‘Let’s talk about fracking’. What the BBC failed to broadcast.

Readers suggested I made a video after the BBC Radio Shropshire failed to broadcast my interview on fracking two days ago.  Here ’tis.  We’ve titled it ‘Let’s talk about fracking’.  It’s on youtube, facebook and twitter.  The subject is explained.  What’s fracking all about.  The movement to get rid of Owen Paterson as the MP for North Shropshire is gathering steam, as people realise he’s sold out to vested interests.

The BBC claimed they didn’t run my interview as I was talking about fracking.  Dart Energy insist they are only applying to make exploratory drills, and any discussion about fracking is therefore inappropriate, and the BBC, like wet rags, comply with the wishes of Dart Energy.  Dart Energy themselves admit that if they find shale gas in the test drill, they will then apply for permission to frack.  The BBC is quite wrong to block discussion of the real topic.   We all know why they don’t want the real issues to come out, as I explain in the video.  Have a listen if you’re interested.

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  1. NPP says:

    This is great on so many levels. Thank you.

  2. Jennifer says:

    What if we could reclaim the word ‘sustain/able’
    Unfortunately my 2002 edition of the Shorter OED, as many recent dictionaries do, contains reference to the environment and resources. This is how this word has been co-opted.
    But also according to OED definition: Sustain;
    To endure without failing or giving way.
    To withstand.
    To support life.
    To keep going.
    To support as valid, correct, or just.

    Let’s start to use this word properly, as in ‘we will sustain this country against fracking’, ‘the countryside is sustainable (to be upheld/defended) from fracking’
    Well argued video, make more please.

  3. NPP says:

    Today’s Truth About Cancer link
    Episode 4: Spoiled Rotten:
    Seems to last for 24 hours, as you can see from links below which seem to be today’s episode… such interesting info.

    The Truth About Cancer Episode #1
    The Quest for The Cures: Episode 2: Are you Immune?
    The Quest for The Cures: Episode 3: Franken-Foods & Cancer Causers

  4. Anonymous says:

    Unless we fight back we really are doomed…if America with an armed populace aren’t going to arrest their criminal congress what chance have we. A vote is not the weapon we think it is. The whole thing is rigged. The clock really is ticking !!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is really interesting. As you’re a UKIP supporter, do you think they ought to turn their attentions away from Europe more towards China, and American/multinational corporations as being the real enemies of our freedom and sovereignty? European laws have actually saved us so far from being fracked and GMOd. There are much more enlightened views on the environment in Europe, can you imagine what would happen if Cameron et al could let loose without the decent safeguards that Europe provides on these issues? I for one am much more frightened of the unelected Chinese power over us, and the unelected corporate bosses (Nestle fellow being one) Who have more power than most of our elected representatives at home orin Europe. I don’t understand why UKIP isn’t making these things visible too?
    Thanks for your good work. I’m not a UKIP supporter, but as they have so much local support it would be good to see some more facts being channelled to their supporters.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Do I sound like a UKIP supporter?

  7. Tapestry says:

    Do I sound like a UKIP supporter?

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