Has The Coleman Experience ceased blogging?

UPDATE from comment – Maybe this devastating statement in his last post has a bearing on matters?

“We, however, have it on very good authority that Lord McAlpine didn’t die at all and is in a secret hiding place at this very moment, bricking himself that he’s going to be discovered.”


the Colemanexperience, thats doing such a wonderful job, exposing things, laying it out like it is, showing up the evil machinations that go on in Government, Royalty, Westminster and other councile, the Met Police, list goes on. Cliff richard, Melvyn Braggs vile hobbies at childrens care homes.  The insidious evil from Blair, Mandy, the Labour circles, Greville Janner.  The truth on Jill Dando and Diana.  

Im astounded that Nick Ross for instance, isnt all he appears. He grieved very convincingly and well for his Crimewatch colleague Jill
But so much about the BBC is warped and weird and evil and wrong. From its ex labour minister whos now ‘head of strategy’, to its childline set up to detect and get early warning filter for any VIP abuse complaints…we have Esther Rantzen, dame Opppenheimer Margaret Hodge. The evil of these child abuse rings, acting as routine, astounds.  William Hague foreign secretary, heavily corrupted, via Dolphin square and MI5. Therell be a lot of video footage on Hague.  This is all deeply deeply important Tap, not bcoz we want to expose individual perverts, thats beside the point.  These blackmailed politician perverts, are todays Foreign Secretary, banging the drum for war, and participating in the punch and judy theatrics as the Elites try and push and manipulate us to war, and another phase of totalitarian control.

Except, this isnt 1914 or 39. Theres far more awake people.

And these people arent going to get away with their tricks. Not if i have anything to do with it, or fellow Tapblog readers and the alternative media community generally.  Every day, we can awaken, push it forward.  Aside from this, their evil of child abuse, satanic sacrifices enjoying seeing the fear in children, snuff videos, list goes on. These bastards hiding in plain sight need exposing.

As David Icke said…..’ We need to sort them out, before they sort us out’
Anyway my point of this email is…its been 7 days now for thecolemanexperience. Has he been locked out of his own site? Whats happened to thecolemanexperience?
Best wishes Adam

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Same as Aangirfan, perhaps?

    Be very suspicious/aware

    above all


  2. Anonymous says:

    A great email this, succinct to the point and absolutely true.
    But the truth movement is nota new thiing just after W W 1 many soldiers realised they had been sold a pup and were angry, W W 2
    many people on the street knew it was another churchill war for the jews, and now they want another nice war for the banks, well if you have any soldiers in your family,
    tell them NO
    have the guts to walk away
    margaret aged 86

  3. Anonymous says:

    several websites that deal with issues of truth were attacked the day before the election, truthseeker has managed to get back up today, but 3 are still down including coleman experience.
    zoompad which deals with child abuse alone, has been the subject of costant threats by homosexuals to kill the lady who runs it for exposing them
    god keep all you whistleblowers safe
    Susan Foster

  4. Anonymous says:

    here is some good news
    Moshe Solomons the radio show host
    wil be back in the autumn with a new show, Moshe who had many fellow jews on who were opposed to the Jew world order was a ersonal hero of mine while his other show ran.
    He exposed the gay holidays for americans, where in israel they could choose from captured palestinian kids which ones to have sex with, you climbed into the cage and took the boy you wanted, ages from 6 upwards but mainly from about 9 to 15.
    this i found totally repugnant
    welcome back moshe

  5. Anonymous says:

    I saw a vid on kids in cages in palestine that were available to homosexual tourists but looking again just now its gone !
    Thankyou to people like zoompad
    who expose it and those like aangrifan who blur over the homosexual crimes should be shot
    os as shirts007 says
    “handed over bound and gagged to the poofs themselves “

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nick Ross real name is nicholas
    rosenberg, hesa jew and a zionist and rumour has it has been seen at vanessa feltz satanist parties

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well Anon 2:16pm, thank you for that snippet.
    When I see the piece of slime again it will be in another light.
    Another actor with a false name.

  8. John Smith says:

    @ Paul Maleski

    You’re right about Annett and you can add aangirfan, now Aangirfan, to your list as well.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Maybe this devastating statement in his last post has a bearing on matters?

    “We, however, have it on very good authority that Lord McAlpine didn’t die at all and is in a secret hiding place at this very moment, bricking himself that he’s going to be discovered.”

  10. When are the stupid braindesd people going to learn that nothing ill get done about perverts until the perverts are dragged from Westminster and parliament and we take back what was ours POWER.

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