Nigel Farage is a fracking Freemason. UKIP is a Weapon Of Mass Distraction.

Roger Helmer, UKIP’s Energy Spokesman, being welcomed (Masonically) aboard as he switched party from Conservative to UKIP.  Changing party did not include changing any of his energy policies.  Both he and Farage are ‘frackers’ and Freemasons.

TAP – An Australian company Dart Energy is proposing an exploratory drill starts working next to my jewellery factory in Shropshire (literally across just one small field) in Owen Paterson’s constituency, and planning is being sought. This will be very noisy 24 hours a day for sixty days – and will issue many fumes and toxic gases, right next to our workplace and our ancient family home occupied since 925 AD.

 Following on from that, there is a high chance that fracking will follow on after the drilling.  So what exactly is fracking? 

Owen Paterson, the local MP, replies with a standard letter to worried constituents, but refuses to discuss the situation beyond his standard reply letter, which he sends to all enquiries whatever their concerns. The government is in favour of fracking. So sadly is UKIP’s Energy Spokesman Roger Helmer.  

Interestingly the main proponent in the media of coal gas/fracking in Britain is Owen Paterson’s brother-in-law, author and erstwhile CEO of Northern Rock Building Society, Viscount Matt Ridley.  

Owen Paterson MP.  Nothing to say about fracking to his constituents other than the lines he’s been fed to place in his standard reply letter.  Britain’s useful idiot Secretary Of State for the Environment.

No compensation will be paid for destroyed water resources, ruined buildings and abandoned houses and villages. In the USA millions are affected by subsidence, sinkholes, poisoned water and air.  In the UK, with our more highly concentrated population and gas sitting underneath 64% of the country’s surface area, the devastation can only be worse. 

Energy Industry expert Ian Crane talking on UK Column explains in the video below.  This is a major and current threat, he says, not something down the track.   

Our current experiences in Shropshire suggest that he’s right about that.

No less than 64% of England is located above coal gas, Crane says.  This could be coming to your area sooner than you think.  They are selecting areas where they believe political opposition will be weak first, quiet country areas like Dudleston in Shropshire.  I wonder if they might have chosen a wrong place to start…..

Crane’s video starts with the story of BP Deepwater Horizon,  the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe.  That event was, in his opinion, deliberately caused, killing 11 people in the explosion, and thousands since affected by the chemicals sprayed to disperse the oil.   The same individuals who were behind that event are now being hired by David Cameron to promote fracking across Britain.  Lord Brown formerly BP Chairman is running the fracking (shale gas) show from behind the scenes using small front companies with names like Dart Energy that no one’s ever heard of.  It’s a way of defusing opposition, keeping big names out of the media.

Crane concentrates on the actual fracking threat in more detail starting at 50 minutes.  MPs sitting in Parliament have little idea about fracking, he says, other than the lines they’ve been fed by the corporations, which are gross oversimplifications, hiding the real dangers.  These dangers he demonstrates using videos from the US and Australia.  The existence of these videos is denied by the industry.  Watch them from 1 hour onwards.  

Each frack requires millions of gallons of water – about 20 million gallons per drill site, of which very little is recoverable as it’s heavily polluted.  5% of the liquid pumped down are ‘additives’.

In the USA they’re draining The Great Lakes to supply the water.  In Australian half a trillion gallons of water are being withdrawn annually from the Great Artesian Basin, six times the replacement water required each year.  These places have much smaller populations per square mile than Britain.  We are 20 times more populated than Colorado, for example, and yet the people there are suffering severe environmental consequences.  The unusable polluted waters are dumped into local waterways. 

(Search google for the ‘Halliburton loophole‘ which permits this dumping in the USA.  No doubt similar laws will soon be passed in the UK by the Dept of Climate Change, Energy and Unconventional Gas and Oil).

The fact is that fracking’s coming to your home, just as it is to ours,  unless it’s stopped, and needs understanding.  Better to get clued up now, and join the resistance against this pernicious attack on homes, health and livelihoods.  Official denial is the norm in Britain when water is polluted, as happened with the Camelford incident in 1988, where thousands were poisoned by a truck dumping toxic material direct into the public water supply.(1hr 25 minutes)  

Once politicians start hiding things, you know there’s an evil agenda.  Old loyalties become meaningless.  Local people should launch a new political party to send Owen Paterson packing.  FFH – Frackfreehomes should be launched (Name of new party is under review, and will change as FF is already in use)  

Wheels within wheels.  Secretary of State for the Environment Owen Paterson’s brother-in-law Viscount Matt Ridley.  He is the main quoted ‘expert’ and media proponent of fracking in Britain.  Owen Paterson is entirely in favour of fracking, to the extent that he won’t even discuss the subject with his constituents and near neighbours who are directly affected by fracking proposals.

FFH should start as a single issue campaign, but be willing to stay in business to fight all government-approved environmental attacks on our homes, health and livelihoods.  What’s the point in getting excited about UKIP, which offers no alternative for fracking, GMOs, wasteful energy production methods and so on?  UKIP’s just the next sell-out, and will waste our time. 

(Henry Ford was building viable electric cars over a hundred years ago.  VW has a car which will do 300 miles per gallon.  We don’t need all these hydrocarbons.  Electric trams were got rid of by the Rockefellers.  Taxes on hydrocarbons are the way the corporatocracy funds itself, and keeps people poor.  Cars can run on water.  Such breakthrough inventions are bought up and suppressed.  Or they’re eliminated in ‘other’ ways. 2 hours 25 minutes)

1 hour 26 minutes.  Australian footage of pollutant effects on peoples’ properties in NSW/Queensland used in fracking in the last three years.  In the US fracking has been going on about two decades.  Methane gas migrates to the surface, an odourless poisonous gas, which has to be detected by a device.     It’s very easy for the energy companies and governments to deny it’s there.

In Australia they just lie, and deny it’s in the water, when videos of setting the water alight with a cigarette lighter proves it is there.   
(1 hour 40 minutes)  The farmer whose land is affected in the Aussie video started collapsing, and suffering loss of coordination.  Methane is a neuro-inhibitor.  It is also a DNA disrupter and an endocrine disrupter.  Land is becoming less and less habitable.  Check out ‘Split Estate‘ on Youtube.  

Many people in the USA are suffering early dementia from contamination with methane from fracking. (1 hour 45 minutes).   There are many other chemicals being pumped into the environment by fracking.  These costs are not being taken into account by our politicians as they are either not even aware of them, or they are party to the secret agenda to destroy human health.   Owen Paterson is already guilty of destroying life by his promotion of GMOs.  Fracking in Britain is pure Russian roulette.  People will die.  These are weapons of Agenda 21, designed to reduce population and drive people out of the countryside. 

2 hours 5 minutes – property prices crash when frackers move in.  Blackpool property prices collapsed when fracking moved in, and two earthquakes hit, and they will remain completely depressed until the threat of fracking is removed.  Same in the USA.  You can only horizontally drill for a few hundred yards, and drills are now moving into towns, whereas they started in the less populated areas to start with.  6-8 vertical drills per square mile are needed.  Each well requires 400 truck journeys.  We don’t have the infrastructure to cope with this. 

No buildings insurance will be available.

2 hours 15 minutes.  The UK’s Growth and Infrastructure Bill enables fast tracking of fracking, now passed.  Local opposition can now be overruled.  Many tracking applications were delayed waiting for the Growth and Infrastructure Bill, which is now in place.  The only opposition left can be direct action, yet the Police are using maximum brutality on people demontrating at fracking drills.  (2 hours 20 minutes).

Britain won’t be able to grow crops and farm animals.  We won’t have clean water except as supplied by the corporations.  Houses will be need to be hermetically sealed, and clean air will be supplied by utilities, and paid for (2 hours 33 minutes).  

Agenda 21 requires the population to be driven into cities and off the land, which is to go to waste.  Fracking is not about cheap gas.  Gas prices won’t ever go down.  They’ll offer money for local community centres and so on to try to stop people thinking about the risks involved in shale gas.  Opponents of The Dash for Gas are being demonised, called ‘eco-mentalists, socialists, hippies’, and so on.(2 hours 40 minutes).  The mainstream media will not let the real message out.  The blogs have to make the tracking threat as well understood as chemtrails have become through alternative media.  The useful idiot/corrupt politicians must not be allowed to get away with destroying our country, our health and livelihoods.

Water, essential to life, is worth more than gas, and health has a higher priority than energy company profits.  People have to wake up fast.  The bastards are pulling a fast one and need to be stopped.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘Electric trams were got rid of by the Rockefellers’….

    Not in the UK they weren’t. There are cities here that have used them for over a century and some have taken up using trams in city centre areas where cars are prohibited.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t there be a link to a video?

  3. Anonymous says:


    2 May 2014

    Max Clifford sentenced to eight years for indecent assaults

    Bill Maloney fights Max Clifford outside Court. National media cover up what really happened.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Seems clear Farage is a fracking shill. Shame really but then we shouldn’t be surprised when he rubs shoulders with Murky Murdoch.

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