Odessa carnage adds fuel to pro-Russian fire in Ukraine

Odessa carnage adds fuel to pro-Russian fire in Ukraine

05/05/2014 – 08:09
People bring flowers, lit candles and black and orange ribbons of St. George to mourn the death in Odessa, at the gate of the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow. Photo Reuters

People bring flowers, lit candles and black and orange ribbons of St. George to mourn the death in Odessa, at the gate of the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow. Photo Reuters
Pro-Russian militants stormed a Ukrainian police station in Odessa yesterday (4 May) and freed nearly 70 fellow activists as the country’s leaders lamented a police force they said was widely undermined by graft or collaboration with separatists.
Militants chanted “We will not forgive!” and “Russia!” as they smashed windows and broke down the gate at the compound two days after over 40 pro-Russian activists died in a blaze at a building they had occupied after clashes with pro-Kyiv groups.
Friday’s deaths occurred after running clashes, involving petrol bombs and gunfire, between supporters and opponents of Moscow on the streets of Odessa, where the majority of people speak Russian. The pro-Russian activists were trapped in a building as it burned down.
Odessa police said 67 activists were allowed to walk free.
Some officers were offered the black and orange St. George’s ribbon, a Russian military insignia that has become a symbol of the revolt, and were cheered by the crowd of several hundred.
Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk, speaking in the Black Sea port, was pointedly critical of the Odessa police: “If the law enforcement system in Odessa had worked not exclusively on the ‘Seventh Kilometre’ and had protected people, then these terrorist organisations would have been foiled,” he said.
The Seventh Kilometre is an open market on the edge of Odessa, associated in the popular consciousness with the corruption and black market business that have blighted Ukraine’s 23 years of post-Soviet independence.
Addressing hundreds of supporters of the Kyiv authorities who gathered near the site of the blaze late on Sunday, newly appointed police chief Ivan Katerinchuk promised to bring those behind Friday’s deaths to justice, whatever their allegiance: “Like you, I want to restore law and order to Ukraine,” he said.
Friday’s clashes were the deadliest since Moscow-oriented president Viktor Yanukovich was forced to flee in February and pro-Russian militants launched uprisings in the industrial east. They also marked the first serious disorder far to the west of those eastern areas, heralding possible trouble for Kyiv.


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  1. Anonymous says:


    The cold war against Russia was really a Cover to build an arsenal of weapons to fight the already present Extraterrestrials. With Russia helping.

    By the time President Nixon returned from China, having
    agreed to turn over Vietnam to the Communists, he had effectively turned the Soviets’ flank in the Cold War. For the next decade, the Soviets felt caught between the Chinese, with whom they’d fought border wars in the past, and the United States. When President Ronald Reagan demonstrated to Mikhail Gorbachev that the United States was capable of deploying an effective antimissile missile defense and sought Soviet cooperation in turning it against the extraterrestrials, all pretext of the Cold War ended and the great Soviet monolith in Eastern Europe began to crumble.
    But the Cold War worked its magic for both superpowers by allowing them to prepare defenses against the extraterrestrials without ever having to disclose to the public what they were really doing. When you examine it, the record itself should have showed that another agenda was present throughout the Cold War. After all, why did each side really have ten or more times the number of warheads needed to completely destroy the other side’s nuclear missile arsenal as well as their major population centers? The real story behind the vast missile arsenals, the huge fleets of bombers, and the ICBM submarine platforms that both sides deployed was the threat to the aliens that if they occupied a portion of our planet, we had the fire power to obliterate them.

    Taken from ‘The Day Of Roswell’ by Lt Phillip Corso page 54


  2. Nollidge says:

    The new bosses in the usurped government of Ukraine might not be “aliens”,but they are all holders of double nationality,if you know what I mean.

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