Is David Icke a Freemason?

In his latest book, The Perception Deception, which is excellent, David Icke denies membership of the Freemasons, although he admits he’s interviewed Freemasons and visited Freemason premises and seen their inner temples. This video suggests his involvement might run a little bit deeper than that. 

Check out the handshakes.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bearing in mind Mr Icke’s advanced rheumatoid arthritis, there’s nothing untoward in those handshakes…

    The thing that proves he is a ‘wrong un’ is that he denies that Jesus Christ even existed.

    Christ’s message of ‘worship the creator, not the creation’ is the true key to freedom – because then you realise you don’t need government or money…

    In fact, human government is explicitly prohibited by God… The Bible is a legal document BTW – that’s why it’s called a ‘Testament’…

    Regards, Tim

  2. Tapestry says:

    Good point about the arthritis, Tim. The Bible has been heavily doctored and whatever the original message from Christ was, it has been adapted to meet the needs of the empire builders, and the bloodline families.

    I am interested in the Gnostic teachings which were destroyed by fire at Alexandria. The occult was not always occult. History has been hidden from us deliberately. Icke is an important source in re-exposing it. He admits being inside Freemasonic temples, but says he has no involvement.

    Kerry Cassidy and Bill O’Reilly look guilty as charged.

    Maybe s.o.e. can rediscover the real history of Christ. Icke’s search is taking him elsewhere.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The main points with icke are as follows according to an inteligence whistleblower i met some time back
    1 icke still follows the official
    holocuast story which has been disproved by man experts to the point that many jews now admit it was faked but say it was necessary at that time
    2 If icke was genuine then his books would not be allowed in public libraries, name one other whistleblower whose work appears in state buildings
    3 the moon is hollow, this is obvious nonsence and a red herring
    to obfuscate and confuse.
    4 FUNDING his new station requireda lot of funding sources on the inside of ickes organisation say some of this came from dubious sources
    5 his first guest was peter tatchell of “lets nob the boys fame” most people would not touch him with a bargepole
    6 icke blames aliens illuminati
    the elite and wont mention the jews
    7 everything on his site is david icke this david icke that and no mention of his sources or researchers, this is symptomatic of narcissists and psychopaths such as tony blair
    8 some jews have kaughingly said icke is one of us, what do you think ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    What I say Anon 9:14am, is that Gorilla 199 has David well documented.
    Their are photographs, and signs, all over his books.

  5. Anonymous says:

    spain is inviting jews to come back after being expelled in the 16th century

    maybe we can send them ours ?

  6. Roy Wright says:

    so I dont know how to post a topic on this site but i was looking into Fukushima and found this load of bullshit what a giant load of shit.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Of course he’s not a Freemason – he’s got arthritis!

    The man has spent years researching and exposing the conspiracy. All you critics, what are you doing? Are you working as hard as Icke to set the world to rights?

    F-ing hypocrites. Can’t you just get off his back? Oh yes – and Tap’s right about Jesus. Do your homework.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Adam, you are on the road to being a Freemason, that’s what they do.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Cassidy and Ryan – definitely. Icke – inconclusive, though his book cover illustrations are rife with masonic images. Somebody did a debunking of Icke on YT a while ago pointing it out. Icke’s 2nd ex-wife has interesting connections too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    RA sufferers are excluded from Freemasonary? Must be because they are unable to do up their aprons ;>)

  11. Anonymous says:

    His book!! Lol ..

  12. Anonymous says:

    David icke is running a cult. Cut and paste the link below into a Google browser

  13. Tapestry says:

    It is not only Icke who says the moon is hollow. The facts about the moon are indeed not consistent with all the other theories we’ve been fed in the past.

    His TV station was run not by him, but by others who really knifed him. He never got control back once he handed it over to others, and that’s why it headed for the rocks.

    He does cover the topic of the Jews and the Zionists in great detail. People really should read his books before commenting. They are excellent sources, and he does always give detailed references to sources.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What is going on with all these attacks on David Icke? A Freemason? Don’t be so ridiculous! It is however making me a bit suspicious of the websites who are making these statements, what is their agenda? I have met many people over the years and I can honestly say that David Icke is one of the most genuine human beings I have encountered.

  15. shirlz007 says:


    According to MP Simon Danczuk (the Rochdale MP who recently shit on the late 25 stone mega nonce Cyril Smith)… only four MP’s are calling for a public inquiry and co-ordinated investigation into institutionalised child abuse… FOUR MP’S!!! (I would think Tom Watson is one).

    Can EVERYONE in Britain, please email or write to their MP, and ask them to raise this matter in Parliament.
    (Im calling for SOCA to head an investigation… but some may disagree, which some of you often do with me!)

    Dear Sirs (Mr Simon Danczuk and ???)

    I am emailing both of you, because I feel there is an urgent need for both:-
    – a full transparent public Parliamentary inquiry
    – and a co-ordinated and ‘sophisticated’ national police investigation
    into the mounting evidence of institutionalised and organised child abuse, carried out by those within and around the British political system, which may have been ignored and covered up for a period of decades.

    I am emailing both Mr Danczuk, because of his recent investigation into the case of the late Liberal Democrat MP Cyril Smith, and ??? because I am a member of his constituency, and I would like to know if he will raise the issue in Parliament, and join a growing number of Parliamentarians from across the parties, in a call for an investigation.

    I have followed the work that Mr Danczuk has conducted in the past months closely, and this morning I heard the radio interview he gave, where described the horrific abuse suffered at the hands of a ‘well connected’ and ‘protected’ paedophile ring connected to Parliament, and where he subsequently broke down into tears at the end because of the nature of the crimes described. I myself broke down into tears at hearing this, I understand the shock and trauma of learning the horrific details of some these alleged crimes.

    I would like to say to Mr Danczuk, a great thankyou! From the bottom of my heart, thankyou. People are losing their faith in politicians, and the British political system in general. It comes as a great relief to know their are politicians like Mr Danczuk, who do generally care. The amount of times I have been in absolute despair of what I’ve learnt, concerning ‘VIP’ Paedophile rings, and it’s connection to Parliament and those in positions of power.

    I would think, Mr Danczuk has already been in contact with MP Tom Watson, who initially voiced his concerns about VIP Paedophile ring, in Parliament in 2012.

    Obviously I do not know the full details of the investigation Mr Danczuk has been involved in, but in the interview he states:-
    ”a number of disparate police investigations up and down the country, which now need bringing together in a more sophisticated way”

  16. shirlz007 says:

    I am wondering if Mr Danzcuk and the Officers and Detectives he has been/is working with, have been in correspondence with, and/or are working with The Serious Organised Crime Agency? SOCA’s Operation Pallial has been successful in a number of arrests of child abuse suspects, connected to the ‘VIP’ paedophile rings.

    Myself, and many others familiar with the grave allegations, are proposing and calling for a full public transparent inquiry into these allegations, and one all encompassing investigation headed by SOCA and The National Crime Agency, accountable to Parliament. The resources, and expertise already exist within our Law Enforcement for such an endeavour (mainly The Serious Organised Crime Agency)

    What is now widely believed to have been going on in the British political system for the past decades is absolutely horrific, and with rumours of MI5 and Special Branch being not only complicit in cover-ups, but actually implicated in organising and facilitating such criminality, it becomes an issue of national security and a threat to our ‘democracy’. I know what Mr Danczuk is up against, and I realise powerful people will attempt to discredit, and stall any investigation into it.

    I feel this is the just the tip of the iceberg, as persistent rumours and mounting emerging evidence, detail other ‘institutionalised’ child abuse cases that may have been covered up by those within the establishment.
    -Haut de la Garenne (Jersey) – Former Detective Lenny Harper
    -Elm Guest House (London)
    -Grafton Boys Home (London)
    -Bryn Estyn (North Wales)
    -Kincora boys home (Northern Ireland)
    There are others which I cannot think of at this time.

    I have spent the last few years researching these allegations, and there are many blogs, journalists and investigators I can point you to, if you feel you want to pursue this grave matter further.

    The following article by Sonia Poulton, featured in The Express (Feb 2014) sums up the persistent rumours that have dominated the recent media, and the growing evidence that paedophilia and child abuse has not only been rampant among some circles of Parliament, but more importantly has been protected by our Security Services (MI5 and Special Branch). The article also highlights the belief that Freemasonry has been instrumental in covering up such abuse (as was proven in the case of Bryn Estyn in North Wales), but also a growing belief that ‘Ritualistic Satanic Abuse’ is also more prevalent and common that previously imagined (even by some of those tasked with investigating such claims).

    Again I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Danczuk for the tremendous work he’s done, and continues to do in bringing such matters to the publics attention, and wish him all the best.

    I would like to ask ???, if he plans on joining a growing number of other MP’s, in raising these matters in Parliament, and call for a Parliamentary inquiry, and full, multi-co-ordinated police investigation (as Mr Danzcuk has expressed)

    I look forward to your response/s

    Kind Regards

  17. shirlz007 says:

    you can re-word it, state your own beliefs in what should be done… you should also mention former MI5 Operative Andrea Davison, and the revelations she had!

  18. shirlz007 says:

    keep this comment for us Tap (I’ve submitted an e-petition to Her Majesty’s Government… it may get rejected because I mention ‘MI5’ and ‘Special Branch’… I know what the bastards are like)
    Recent media and criminal investigations into ‘institutionalised’ and ‘VIP’ child abuse rings, has highlighted the need for both:-
    – a full transparent public Parliamentary inquiry
    – a co-ordinated and ‘sophisticated’ national police investigation

    into the mounting evidence of institutionalised and organised child abuse, carried out by those within and around the British political system, which may have been ignored and covered up for a period of decades. With evidence of MI5 and Special Branch being not only complicit in cover-ups, but actually implicated in organising and facilitating such criminality, it becomes an issue of national security and a threat to our ‘democracy’.

    This petition is calling for a full public transparent inquiry into these allegations, and one all encompassing investigation headed by SOCA and The National Crime Agency, accountable to Parliament.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I agree Tap. It’s clear that A lot of the comments on here are from people that haven’t read any of his work or they wouldn’t keep banging the drum about Icke and jews of which as you mentioned he has spoke about in length
    But then again some people like to blame the jews for everything. They’ll be blaming the extinction of the dinosaurs on the jews next.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Anon 8:38 pm, use your eyes man.
    Page 11 of Davids Alice in Wonderland, shows clearly the Masonic pyramid and how they operate. OK that’s for information.
    Then look at the covers of his books, nearly all have masonic images, hardly for information.
    For better photographic clarification try Gorilla 199 on u tube.

  21. Anonymous says:

    When you get right down to it, David Icke is a distraction & a complete kook & THAT is why they let him ramble on the way he does.

  22. Tapestry says:

    Try going further than the covers! Inside you will find an incredible amount of interesting and valuable material written by a great communicator. The Masonic emblems are convincingly linked to Saturn, and Satanism.

    The handshake looked like a set-up by the Camelot team with camera angle planned carefully. I still ask the question of David Icke. Did his involvement with masonry at one time in his past go a little deeper? It does;t negate anything he has written. In fact it suggests he has more experience of what he writes about, and adds to his credibility. Maybe survival requires certain mild deceptions of all people. Think of your own lives. Do you tell every truth to all on every occasion?

  23. NPP says:

    Useful template letter from 007. Thank you. If Icke & Project Camelot are masons I would be very surprised. I think you are being naughty Tap. But who knows – we must be free to ask and there are some things in so-called free UK-EU-US we are not apparently allowed to ask.

    David Cole has returned to the Jeff Rense show:

    Jeff Rense interviews David Cole: Holocaust revisionist: 01
    Jeff Rense interviews David Cole: Holocaust revisionist: 02

    Rialto Unified School District under fire over Holocaust assignment:

  24. Anonymous says:

    I agree Tap, whether Icke is a mason or not does not negate some of the things he’s said or written that have woken up the zombies. No-one’s got a monopoly on the truth. Lets not forget though that ‘they’ have said they will lead every revolution against them. Discernment is key.

  25. Nollidge says:

    Sorry to be late to the party,but,do remember that in at least 17 countries,querying the holohoax can get you jail time.As Icke travels a fair bit,he has to bear this in mind.Never forget,the Jews are the most vengeful creatures on earth.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Icke, Judy Wood, 9 11 truth movement, Credo Mutwa, Archons the moon and much more

  27. Anonymous says:

    David Icke is hardly going to admit it is he?????

  28. MandMs says:

    Exposed – Yep ? definitely, he uses Masonic imagery in all his books and posts much the same as Bruce Dickinson does to promote his beer, how else do you think he is allowed to use such imagery in his “writings” for those of you that “ know”, I need say nothing else.

  29. MandMs says:

    Looking further I don’t think he got very far probably kicked out before he got any further

    Eavesdropping and all that.

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