on the top whistleblowing website thetruthseeker.co.uk was timed to knock out its article for today, election day. Rumour has it the article warned of jews infiltrating and running the main parties, as to yet UKIP is an unknown. But remember the insider gossip when they tried to kill farage ina plane crash, under threat he went over to supporting the jews who want to destroy the country

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I can’t get in there thetruthseeker site. It is totally blank.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i believe the atacks are timed for the elction, i just went round to vote and a host of parties i never heard of are on the list.
    PS Ben Fellowes is said to be standing as an “anti boynobbing ” candidate who wants all the files opened ging way back, and both sex with kids stopped and those who do it named and shamed
    he would get my vote

  4. NPP says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

    the truth-seeker.co.uk site is also blank here in Australia.

    For those of us hard-core readers, we know which sites/authors are co-creative for we the Resistance

    and no amount of censorship and silencing by whatever means will stop us.

    Yesterday on the MSM news here we were told about some public episodes of anti-semitism.

    To which I say-let us NOT practice and speak HATE, all the while we ARE standing up for JUSTICE and TRUTH. Sound HEALTH for all people and our natural environments.

    In Australia we have the Rebel of Oz. Many fine, like minded people across Planet Earth speaking the same language.

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