Memorial Day. US bosses kill their own troops.

wasted lives

Memorial Day means nothing
as U.S. bosses kill their own troops

If you’re in the U.S. military,
you’re both a fool and a dupe,
fighting for the crime lords

10 am EDT

By John Kaminski

So, who was it that the heroes of Seal Team 6, riding on a boobytrapped helicopter they never should have been on, gave their lives for?

Or how about Pat Tillman, the handsome football star turned Army Ranger and budding peace activist, who one day while serving in Afghanistan turned up with a small circle of bulletholes in his head? First they gave him a Silver Star for bravery; then they admitted he was killed by friendly fire. Who was he killed for? Was he about to say the war in Afghanistan was a bad joke?

The popular question for the past year in our mutilated media involves the 2012 murder of four U.S. officials in Benghazi, Libya, an event supposedly watched via Drone TV by no one less than the President of the United States, his Secretary of State, and an animated collection of their sycophantic advisers. 

Some people say they could have saved them, but the most powerful people in the world chose to watch their loyal employees be obliterated by a mortar shell without lifting a finger to help. They didn’t want the story of funneling weapons to the rebels in Syria to get out.

How many more giant red flags do you need to convince your children never to join the U.S. military, lest they wind up as cannon fodder for the power elite? If you do need more red flags, there is an endless supply.

And what is your feeling when you gaze upon those tombstones, all the wonderful people who threw away their lives over wars that turned out to be nothing but preposterous lies, invented threats and twisted facts designed to make money for the very rich, who had absolutely no regard for the people who were convinced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The Benghazi deception reminds us of the USS Liberty, when in 1967 the powers that be let Israel bomb a U.S. ship, kill 34 Americans, injure 174 others. And then cover it up for 40 years. The highest levels of the U.S. government deemed it appropriate to allow a foreign country — the Jewish psychopath nation of Israel — to deliberately murder American sailors as part of their Dr. Strangelove scam to start a nuclear war in Egypt. Fortunately, the Liberty crew hung on, against all odds, and the Jewish nuclear war had to be postponed.

Even worse than that, though, is the widespread and long-lasting impression that the good old USA saved the world for democracy twice during the 20th century. It is the overweening hoax of all time, because the World Wars were nothing but massive banker passion plays costing the lives of more than a hundred million people and benefiting no one but the bankers who were able get control of all the world’s governments and all the world’s banks in the process.

If you’re still thinking about joining up, top that all off with record numbers of soldier suicides and cases of PTSD .

Everybody knows about it, but the government won’t talk about it, or at least not honestly, even thought they’ll admit that 22 veterans commit suicide every day.

For further verification about the uselessness to your life of being in the military, you need only direct your attention to the Veterans Administration in Arizona and the current revelations that the VA kept two set of books to deny care to grievously wounded veterans so that they would simply die and no longer tax the underpaid and under qualified staff who are far more interested in pharmaceutical bonuses and cigarette breaks than they are in genuinely helping severely wounded vets.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just came across this article by Abel Danger.
    Shows how the American War machine is run by the Pritzker, Klutznic and Crown families.
    The use the Zionist B’nai B’rith Freemasons to get contracts off the Government.

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