Rumour – Is Paterson about to become EU Commissioner?

No sooner has The Tap Blog started campaigning for an end of Owen Paterson as the MP for Shropshire North, and rumours are circulating of his imminent resignation.  

Some of you might have noticed the bookies have him posted as 5 to 1 to be appointed the next European Commissioner.   Then a little bird told me yesterday he’s spending his days sitting in his office hiding away from his constituents knowing how angry they all are with his useful idiot support for fracking their lands and homes.  

At the same time, Chinese-CNOOC-owned Dart Energy representatives probe the local area looking for anyone dumb enough to sign a contract with them to allow their land to be fracked.  Dart Energy leaflets can be found on local traders’ counters hoping there are yet more mugs willing to have their farms destroyed, their homes made valueless and their relatives and animals made ill.

It’s only a hunch, but given the enormous stench arising in Owen Paterson’s constituency as his constituents finally realise that, after twenty years building their trust, he’s sold them all down the river,  I would say he’s desperate for a life boat to come and sail him away.

What better reward for his treachery than to be made European Commissioner with pension for life, and juicy salary and expenses to enjoy for the next few years.  And what irony.  Cameron must be delighted to have got a supposed eurosceptic like Paterson to apply the very worst of the World Government agenda to the British people, while he sits on his hands in Downing Street.  Paterson’s GMOs and Fracking campaigns will ultimately kill more Britons than all the wars of the last two centuries combined, unless he and they are stopped.

Paterson attended last year’s Bilderberg meeting, not the false one in Watford set up to draw in the opposition, but the real one taking place in South London.

I posted ‘Paterson Must Go’ only last week.  Maybe he’ll be going a lot faster than even I expected.  Otherwise I can see farm products of various kinds flying through the air if he were so foolish as to show his face in public locally.  

Watch this video – Ian Crane in Fracktured Future – and then you might start to get it.…

Proposed leaflet –
Over many years Owen Paterson has acted out the role of a caring and loyal constituency MP. Until last year he was liked well enough.  But today he’s abandoned his constituents, and they’re angry.  
Paterson is backing the destruction of our farms, businesses, livelihoods, communities and health by fracking.   The release of methane gas and other poisons across North Shropshire’s beautiful towns and villages, into our air, water and soil, will be nothing less than catastrophic.  The water table beneath the ground will be destroyed forever.  Many people and animals will be made sick, and forever after, we will have to rely on water supplied from outside, leaving us vulnerable to exploitation and endless shortages.
The drilling has yet to start but already houses, farms and businesses near proposed drill sites are unsellable.  The other effects of fracking will soon be felt if it goes ahead –
  • earthquakes, vibration, subsidence of buildings  (
  • poisoning of ground water, soil and air (Watch Fracktured Future on Youtube)
  • people becoming sick, deaf, blind, shaking and vomiting, and dying. (TIMES 29.4.2014. pp30)
Let’s hope local opposition groups are successful in stopping it.
Methane’s invisible, odourless, and is known as ‘the silent killer’. It attacks the nervous system, disrupts DNA and the endocrine system, one of the most poisonous gases on the planet.  Yet Paterson wants you to laugh it all off with stories about cows farting.
Many scientists believe the mass extinctions of species 250 million years ago and 50 million years ago were caused by vast methane releases from under the sea.
Fracks are, in effect, small scale extinctions.  Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, with twenty times the greenhouse effect of CO2.

Invited to become a Bilderberger, he has abandoned us and agreed to deliver the agenda of the powerful. His reward is a high position in David Cameron’s government, and, as now appears likely, becoming a European Comissioner.  

What is that agenda?
At the Rio Earth Summit in 1993, The Agenda for the 21st Century (Agenda 21) was agreed. Agenda 21 was adopted by the United Nations, and signed into by countries like America and Britain. This Agenda places nature above mankind, requiring the following measures to be taken by governments (Watch ‘Agenda 21 For Dummies’ on Youtube) –
  • the clearing of all people from the countryside into cities
  • the rewilding of the countryside
  • large reduction in the world’s human population
  • the ending of all private property, including private cars
  • the end of the nation state
  • the removal of children from their families and their raising by the state
Fracking is simply a weapon designed to clear the countryside as required by Agenda 21.
The worst thing about fracking is the total consumption and permanent destruction of water reserves.  The Great Lakes are being drained in the USA.  In Australia, the Great Artesian Basin is disappearing.  Underground water is made unusable for anything at all, in perpetuity.  Water is being deliberately made a scarce commodity worldwide, and will be used as a weapon.  The people of North Shropshire must rise up, stop the drills at the well-heads if it gets the go-ahead, (as others have legally done in other parts of the country), and save our Country’s water and land, along with its people.  
The North Shropshire Anti-Fracking Association

email –

Watch this video – Ian Crane in Fracktured Future – and then you might start to get it.…

(Henry Ford was building viable electric cars over a hundred years ago.  VW has a car which will do 300 miles per gallon.  We don’t need all these hydrocarbons.  Electric trams were got rid of by the Rockefellers.  Taxes on hydrocarbons are the way the corporatocracy funds itself, and keeps people poor.  Cars can run on water.  Such breakthrough inventions are bought up and suppressed.  Or they’re eliminated in ‘other’ ways. 2 hours 25 minutes)

1 hour 26 minutes.  Australian footage of pollutant effects on peoples’ properties in NSW/Queensland used in fracking in the last seven years.  In the US fracking has been going on about two decades.  Methane gas migrates to the surface, an odourless poisonous gas, which has to be detected by a device.     It’s very easy for the energy companies and governments to deny it’s there.

In Australia they just lie, and deny it’s in the water, when videos of setting the water alight with a cigarette lighter proves it is there.   
(1 hour 40 minutes)  The farmer whose land is affected in the Aussie video started collapsing, and suffering loss of coordination.  Methane is a neuro-inhibitor.  It is also a DNA disrupter and an endocrine disrupter.  Land is becoming less and less habitable.  Check out ‘Split Estate‘ on Youtube.  

Many people in the USA are suffering early dementia from contamination with methane from fracking. (1 hour 45 minutes).   There are many other chemicals being pumped into the environment by fracking.  These costs are not being taken into account by our politicians as they are either not even aware of them, or they are party to the secret agenda to destroy human health.   Owen Paterson is already guilty of destroying life by his promotion of GMOs.  Fracking in Britain is pure Russian roulette.  People will die.  These are weapons of Agenda 21, designed to reduce population and drive people out of the countryside. 

2 hours 5 minutes – property prices crash when frackers move in.  Blackpool property prices collapsed when fracking moved in, and two earthquakes hit, and they will remain completely depressed until the threat of fracking is removed.  Same in the USA.  You can only horizontally drill for a few hundred yards, and drills are now moving into towns, whereas they started in the less populated areas to start with.  6-8 vertical drills per square mile are needed.  Each well requires 400 truck journeys.  We don’t have the infrastructure to cope with this. 

No buildings insurance will be available.

2 hours 15 minutes.  The UK’s Growth and Infrastructure Bill enables fast tracking of fracking, now passed.  Local opposition can now be overruled.  Many tracking applications were delayed waiting for the Growth and Infrastructure Bill, which is now in place.  The only opposition left can be direct action, yet the Police are using maximum brutality on people demontrating at fracking drills.  (2 hours 20 minutes).

Britain won’t be able to grow crops and farm animals.  We won’t have clean water except as supplied by the corporations.  Houses will be need to be hermetically sealed, and clean air will be supplied by utilities, and paid for (2 hours 33 minutes).  

Agenda 21 requires the population to be driven into cities and off the land, which is to go to waste.  Fracking is not about cheap gas.  Gas prices won’t ever go down.  They’ll offer money for local community centres and so on to try to stop people thinking about the risks involved in shale gas.  Opponents of The Dash for Gas are being demonised, called ‘eco-mentalists, socialists, hippies’, and so on.(2 hours 40 minutes).  The mainstream media will not let the real message out.  The blogs have to make the fracking threat as well understood as chemtrails have become through alternative media.  The useful idiot/corrupt politicians must not be allowed to get away with destroying our country, our health and livelihoods.

Water, essential to life, is worth more than gas, and health has a higher priority than energy company profits.  People have to wake up fast.  The bastards are pulling a fast one and need to be stopped.  

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10 Responses to “Rumour – Is Paterson about to become EU Commissioner?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How beautifully ironic it will prove to be if patterson moves into the european position only to lose his job when we BREXIT! Oh what sweet payback that would be


  2. Anonymous says:

    no British MP is allowed to make his own decisions, the party central office makes every decision for him, know this when you vote
    an independent or maybe ukip could be the answer

  3. Anonymous says:

    I bet you he’s quitting to take up a post at Dart Energy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t let your guard down Tap.
    Keep on the attack until he has gone.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think he is a sp*nkburper. He will belch loudly into the faces of his constituents after he has swallowed deep.

    Or he will be run out of town on a rail.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I live fairly near an airbase and if i see any lads thumbing a lift i will always give them a lift
    now until one told me about chemtrails i knew nothing, since then these lads have educated me on UFOs fracking and something esle, there were always nice brothels near military bases for lonely and desperate boys, 121 were closed after operation radium, these were russian run brothels
    but according to these lads they were israeli with russians at the fiorefront, and there to blackmail and get military secrets
    this is why they were closed down
    amazing what you discover when you give people a lift

  7. Anonymous says:

    Massive Chemtrailing over Doncaster, never seen this before — they are laying trails on top of one another.
    25 Chemtrails laid and it’s only 7:0 am, noticed they are HAARPing the clouds as well ??

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nottingham and Derby skies are like a chemical cocktail! We need more people to be angry and ask awkward questions! We do not need a silver sun!

    Kind regards,


  9. Anonymous says:

    richard branson when he was in his ballon was talking to people on the grrund and chris cooper from chris cooper investigates taped the call when he mentioned chemtrails all our ears pricked up, so i wrote to him 17 times asking him to clarify his complaint about chemtrails and he never answered once

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