Government fear of its own people fighting back drives the NSA programme

SPIES MOSTLY ON ITS OWN,  watching out for their ‘vulnerabilities’ 

By Sherwood Ross

One characteristic of a totalitarian state is that it is as determined to subjugate its own citizens as it is to conquer foreigners. That’s why Edward Snowden could tell the National Press Club by live video link from his Russian exile that when he was a contractor for the National Security Agency(NSA) he was appalled to see NSA “collecting more information about Americans in America than it is about Russians in Russia.”

“When you pick up the phone and when you make a phone call, when you make a purchase, when you buy a book—all of that is collected. And I could see it at my desk, crossing my screen…NSA analysts…were abusing these tools to monitor their wives, their girlfriends, their lovers,” Snowden said.

According to the May 26 issue of “The Nation,” whistleblower Snowden thought NSA had become “a runaway surveillance train…without an emergency brake on the inside” and so passed the documentary evidence of its vast wrong-doing on to journalist Glenn Greenwald and documentary film maker Laura Poitras, to be made public. 

Defending NSA in Capitol Hill testimony, its former Director Gen. Keith Alexander said, “Take away the National Security Agency’s ability to tap into telephone records, and the nation is left unsecure.” 

Journalist James Bamford said that when he visited Greenwald in Rio, he was shown a memo (apparently uncovered by Snowden) in which Gen. Alexander suggested going not after terrorists or criminals but “radicalizers,” including innocent Americans, by searching the Internet for their vulnerabilities, such as visits to porn sites.” 

Then, by secretly leaking this information, Alexander said, “the NSA could discredit them in the eyes of their followers.” (Doesn’t a response this foolish make you wonder how the man ever got to run an intelligence agency?)

Of course, many Americans think, “I’ve done nothing wrong. Why should I care if the NSA taps my phone?” This response, however, puts their private information in the hands of officials who secretly break the law daily. 

Their repeated crimes against the innocent, at home and abroad, make them dangerous. The question Americans should be asking, is, “Do I want the staffs of these high officials monitoring my private conversations and those of my children?” Remember, President Obama has already killed Americans without legal authorization. 

John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, a civil liberties organization based in Charlottesville, Va., says, “Thanks to an insidious partnership between Google and the National Security Agency (NSA) that grows more invasive and more subtle with every passing day, “we the people” have become little more than data consumer commodities to be bought, sold and paid for over and over again.”

Whitehead warns, “With every smartphone we buy, every GPS device we install, every Twitter, Facebook, and Google account we open, every frequent buyer card we use for purchases—whether at the grocer’s, the yogurt shop, the airlines or the department store, and every credit and debit card we use to pay for our transactions, we’re helping Corporate America build a dossier for its government counterparts on who we know, what we think, how we spend our money, and how we spend our time.”

As for the benefits of NSA’s vast spy operation, they have yet to appear. Activist David Swanson of Charlottesville, asserts, “Obama’s own panel and every other panel that has looked into it found zero evidence that the new abusive NSA programs have prevented any violent attacks.” 

“Far from halting or apologizing for the abuses of the NSA, Obama defends them as necessitated by the danger of a new 911,” says Swanson, of “War is a”.

“While drones over Yemen and troops in Afghanistan and ‘special’ forces in three-quarters of the world are widely understood to endanger us, and while alternatives that upheld the rule of law and made us safer would not require secrecy or human rights violations, Obama wants to continue the counterproductive and immoral militarism while holding off all blowback through the omniscience of Big Brother.” Swanson adds, “Massive bulk collection of everybody’s data will continue unconstitutionally.”#

(Sherwood Ross has reported for the Chicago Daily News and wire services. He is a member of the National Press Club. Reach him at
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7 Responses to “Government fear of its own people fighting back drives the NSA programme”

  1. Anonymous says:

    same in W W II the british government watched its own people more than it did foreign countries, every single letter sent inland or out was opened by huge teams taken out of the war effort, to use a large black pen to cross out any mention of the war, churchills bodyguard said churchill was more afraid of his own people than the germans, because he knew he had lied them into a needless war, so that money could be made for him and his banker freinds

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just saw a labour politician on TV, what an idiot, he was blaming labour parties poor succes at the polls on the other parties, it did not occur to him people did not want that filthy foreign jew miliband running a british political party
    Brian P

  3. Anonymous says:

    I doubt many people know of Ed Millibands nationality.
    It’s the actions of the politicians that people vote by. Labour lost the last election because of Gordon Brown and labours open door policy on immigrants not because of anything to do with jews

  4. Anonymous says:

    The paranoia amongst the ruling factions is evident everywhere you look. It appears their fears are turning inward upon themselves. If this carries on they will implode. All the people need to do is keep the pressure on.
    Emotion is the key to fallability, keep them worried, keep them fearing, keep their emotions running and they will make mistakes that will be their downfall.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anony 7.47am I have also seen this in interpersonal relationships, be they work or ‘intimacy’

    the one who does the lying and the manipulating also does the projection

    so that the ‘innocent’ gets to feel ‘bad’.

    we must all grow up, which means losing our innocence,
    stop thinking/believing some ‘special other’ will take care of us

    and start taking responsibility for ourselves.

    Sadly, that means standing up for ourselves and telling these *^%ers to go to hell

    o wait

    they are there already,

    just using us like ticks on dogs

    And we all know the remedy for ticks on dogs
    don’t we?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just reading about the NSA/GCHQ going to great lengths to spy on us reminded me of what my grandfather said.
    becuase he had a crippled leg he could not geta job and was excused military service in W W II.
    He used to doa bit of poaching for rabbits and while ina thick wood was surprised to come across 10 huts ina clearing all surrunded by masses of barbed wire,
    he was asking in the village and they told him it was so secret it was not even acknowledged militarily, curiosity got him and he tunnelled undr the barbed wire to look about and he found these men were living there and were part of the black propaganda, they were the ones who thought up dropping virus nosed bombs on germany with typhoid typhus diphtheria etc on Germany, he found the women living in hut no 18 (there were only ten huts)
    were prostitutes in there for the mens comfort.
    Grandad told us rumours that in the years after the war we would be taken prisoner not by the germans but by elements of our own government ruled by jews.
    my god how true thats become now

  7. Anonymous says:

    i wish politicians did not keep messing things up
    maybe they should stick to nobbing small boys and leave things alone in the country

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